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Affiliate marketing is almost one of the most recommended ways to create your online business around. Today, we are going to review Amazon’s Affiliate Program because this is the most widely use Affiliate Program in the affiliate marketing business.


Review Details


Website:  Amazon Affiliate Program

Owner:  Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994

Price:  It Is Free to Join

Overall Rank:  5.0/10


You can come across a wide range of affiliate marketing programs nowadays. Many people are exploring different ways to get good commission using the best programs.


If you want to make money smartly and efficiently, you have to choose the most widely used affiliate programs. Amazon Affiliate Program is a well-known program that many people are talking about positively.


The track record of Amazon is unbeatable. This company has evolved to become the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world. The credibility of Amazon adds unparalleled credibility to this affiliate program.


Amazon Affiliate Program – An Overview


The Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, puts forward an uncomplicated way to monetize your blog or website. You can sign up immediately. Approval is granted nearly instantly depending on your website topic.


Once you become an affiliate, you can place Amazon affiliate links on your website. As an Amazon Associate, you can advertise products from on your site by creating links and banners for landing pages. You get a commission when customers buy products from Amazon using your links.


Thus, Amazon Affiliate program review analyzes various aspects of this affiliate marketing program with an unbiased approach. You don’t need to pay any fee as a website or blog owner to join this program.


The Good and The Bad


The Good


  • Appreciable Ease of Use
  • You don’t need to pay any fee to join this program
  • Availability of endless niches
  • Advertisement performance tracking


Once a customer clicks on your link and enters into Amazon, they may purchase any item they choose. They do not need to purchase the item you linked them to, for you to get a commission.


The Bad


  • The commission percentage is low

Commissions range from depending on the category of items sold.


  • Short-lived cookies (24 hours only)

Once a customer clicks on your link, they have 24 hours to make a purchase or the link expires.


Who is Amazon Affiliate Program For?


You can become an Amazon associate if you have an active blog, website, YouTube channel or app. If you are an individual aged 18 and above and interested in exploring ways to earn extra income online; you can be a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program.


amazon-box-manIt is highly beneficial to have a pre-populated website with good content. If your website looks authentic and active to users as well as Amazon, you can generate high income.


When you join this program, Amazon asks you to describe the objective of your website. You have to answer this question as a part of the application process.


What does it mean? You should have a clear idea about why you are creating your website, the visitors you are going to focus on, and how you are going to generate traffic.


Generally speaking, three categories of people can join the Amazon affiliate program. The first category is the bloggers or website owners. If you have a blog or website, you can easily join this program to make money.


If you have a YouTube Channel, this is one of the best affiliate programs that you can come across. Last but not the least, social media influencers can join this program. Amazon influencer is an extension program of the Amazon associate program.


Amazon Affiliate Program Tools & Training


First of all, you need to visit the Amazon Associates homepage to create your Amazon Associates account. Click “Join Now for Free.” If you have an existing Amazon account, you can use it to log in. New users can create a fresh account.


Create a Profile


After the registration process, you need to click “New Customer” as a part of your Associate account profile creation process. All details including your name, address, and phone number should be entered.


Enter Your Website Address


The next step is to enter your website address, YouTube channel address, apps and so on.


Preferred Store ID


Your preferred store ID must be entered. Under normal circumstances, it is your website name. You have to explain what exactly you are planning to achieve with the website. The Amazon topics your links are going to target must be chosen.


State How You Generate Traffic to Your Website


Each honest Amazon Affiliate Program Review clearly highlights the ease of use this program offers. You need to elucidate how you generate traffic to your sites.


Other aspects to be explained are the way you utilize your app, YouTube channel or website to make income, methods of building links, and the number of visitors your site manages to generate each month.


Add Your Phone Number


After entering your phone number, you have to click on the “Call Me Now” button. The Amazon team will respond immediately. You will be asked to submit a four-digit code, before the account approval.


Select a Payment Option


You have to select a payment option and tax ID information. Once you enter these details, you are directed to your personal associate homepage.


Generate Amazon Affiliate Links


The dashboard or personal Associate homepage is the place where you can find all relevant details danbo-skateboard-drve-funnyincluding the number of clicks, income, monthly summary, and earning.


How to Create Links?


You can choose two Quick Links options; i.e. Browse for Product or Search for Product. If you want to look for a particular product keyword, you can choose Search for Product Quick Links.


To search for products using options such as video, books, and health& beauty; you can use Browse for Product.


The Get Link Button can be clicked after discovering a suitable product. There is a customizable option for your link.


It can be done by selecting an ad with text, image, or widget. You can personalize image size, title color, and background color based on the link type.


You have to preview the link before placing it on your site. The link can be copied and pasted or short-linked, or HTML copied on your site.


Account Validity


When you create an account, you qualify for a 180-day validity. Within this time-frame, you must make three qualifying sales.


If you do not meet this requirement, your account will be canceled. After making some changes to your site, you can reapply for the Amazon Associate program.


Amazon Affiliate Program Support


My Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program review finds that Amazon’s customer support is really good. You can use web chat, email, and phone to contact the customer support team.


You may experience some confusion when it comes to figuring out a compliance problem. The policies of Amazon are a bit confusing. There are also some issues with API access. Whatever might be the issue, you can expect a speedy response from the customer support team.


Amazon Affiliate Program Price


You do not need to pay any fee to create an account. Amazon offers a wide spectrum of products and the affiliate commission varies based on the nature of the products. For promoting luxury beauty products, you will receive a 10% commission.  Amazon has recently made big changes to it’s commission schedule, in a not so appetizing way for affiliates.  We have provided the basic table 1 commission schedule below.




To view all other fee schedules, you can click on this link Amazon Affiliate Program Fee Schedules


My Final Opinion of the Amazon Affiliate Program


The commissions offered by Amazon for most niches are reasonably competitive. The cookies are short-lived ones and last for 24 hours only. However, the cookies get extended to a 90-day duration if a customer adds an item to the cart.


You will qualify for a commission on everything when people buy within 24 hours of using your cookie. The sale conversion and up-sell strategies of Amazon are highly laudable. You can expect people visiting Amazon using your link to purchase a headphone and leave the site with a television.


Amazing Ease of Use


This Amazon Affiliate Program review finds this program as uncomplicated. The process of adding your affiliate links becomes extremely easy with Site Stripe. If you manage to get API access, you do not need to make any special efforts.


If you are a beginner, it is always advisable to start with a niche that provides a higher commission. Luxury beauty products are an excellent choice for beginners because they offer a 10% commission.


As you gain experience and have a large audience, you can move on to many other categories that earn commissions on a continual basis.


The credibility of Amazon is unquestionable. It offers several other unique programs like Amazon Prime, Amazon Gifts, Amazon Business, Amazon Audible, Amazon Music, and Amazon Artisan.


This Amazon Affiliate Program review finds that the reputation of Amazon adds appreciable credibility to this program. You do not need to pay any fee to join this program. It offers a reasonable commission for marketers.


Extreme ease of use can be associated with this product. The commission varies with different products. An account can be created easily. If someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you will get a commission. Many people are making use of this program to earn commissions consistently.


Review Verdict




The Amazon Affiliate Program definitely legitimate. You can earn good commissions if your niche falls into one of  the higher fee schedule categories and make use of your website, blog, or YouTube channel smartly.



We would like to know what you think about the latest changes happening in and around the Amazon Affiliate Program. You may leave comments below and we will be happy to respond.


All the best!


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?

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