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Rakuten – An In-depth Review

If you’ve been learning about affiliate marketing like I have or you’ve already been browsing some affiliate programs – you might have heard of or come across Rakuten.   But the chances are high that you don’t know what Rakuten actually is. And that’s okay! Everyone starts somewhere and if you’re at this point – …

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Fiverr – The Freelance World For Everyone and Everything

Today, I would like to introduce everyone to Fiverr. I do so, because it is my intention and goal for this website to present and educate individuals living on fixed incomes, with other avenues to explore, when looking for alternative sources of income.   Fiverr is just one of the many ways individuals can achieve …

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Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate marketing is almost one of the most recommended ways to create your online business around. Today, we are going to review Amazon’s Affiliate Program because this is the most widely use Affiliate Program in the affiliate marketing business.   Review Details   Website:  Amazon Affiliate Program Owner:  Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 Price:  …

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WordPress Hosting Review

WordPress Details   Website Name: WordPress  Website URL: Owners:  Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg Founded:  2004 WordPress Plan Price:  Start Free, Personal = $4/mo, Premium = $8/mo, Business = $25/mo, eCommerce = $45/mo.  All Plans are Billed on an Annual Basis. Hosting Plan Price:  Varies Depending on Hosting Plan Overall Rank:  8.7/10 Verdict – Legit …

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