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Meaning of Fixed Income

Fixed income might sound attractive at first, but it’s only until you have to live on fixed income that you truly understand the meaning of fixed income.   I believe that fixed income has different types but all of the types still have the same pros and cons.   Situations may differ, but the same …

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Make Money Selling on Amazon

In this era of high levels of inflation, everybody is looking for extra money to supplement their earnings. The internet has come through with ways in which you can make extra bucks to meet your needs.   For instance, there is affiliate marketing, freelancing, and other techniques. You can also make money selling online. In …

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Fiverr – The Freelance World For Everyone and Everything

Today, I would like to introduce everyone to Fiverr. I do so, because it is my intention and goal for this website to present and educate individuals living on fixed incomes, with other avenues to explore, when looking for alternative sources of income.   Fiverr is just one of the many ways individuals can achieve …

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