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For the past few years, I was in and out of affiliate programs, trying to find one that was comprehensive enough to supplement my basic earnings. I didn’t settle until I came across Wealthy Affiliate. At first, I was skeptical like every one of you reading this review, but I took a step of faith.


If you are here, it could only mean you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate, and you are looking for a go-ahead. Well, this might just be it! Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Review, where you can be going from a fixed income to a successful business.


Brace yourself, as you will get all the facts before making that investment. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started with the basics.






Review Details


Reviewed by:  Barbara McGinley 2/8/2020 – Rated 4.8/5.0

Website:  Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Price:  Free: $19 1st Month, $47/Month afterwards

Premium:  $359/year, $49/month, $1.02/day


Training:  Excellent

Community:  Marvelously helpful, supportive and encouraging

Support:  Beyond Superb

Recommendation:  Absolutely

Rated: 4.8/ 5.0

What is Wealthy Affiliate, You Ask?


Wealthy Affiliate is an online community where everybody can learn to be an online entrepreneur. Some of the wealthiest people I have met have made their money online, and therefore, Wealthy Affiliate saw the gap and bridged it.


Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that teaches its members to make a living using the popular affiliate marketing business model. What I loved about this program is the fact that it’s a community. Therefore, you will never walk alone, literally!


On Wealthy Affiliate, there is always a bunch of support among the more than 1.5 million internet entrepreneurs who are ready to help. I have seen people do personal reviews for each other and even host blogs and podcasts with each other, bearing in mind that these two are the biggest hit of affiliate marketing.


Also, on Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t need to worry about experience. There are people from all walks of life! There are youth, elderly, students, mention it. Also, there are different levels of experience, starting from armatures to experts. However, on wealthy Affiliate, help is available for all.


Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate?



Kyle-pictureWealthy Affiliate is an online training program owned by Kyle and Carson. The duo’s paths crossed in college, where both were studying computer science. The conception of an idea stems from a need, and it is not any different for the two.


The idea of Wealthy Affiliates started when the two wanted to make money online like everyone else was doing.


Who wouldn’t want a piece of the pie? However, when affiliate marketing started, it was all coding and HTML. Therefore, it was not an easy path for everybody, like it is now.


Kyle and Carson’s stories are no different from most of ours. The two experienced all the scams and money loss there is in affiliate marketing. However, they did not give up on their dream.


Before the duo left college, they were making money online, probably making more earnings than their professors. Wow! Therefore, the two decided to design Wealthy Affiliate to teach others how to go about online entrepreneurship.


The two are now family men living in Canada. However, they did not stop with the creation of the Carson-picprogram. To date, the duo is available for consultations and interactions with the premium members, in a bid to impact skills.


Every business venture requires a few things to be a success. We call them the elements of affiliate marketing.


Elements of Wealthy Affiliate


•        Passion


The best thing in life is to wake up to something you love doing. Wealthy Affiliate is no different. To succeed in the program, you need to have a passion for what you are doing, or you will get bored and quit.


•       Persistence


Most ventures do not pick up at the go. They will take time, some longer than others. Therefore, you need to be able to hold and push on. When you give your passion a little push with persistence, there is no limit to what you can achieve.


•      Have a plan


If you do not have a plan, then you will be moving in circles since you do not have a goal. Therefore, you are likely to get lost along the way.


A plan is like google maps or GPS. Therefore, have your strategy right before thinking of joining the program. your plan could be solely to make money or build a name for your website or gaining the trust of your readers.


•      Get the right training


Seeking the right training will ensure you ace at affiliate training. Therefore, to avoid getting frustrated in online marketing, you need to get armed with the appropriate tools and training.





How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?


Wealthy Affiliate is a program for everyone who believes in making money online. The training program works in an effortless way, which is easy to understand.


Wealthy Affiliates teaches you how to build a niche website and make money based on your passions or hobbies. Who said you couldn’t make money doing what you love? Let’s look at the simple steps.


There are four elementary steps to start making money online. You will be surprised Wealthy Affiliate is a bit different from the other ways you have seen of making money on Facebook, surveys, and Forex.


In brief, they are:


•           Choose an interest

•           Build your website

•           Get frequent visits to your website/ traffic

•           Earn, earn and earn even more


Let’s take a deeper look at each element to gain an understanding of Wealthy Affiliate.


•           Choose an interest and find your niche


The first step is usually as simple as choosing what you like. It could be a hobby like mountain climbing or photography, an interest such as cooking, or a talent like sporting.


The main reason Wealthy Affiliate encourages choosing an interest is to ensure you are doing what you like. Therefore, you won’t quit what you love when the going gets tough.


What if you are not sure what you want? Since we know how difficult it can get to identify an interest you would like to pursue long-term, Wealthy Affiliates has got you. There are some pre-selected topics and ideas that are provided on the program.


A niche is an audience or group of followers who you will interact with on the program. The easiest way to find a niche is by selecting an interest you will have in common with people, for instance, weight loss.


•           Build a website


Tech is not a cup of tea for all of us. Therefore, for the second step, the trainers will hold your hand to the very last level. There are designs and templates provided within the training program to help you in building your website.


The Wealthy Affiliate training takes 30 seconds, and you will have a website. It’s as easy as it gets! Training is done using videos and live chats, as well as experts one-on-one. the training module you undertake will depend on your membership account too.


•           Get traffic


You start making money as soon as you begin getting visitors to your website. No visitors, no pay!


The best thing is that Wealthy Affiliates teaches you various ways to get traffic to your websites and traffic techniques. Also, you will learn how to have your website ranking on major search engines such as google and yahoo.


However, the best source of traffic will always be googling. Therefore, to ensure you are on the right track, you should ensure you are focusing on the free organic traffic from google.


•           Earn money


Once you have created traffic, you can join an affiliate program that is related to your website interests and topics. From there, promote their products.


How do you earn? Once someone buys from the program you have joined through your affiliate link, you make a commission.


Therefore, ensure you recommend products or services that are adding value to your website. The value measure should not only be money but also gaining the trust of your readers.


There are other ways of making money with your website, such as:


•           Affiliate marketing

•           Google AdSense

•           Creating your products

•           Sponsored posts etc.



Once all is said and done, you need to keep finding low competition words to add to your websites. There are unlimited vital words that will help you come up with helpful content for your web.


Also, always ensure the products are relevant to your content. You can use Jaaxy Search to help you find excellent keywords.


One of the reasons uninformed people will say Wealthy Affiliates is a scam is because they don’t understand how the program works. So, can you imagine how established you will be by merely creating 3-4 posts weekly on the minimum?


You can begin with 200-500 words only, which is not a difficult job. Before you know it, you will be ranked for more competitive posts, and you will keep growing as an online entrepreneur and economically.


As we mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliates is a comprehensive training program that takes you to step by step at your pace. So, how does this training happen?


The Wealthy Affiliates Training Program


There are two types of Wealthy Affiliate membership programs. They include the free starter account and premium account.


•           Free starter account


When you are venturing into a new field, you will not be quick to dig in your pocket and issue money in the name of paid membership. Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate program starts with a free starter account.


The account is a great way to test the waters. The starter account will enable you to venture into affiliate marketing, and you can learn the basics of online entrepreneurship.


However, there are benefits like personal interactions with super affiliates that you will not be able to access. Therefore, for extra value, you will need to upgrade to a premium account.



New Rules for Free Starter Account Will Go Into Effect on March 16, 2020. 



If a starter member decides to become a Premium Member before March 16th, they will have the ability to host 50 websites on Wealthy Affiliate.


If you decide to wait until after March 16th, you will only be able to host 10 websites. It’s your choice, where you want the ability to host 50 sites or 10.


These changes are being made to make ready for newer innovations to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform in the very near future.



  Kyle Explains It All





•           Premium account



As a premium member, there is no limit to what you can attain with Wealthy Affiliate program. You get access to additional features and services that a free starter cannot. The skills you are exposed to can help you build a successful and profitable website and affiliate marketing profile.


The two types of memberships types will determine how much you earn. There is also a new membership program that was recently introduced, which allows you to pay premiums each half a year.


The premium account costs $359.  For a little less than $1.10 per day, you can turn your dreams into reality. Let’s face it folks, you can’t even by a cup of coffee per day for that amount, so why not give Wealthy Affiliate a try.



How Much Money Can You Make with Wealthy Affiliate?



Creating a traffic flow to your website is only one way of making money on Wealthy Affiliates. Using that method, the payment you make will depend on your choice of content and effort.


The other way you can earn is through referrals. So, how much can you make per referral?


As a starter or free member, you make money as follows:


Every time a referral upgrades to a monthly membership within seven days, you will pocket $4. When totaled, your recurring commission will be $11.75. Isn’t that good money for doing absolutely nothing tiring?


Even more, if your referral upgrades to an annual membership program, you will earn a whopping $87.50. Also, there is a new half-year membership, which was introduced in January 2019. If your referral subscribes to this membership, $54 is all yours for grabs.


As a premium member, earning is double for you compared to what a starter makes. Can you imagine that! Therefore, your commissions are $23.50 recurring monthly earnings, and $8 as monthly special rate.


The earnings only get better! For every 6-month membership referral, you will be credited with $108 and $175 for each annual memberships by your referrals.


Is that all? Absolutely not! If you can secure 300 premium referrals in a single calendar year, you will be among the invitees to the super affiliate conference held in Las Vegas, NV. The trip is fully paid, with a 3-day and four-night accommodation.


My Final Opinion + A Special Bonus


Joining as a starter costs $0.  Zero to be a starter member, so why wouldn’t you want to give this a try?  Every venture requires hard work and effort to succeed, and Wealthy Affiliate is no exception.


Take advantage of this amazing tools and resources Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and be successful with your own online business today.


As I mentioned above, there are new innovations taking place in the coming months at WealthyAffiliate and you can be a part of something groundbreaking.


For the 15 years that Wealthy Affiliate has been in operation, it has shaken the world of affiliate marketing. The over 1.9 million subscribers are evidence that you can make money with Wealthy Affiliates.


Why not become one of the nearly 2.o million people all around the world who have tapped into this extraordinary platform?


Why should you be left out? Do not watch this opportunity pass by. Wealthy Affiliates is just a few clicks away!


Special Bonuses Are Waiting For You…


When you join your Free Starter Account,  I am authorized to offer some special bonuses if you decide to become a Premium member within the first 7 days of your starter membership. This even includes a 59% membership discount.


As soon as you create your Wealthy Affiliate account, I will  contact you on your profile page to say “hi” and to provide more information to you about Wealthy Affiliate, to include how you can get help from me and others in the community and how to claim your bonus.


Take First Step


If you have would like to know more, have questions or comments, you may leave them in the section below. I will be happy to respond. Should you be interest in receiving updates to this post or any others in this website, please enter your email address in the gray and red form to the right of this page.



All the best!


Founder: Living On Lean Means 💰


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  1. Hi Barbara!
    Since I am a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member I can truly say how awesome this review is. You hit it on point with every point you talk about.

    I’ve even learnt some new things from reading this review. I never knew how Kyle and Carson met or how they came to decide to built Wealthy Affiliate.

    I hope this review reaches everyone who needs it because WA is the best thing that has happened to me and that’s exactly how I found it, through a review!

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