An iWriter Review

Many freelance content writers are looking for online platforms that connect them with content writing jobs. The positive aspect is that there are many different choices available nowadays.


On the flip side, it is very hard to locate trusted ones that offer high-quality services. Online content writers want to earn hundreds of dollars per month safely.


They search for rewarding and genuine writing projects.


Many people are exploring different ways to get quality content written for their websites. They always want a reliable, easy-to-use, and fast way to find innovative and fresh content that brings value to their readers.


So; content seekers and writers are looking for a perfect platform to fulfill their needs.


What about iWriter? Is it a scam or legit? Dos this online wring platform meet the needs of writers and requests efficiently?


This iWriter review analyzes all aspects of this content writing platform judiciously to find out the truth.


iWriter Review


Name:  iWriteriWriter-blue-white-logo

Website: iwriter.com

Price:  Varies according to the number of words and rating of the writer

Owner:  Brad Callen

Overall Rank:  4.6 out of 5


iWriter – An Overview


Conceived and developed by Brad Callen, iWriter is a popular online platform that connects writers and requesters smoothly.


It is a subsidiary of Bryxen Software, Inc., a well-known internet marketing company. On this platform, article requesters can place different types of orders.


Writers can choose articles based on their interests and need to complete them within a specified time.


There are four different types of writer categories available on iWriter; namely Standard, Premium, Elite and Elite Plus.


Requesters can place their orders under one of these categories based on the funds available. This platform also allows requesters to spend special requests to their favorite writers.




Writers and requesters don’t need to pay any fee to join this platform. The free sign up process can be done entering the name, email address, and a password.


The iWriter terms and conditions must be accepted as well.


Writers have to pass a simple grammar test to qualify for accepting projects. Thousands of requesters are placing orders on this platform each day.


There are also hundreds of thousands of writers available.


The Good & the Bad


The Good


  • It is an extremely uncomplicated continent writing platform to get started.
  • Writers don’t have to wait for work because hundreds of projects are listed each day.
  • Requesters can fulfill their needs fast and affordably.
  • Simple and fast payment methods for writers and requesters.
  • Availability of iWriter mobile app.
  • Responsive customer support team.


The Bad


  •  Beginners may find it hard to earn.
  • Some requesters keep on rejecting articles saying lame excuses.
  • ?No longer has an Affiliate Program.?


Who is iWriter For?


iwriter-sign-up-formThis online content creation platform is for a person who is 18 or above and interested in making money as a writer.


iWriter is also for a person with 18 years of age and above who want to have quality articles written at a modest price for his/her website.


iWriter Training


iWriter has a comprehensive ten lesson training program that teaches their writes everything they need to know to become a professional writer. They also offer Free Client Based training courses to their writers.


iWriter Support


This iWriter review finds the customer support of this platform highly responsive and user-friendly. An online form can be submitted mentioning the problem you are experiencing.


You can expect a speedy response and a fast solution.


FAQ Section


There are separate FAQ sections for writers and requesters. You can read the FAQs to clarify your doubts fast.


iWriter Blog


The blog section gives timely information to iWriter community members and helps them stay updated.


You can also find high-quality blogs on different topics including content writing and online marketing.

iWriter Price


Writers and requesters don’t have to make any payment during the registration process. The requesters need to make the necessary deposit while placing an order.


As a requester, you can place requests for 150, 300, 500, 700, 1000, and 2000 words. There is no restriction on the number of words.


A standard writer earns $2.15 for an order of 500 words. A premium writer gets $3.90 for 500 words.


Elite and Elite Plus writes get higher prices for the articles written, almost double and more of premium writers earn.


The Standard category is the lowest rank of the writers on iWriter.


Premium and Elite are the next levels for writers. The topmost level for a writer is known as Elite Plus.


How does iWriter Pay the Writers?


Writers have three options to choose from when it comes to receiving payments. The first one is to choose the weekly payment method.


If you choose this method, your earnings are transferred to your bank account every Tuesday. The second option available is to choose a bi-weekly option. Last but not the least; you can opt for a monthly option.


iWriter follows ethical payment practices. It sends the earnings to your bank account through PayPal. blue-p-logo


The transparent method employed by this content writing platform gets positive responses from numerous writers all around the world.


You don’t need to worry about any fraudulent practices.


How to Get Promoted as a Writer?


Once an article is completed and sent to the requester, he/she checks it for quality. The requester has three options available, namely, approval, rejection, and revision.


If the article is accepted, the price of the article is deposited into the iWriter account of the writer.


If the article is rejected, no money is deposited. For a revision request, the writer has to make the necessary changes and submit the content again for approval.


The requester leaves a rating for the writer ranging from a scale between 1 and 5. To become a Premium writer, you should have a rating of 4.1 stars or more and have at least 35 ratings in your account.


If you have a rating of 4.6 stars or more and at least 30 ratings in your account, you will be promoted as an elite writer.


To become an Elite Plus writer, you should have a rating of 4.85 stars or more and at least 40 ratings in your account.

What is the iWriter Fast Track Program?


iWriter has introduced a new program known as the iWriter Fast Track Program, which allows you to skip the conventional way of upgrading the writer level.


You don’t have to wait for the 25, 30 and 40 reviews to get promoted. If you choose the iWriter Fast Track Program, you will be asked to write 3 articles around keywords iWriter provide.



The three articles are reviewed and rated strictly before taking a decision. If you manage to get the required average star rating for the 3 articles, your ranking is upgraded to premium or elite writer level.


If you choose the iWriter Fast Track Program to get a fast promotion, you need to pay a one-time fee of $147.

What About the Time Allotted for Completing an Article?


This trusted online platform offers ample time for writers to complete an article. For a 150-word article, you get 1.5 hours. Time allotted for different word counts are:


300 words = 3 hours

500 words = 5 hours

700 words = 7 hours

1000 words = 9 hours

2000 hours = 20 hours

3000 words = 30 hours


If you take up a project request for 6000 words, you will get 44 hours.


What is a Special Request?


If a requester finds the writing style and quality of a particular write best suited to meet his/her own needs perfectly, he/she can send special requests to that writer.


A slightly higher price needs to be paid for special requests.


As the name suggests, the request placed is available only for the chosen writer. Other writers don’t have access to these types of requests.

User-Friendly Interface


The iWriter interface can be termed as extremely user-friendly and smooth. It comes with smooth navigation features to provide an enjoyable visitor experience.


The article writing window is equipped with most the advanced features and keeps writers engaged. The timer keeps on reminding how time is left and helps the writer complete the project on time.


Smooth communication between requesters and writers.


This online writing platform facilitates smooth communication between the workers and requesters. The message thread allows you to send messages at will.


Both parties can communicate freely to avoid the possibility of having any misunderstanding about the project. However, iWriter does not allow requesters and writers to share personal details.

Fast Turnaround Time


iWriter offers the fastest turnaround time in the industry. The number of writers available is amazingly high. Requesters can expect fast acceptance and turnaround.


The article requests posted are picked up within minutes. Since writers are competing hard to pick up requests, healthy competition is maintained which results in quality improvement.

Plagiarism-Free Content


Requesters don’t have to worry about plagiarism because all written content on iWriter is sent through Copyscape API automatically.


This method makes sure that the requesters are getting 100% original content. It protects the rights of the requesters efficiently.


Specialized Writers for Different Types of Projects


Requesters can easily find writers specialized in different types of projects including blogs, articles, eBooks, legal documentation, case studies, press releases, product descriptions, kindle books, and many more.


You can request on this platform.


Whenever you need a particular project like kindle book or any other type of work, you can make a special request to one of the expert writers who is specialized in that area.

Improved Focus on Content by Writers


iWriter does not allow writers to accept more than one project simultaneously. What does it mean? A writer is focusing on one project at a time.


He/she cannot accept many projects to crank as many out as fast as possible. Since the focus is exclusively on a single project, requesters can expect better quality.

Create a Favorite Writers List


If you come across a writer who is exactly what you are searching for, this writer can be added to your favorite list of writers.


As a requester, you can keep on sending special requests to get the best content. The writers on this platform are interested and excited about receiving special requests.


Final Opinion & Recommendation of iWriter


This unbiased iWriter review finds that this online platform is a good choice for writers and requesters.


It offers flexible, reliable, fast and easy solutions for requesters. When a requester posts a project, thousands of writers from all around the world are in queue to take up the project.


The writers have instant access to the project and get the work done fast to meet the needs of the requesters perfectly.


iWriter Legitimacy


Is iWriter legit or scam? iWriter is a legit platform that offers top-quality services for both writers and requesters.


If you are a writer, who is competent enough to deliver quality content consistently, this is one of the best platforms to make hundreds of dollars in a week.


All requesters, who need quality content at an affordable price, this is a smart choice.


iWriter works as a connecting link between writers and requesters and fulfills their needs safely, reliably and effectively as well. Writers can join this platform without paying any fee.


Requesters just need to fill their iWriter account only when a project is uploaded. All these aspects clearly suggest that iWriter is an excellent article writing platform that makes life easy for writers and requesters.



If you would like to know more, have questions or comments, you may leave them in the section below. I will be happy to respond.


All the best!


Founder: Living On Lean Means ?



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