Affiliate Marketing with ShareASale

ShareASale is a comprehensive platform that might be a bit tricky to figure out at first – but if you have been learning about affiliate marketing, you might have come across the platform.


The other reason you might have come across ShareASale is that you are a merchant.


ShareASale is definitely a place to be, considering the modern age we live in. Affiliate marketing has never been stronger, online shopping is continuously on the rise, and having a platform that offers everything at one place is just what we all needed.


Of course, ShareASale is not the only platform out there. But if you have come across this article, this means that you are doing your research which is good.




In this article, I will let you know more about ShareASale, how the platform works, who is it for, how to join, and even how can you benefit by joining the platform.


Therefore, keep on reading to learn everything there is about ShareASale from the perspective of a long-time member!


What is ShareASale?


ShareASale is a platform that connects merchants and promoters (affiliate marketers, influencers, and more). Along with merchants and the opportunity to promote products from certain merchants, ShareASale also offers digital marketing education and tools required to successfully earn commission on the products you get to promote.


Review Details


  • Name: ShareASale
  • Website name: ShareASaleShareASale-logo-black
  • Website:
  • Owners: Digital Window Ltd.
  • President: Brian Littleton
  • CTO:  Michael Littleton
  • Price: Free to join
  • Overall rank: 4.8 out of 5.0


More About ShareASale


ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network – but if you are new to affiliate marketing, you are probably wondering what affiliate marketing is, right?


Affiliate marketing is a business model where companies such as Amazon offer affiliate program that is free to join by anyone. Members of the affiliate programs have the chance to promote products available within the program (both physical and digital products) and earn a commission in return for all sales they help to make.


It is fairly simple, and it is a business model that has been around for decades, even before the internet. However, it has become increasingly popular with the ease of communication (internet) and the ability to grow internet presence.


So, what is the affiliate marketing network then?




Affiliate marketing network is a platform that connects all merchants who would like to create an affiliate program and then showcases these merchants to all potential affiliate marketers.


Therefore, you can think of it as an all-in-one platform where you can find your perfect merchant if you’re an affiliate marketer – but you can also find plenty of interested affiliate marketers who would be interested in promoting your products.


ShareASale has been around for over 20 years now and they still continue to successfully connect merchants with affiliate marketers.


However, that is not everything ShareASale does.


The platform now also offers educational material for both merchants and affiliate marketers, all tools needed to track results and promote products (for marketers) within the platform, and excellent support for both sides.


At this point, ShareASale has so many merchants ready that they have even categorized them in many different categories, such as:


  • Home & Garden Merchants
  • Fashion Merchants
  • Green Merchants
  • Business Merchants
  • Popular Merchants


The great thing about ShareASale is that they do not determine the factors of each affiliate program. Therefore, you will have to read each one of the affiliate programs available within the platform to decide whether it is a good fit for you or not.




This includes various factors such as:


  • Commission Rate (%)
  • Cookie Validation (days)
  • Additional Bonuses


I was really surprised to see that ShareASale is really developing on a daily basis and it is really following trends well.


What surprised me the most was to see that ShareASale is also working on featuring merchants that ease the e-learning process.


Yet even better thing to know is that ShareASale is a part of Awin which is even a bigger platform. And since you already know that ShareASale has both merchants and marketers – I should mention that you can join ShareASale as either one of the two.


The registration process is amazingly simple, and it only takes 5 simple steps to apply to the ShareASale platform. Upon registration, the application is then reviewed before you get either accepted or rejected.


However, do not get scared away because the acceptance rate of ShareASale is pretty high (about 80%) so you have nothing to worry about!


Another thing I really like is that you can preview all merchants (there are more than 4,000 merchants) and even see offers from each one of the merchants before joining the ShareASale platform.


This just shows how transparent ShareASale is and you will not have to end up wasting your time only to avoid the program for unpredictable reasons.


Keep in mind that each merchant might have more than one available affiliate program. For example, I have clicked the Business merchant category to find 6825 programs available within the Pay-Per-Sale sub-category.


I have also noticed that you will have to spend little time browsing through all of these affiliate programs since ShareASale has a great algorithm that showcases some of the best affiliate programs first.


ShareASale Support


As I have mentioned earlier, ShareASale has plenty of information for both merchants and affiliate marketers – but it also has excellent support that is always there for the members.


If you have an account, you can easily reach ShareASale support by creating a ticket. You can also reach the support by email or phone number.




I really like this because ShareASale gives its members the chance to choose their preferred communication channel.


However, if you do not need direct help from the ShareASale support team, you can always browse their educational blog.


The educational blog is separated into two sections:


  • Posts for merchants
  • Posts for affiliates


I must admit that ShareASale did a really great page on “What is Affiliate Marketing” topic so that anyone without any previous knowledge can get started straight away.


Along with the two categories, you can find other relevant categories at their blog that supports the whole concept of their platform:


  • Trending
  • New & notable
  • Alert
  • Around the office


Even if you are just looking to learn a couple of more things, remember something you have learned a while ago, or read something interesting – ShareASale is always there to help.


ShareASale has great support channels in place and they really put people first and even encourage people to contact them whenever.


And if you are just already a big fan of ShareASale, you can always connect with them through various social media channels such as:


  • Facebooksocial-media-icons
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


ShareASale Price


I have told you some great things about this affiliate networking platform, and you would expect such a platform to have a joining fee, right?


Well, just like any other quality affiliate program out there – ShareASale is a platform that is free to join.


And it is not only free to join, but there are no additional costs within the platform either so you can rest assured that you are actually in the good hands if you’re just getting started with the affiliate marketing path.


However, if you are joining ShareASale as a merchant, there is a one-time access fee of $550. After that, as a merchant, you will have to handle the 20% transaction fee based on the pay-out rate.


Other than that, one last thing you should keep in mind is the minimum deposit which is $100 for ShareASale merchants.


From the business perspective, this is a decent offer for everything the ShareASale platform has to offer (access to affiliate marketers).


And one the bright side, if you are an affiliate marketer who is just getting started and is trying to supplement the income – you can rest assured knowing that the access and tools are totally free.


Summary and Final Opinion


There are many other platforms similar to ShareASale, but ShareASale is definitely a platform that is among the top affiliate networking platforms out there.




The main reason for this is their authority and credibility, along with the long & successful record.


If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing – ShareASale can be a great starting point. They have everything you will need down the road and yet they have a clear guide on affiliate marketing that can definitely help out.


On the other hand, if you’re a merchant who’s trying to make a breakthrough with the new product or you’re just getting your start-up off the ground, one-time fee for the access to hundreds of thousands of potential affiliate marketers who will help you sell your product is a pretty great investment.


And since ShareASale is a part of Awin, you can rest assured knowing that you will have all the tools needed to succeed.


Did you ever hear of ShareASale? What were your first thoughts?



I would love to hear your opinion on the ShareASale platform so please leave a comment down below! However, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them down below and I will do my best to help you out!


All the best!


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?

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    1. Lyne,
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my ShareASale Review. I am glad you feel I have presented some great information. What part of my review was of most interest to you? How do you promote ShareASale? I would like to hear more about what you found most interesting to you.


  1. ShareAsale has an affiliate program that is amazing, I am a part of ShareASale and have seen what they offer. They have been around for many years with a great reputation and because of this, you are sure that your time investment will not be wasted.

    1. Hi Norman,
      I am also a member of ShareASale. When it comes to affiliate marketing ShareASale is one of the best. I agree with you! They do have a great reputation and your time investment will certainly not be wasted.
      Thank you for you comments here. I appreciate your support.


    1. Hi Joseph!
      Thank you for coming by again and offering your comments on my ShareASale Review. ShareASale actually has one of the largest affiliate networks, where it would be hard-pressed not to find an affiliate program in the ShareASale network to cover just about any niche.

      I use ShareASale for my niche website as it offers a variety of affiliates for my niche. I can join any or all of them and can pick and choose which I will use in specific content in my website.

      Enjoy your week and all the best to you,

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