College Student & Need Extra Cash!

Are you a college student in need of some extra cash?  Here are some are suggestions that might help in achieving that goal.


If you search online, you can find numerous ways of making money while studying in college. Unfortunately, many students feel confused when it comes to identifying the best opportunity.


If you make a decent income during your spare time while studying in college, you can learn the basic steps of self-reliance. This approach also allows you to reduce the financial burden of your parents considerably.


Are you thinking about earning easy income? The vital aspect is to choose the right income generation opportunity available. You must choose one that is convenient and reliable. However, if you don’t love what you are doing, you won’t be able to continue in that job for long.


It is always advisable to find something that you are passionate about or excites you. If you can manage to select a job that is close to your hobbies or interests, you can perform better and generate more income.


Assess Your Study Schedule, Interests, Hobbies, and Job Location


You need to make an assessment of your needs before start searching for a job as a college student during your spare time. How much time is available? It is a very important question.


The Class Schedule is a Critical Aspect


You cannot skip your classes to find a job. The primary objective is to study well and get good grades in the exam. When it comes to choosing a job, you have to think about your class schedule and how much time you can allocate for a job.


Find a Job That is Compatible With Your Interests and Hobbies


As mentioned above, you need to take into consideration your hobbies and interests. If you get involved in an activity that appeals to your senses and is compatible with your interests and hobbies, you won’t feel bored. You will work with enhanced passion and productivity to make the job more rewarding.


Consider the Location


If you are thinking on earning easy income, than the location of the job is also a very vital aspect. You cannot work in a distant location because it consumes a lot of time travelling. This situation may adversely affect your studies.


As a college student, you can only work during your spare time. If you choose a job at a distant place, the potential working hours also get limited. Your income generation ability also gets reduced significantly.


All these aspects clearly suggest that you need to choose a job at a nearby location if you are looking for an offline job.


Different Types of Job Opportunities Available for College Students


The job opportunities of college students can be classified into two different categories; namely offline jobs and online jobs. Online jobs can be done by enjoying the comfort of your home. If you take up an offline job, you have to visit the physical location of the company or office as per the typical job requirements.


Popular Online Jobs for College Students


Virtual Assistants


Are you thinking about earning easy income – college students? College students can work as a virtual assistant to earn money online during spare time.


Many businesses are outsourcing assistant-type jobs like research tasks, responding to emails, and other types of correspondence and small accounting tasks nowadays. You can work as a virtual assistant to earn a good income as a college student.


Freelance Professionals


There are many different types of freelance opportunities available today. You can find jobs like web design, content creation, SEO, graphic design, vlogging, and translation.


You can even work as a voice-over artist, online tutor, and ads specialist. Many students start their own blogs, websites, or social media accounts to make money with ads and affiliate marketing.


You can also find online jobs like data entry work, product, software, or app testing, caption writer, online surveys, PPC marketing, music production, and more.


Popular Offline Jobs for College Students


Several students take up offline jobs to make money during their spare time. Some of the most popular jobs available for students are waiter/waitress, babysitting, caregiver for elders, dog walking and sitting, taxi driver, food delivery, call center representative, on-demand staffing jobs, warehouse associate, gym representative, and front desk receptionist.




You don’t need any special expertise to choose these types of jobs. Many restaurants and stores are hiring students to meet their staffing needs affordably.


Baby Sitter or Nanny Job


The babysitting jobs offer flexible hours for students to earn money during spare time. You can expect a decent hourly pay package for these assignments.


Dog Walker or Sitter


If you are a pet lover, you can easily earn some extra income while studying by being a dog walker or pet sitter.  It isn’t a stressful type job any you can probably do your class assignments while pet sitting.


Uber or Lyft Driver


If you have a valid driving license, you can work as an  Uber or Lyft driver. These companies hire students to meet their emergency and non-emergency staffing needs.


Food Delivery


There are several home-delivery food companies offer these types of jobs to students. GrubHub for one or UberEats are two of the most prevalent companies that hire students for food deliveries. Others are Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut, just to name a few more. You can work based on your schedule and convenience to earn some extra income.


Rent Your Stuff to Earn Money


You can also rent your apartment, clothes, garage, car, or other types of stuff to make money as a student. Make sure you know and trust the people you are renting to our you may never get your things back.


No matter whether you want to stay on campus or have the ability to travel a bit for work, there are several easy options to generate extra money while studying in college.


Choose a Part-Time Job Smartly – Make An Informed Decision


Interested in earning easy Income while in college? You need to assess your tastes, interests, schedule and other important aspects before choosing a part-time job as a college student. There are many different types of jobs available nowadays.


You have to research various types of options to make an informed decision.If you manage to find a job that is close to your heart, go well with your tastes and interests, and compatible with your schedule; you can expect to make a good income during your spare time.



We welcome your opinions on earning easy income – as a college students. Please feel free to leave your comments or feedback and I will be happy to respond.

All the best!


Founder: Living On Lean Means ?



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