Do You Hate Living On A Fixed Income?

If you are anything like me, I’m sure you hate living on a fixed income; living from pay check to paycheck, with no end in sight.  Having no rainy day money to speak of or having to use credit cards to pay for essential living expenses, is not the greatest of situations.


The cost of living is increasing at a fast rate nowadays. It is not easy to live well on a fixed income for most people. You may need to compromise on many things if you depend only on your fixed income.


Downsides Of A Fixed Income


Piggy-Bank-and-coinsLacking flexibility, a fixed income fails to adapt properly to newly emerging circumstances. If your expenses increase unexpectedly and exceed your monthly fixed income, you need to draw money from external sources to meet the needs. This situation makes you highly vulnerable to a debt crisis.


Do you want to live a life free of compromises? Do you hate living on fixed income? Are you planning to explore and experience life in its entirety? Seek ways to earn supplemental income.



Get Rid Of The Slogan – I Can’t Afford It


I can’t afford it is the mantra of most people who are living on fixed income. They want to fulfill their dreams, but the limited income dissuades them from pursuing their desires.Afford-it


If you want to get rid of this slogan, you must explore ways to generate supplemental income. Explore all options and generate supplemental income to make life more fulfilling, enjoyable and less stressful.


All things considered, accepting a limited income is a terrible choice to have to make, especially when you are a person with an adventurous spirit in life. You need to seek ways to earn supplemental income to make life more meaningful, entertaining, exciting, less stressful and fulfilling.


Let’s face it, things can be pretty stressful when living on a fixed income. Your mind is constantly consumed with thoughts of how you are going to pay bills. And God forbid an emergency arises.


What to do about that? You never get the opportunity to have a savings because all your funds are being expended each month. No wonder we have so more stress. Learning how to make extra money changes your life for the better.


If you learn how to make extra money, you can change your life. Extra source of income allows you to pursue your passion, travel for relaxation, and many other unfulfilled objectives in life. It changes your life for the better.


Most Important Advantages of Supplemental Income


Having an extra income, you can pay off your debt. Paycheck to paycheck dependency can be reduced considerably. You can save some money for big purchases like a holiday package.

Supplemental-incomeSupplemental income always provides the confidence and courage to figure out a creative and innovative business idea. Do you want to become more diversified with your income streams? You can explore different ways of generating extra or supplemental income.


Never Think You Don’t Have The Time


Everyone gets 24 hours a day. If you don’t use this time smartly, you are holding yourself back from achieving your goals. Smart time management is the key to generate good supplemental income.clock-in-sand


Finding time is not a big task. How many hours do you watch television in a week? Most people spend 30 hours a week to watch TV programs.


Reducing that duration by 50% is enough to make some extra income. You will get 15 hours a week to generate supplemental income. It makes you richer instead of wasting time watching television all the time.


The Internet Offers Hundreds Of Opportunities


If you hate living on fixed income, you need to buy time to explore supplemental income generation options available. There are hundreds of opportunities and offers available on the internet.opportunities


Best Tips For Generating Supplemental Income


You have to keep in mind a few vital aspects before start exploring different supplemental income streams. These tips help you discover the best opportunities that suit your needs, tastes, and preferences.


  • Know Your Goals


First of all, you need to decide what motivates you to generate supplemental income. Different people have different reasons to hate living on fixed income. Some people may want to go for a dream vacation every year while some others may want to pursue certain other goals.


You must know your goals to stay focused. Once you know why you want to generate supplemental income, build a targeted extra income strategy to fulfill your goals. Then, you can start exploring different options.


  • Choose Something You Are Proficient At


No matter what your skills or background; you can come across numerous opportunities. You need to choose something that you are good at or passionate about. This approach helps you generate cash consistently other than your fixed income.


Consider your education, experience, skills, and hobbies while identifying your supplemental income streams. Some websites specialize in offering quality information for extra income generation aspirants. You can seek their expertise in finding the right opportunities.


It is extremely important to choose a job or a task you enjoy. As mentioned above, better results can be achieved when you get engaged in something that leverages your skills and strengths.


Most Popular Supplemental Income Ideas


There are offline as well as online supplemental income generation ideas available. You need to compare different ideas before choosing one that works for you.


The most popular technology-related extra income generation business ideas are creating chat bots, developing and testing websites, working as SEO consultants, graphic designing, and many more.


You can also work as an online freelance content creator, Amazon/eBay business owner, virtual assistant, transcriptionist, surveyor, salesperson, teacher, home business owner, babysitter, adjunct professor, YouTuber, ticket reseller and affiliate marketer.


An Overview Of Some Important Supplemental Income Generation Ideas


Here are some important ideas to generate supplemental income that you can explore.


  • Starting An Online Service Business


Not interested in living on fixed income alone? You can choose this option. Without creating a large network, resources, or overhead; you can start an online service business.


It can be an online freelance writing service, online marketing, web designing and development, an online course or SEO consultancy. For getting yourself up and running immediately, you can start by crafting a killer outreach email.


    • Sell Products On Leading Online Stores Such As Amazon, Etsy, or eBay


AmazonAre you planning to make some extra income? You can certainly consider selling products on Amazon, Etsy or eBay. If you want to build your own site, you must research products, discover manufacturers, market your virtual store, and learn how to fulfill orders.


Selling products on established online marketplaces, can generate customers fast. Without even touching the product, many sellers have their products shipped directly to the fulfillment center of Amazon. It is a highly useful and popular supplemental income-generation method.


  • Working As a Transcriber


Many experienced transcribers earn between $25 and $50 per hour. Spending a couple of hours in the evening, you can generate a decent income with fast typing skills. As you gain experience, you can expect to get bigger clients.


  • Taking Up the Role of A Search Engine Evaluator


To work as a search engine evaluator, you don’t need to be an accomplished SEO expert. Many companies ask evaluators to search for specific information on search engines.


After the search, you need to convey to them how closely the results matched your search terms. Your feedback help these companies to improve their search engine rankings.


  • Testing Websites


If you don’t have any special expertise, you can take up extra income generation business ideas like testing websites. It is one of the easiest ways to make some money by enjoying the comfort of your home.


First of all, you need to register with a company that offers these types of jobs. Following the instructions of the company, you have to find out how easy to navigate the website and check its responsiveness.


  • Completing Online Surveys

Do you hate living on fixed income? You can register with market research companies to fill out surveys and get paid. Signing up with leading market research companies, you can expect to earn a good income from different types of surveys.


  • Partnering With Affiliates


Affiliate partnerships allow you to create supplemental income using your social media account or blog. Promoting a particular product to your followers or readers, you qualify for a certain percentage of each purchase.


  • Freelance Writing


If you possess writing skills, you can work as a freelance writer to earn a high income. Many virtual platforms publish online writing jobs for freelancers. Creative and engaging articles are always paid handsomely.


  • Website Design


There is a great demand for web designers due to the amazing growth of the internet. This profession demands some special design skills. If you know the art and science of web design, you can work as a freelance web designer to earn good supplemental income.


Offline vs Online Supplemental Income Generation Ideas


When you take up an offline project like a babysitter or tour guide or a barista at a coffee shop; you need to allocate time to work at a new premise after your normal job schedule. It can be a difficult task for many people.


Offering unmatched convenience, online job ideas are getting increasingly popular nowadays. You can stay at home after your existing job and make money easily. That is exactly why many people prefer to choose an online supplemental income generation idea.


Are You Satisfied With Living on Lean Means?


Fixed income has its own limitations. If unexpected expenses surpass your income, you may end up facing a debt crisis. Many people who are living with a fixed income are finding it hard to fulfill their desires.



Do you hate living on fixed income? You can seek ways to earn supplemental income. There are endless choices available.


You need to pick up the right one that suits your expertise, taste, and attitude. If you search online, you can easily find the right type of job that generates supplement income.




I would love to hear your thoughts about living on a fixed income. Do you hate it? Have you searched for supplemental income streams?  You may leave your questions, thoughts and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.



All the best!


Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means?


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9 thoughts on “Do You Hate Living On A Fixed Income?”

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Most people always wait until they run out of money and then search for ways to make money online for extra bucks, so I think we all need to start early to become a slash(/) no matter our ages. I found that online opportunities seem nice and fit my schedule, so I will definitely go for this approach.

    Except for Amazon, Etsy or eBay, do you have other associate networks you recommend? It will be nice that you could help us with this. Thanks in advance!


    1. Matt, Thank you very much for reading my post and for your thorough comments.
      I only listed the three associate networks because I didn’t want to be redundant with my information.
      However, there are product affiliates of there. You can be an affiliate for CBD companies, such as Nuleaf and CBDAffs Maketing. If you have a pet niche, like me, there are many affiliate programs, like, Petco, and If you want to earn money by referring people to sites, Fiverr, Jaaxy, and WordPress all have affiliate programs you can join. I outline these in other post in this website Living On Lean Means. There is also Commission Junction, AWIN, Ratuken, Clickbank, and ShareASale, to name a few more.
      In this particular article, I listed just the major ones as examples.

      Matt, I hope I have been of some assistance and hope that I have answered your question.

      Hope to hear from you again soon.
      All the best to you,

  2. Hello and thank you for sharing and creating such a valuable post that really stood out for me when I saw your link because I felt like it spoke volumes to me when I came across link with the Hyperlink saying “Do you hate living on a fixed income?”:

    Heck yeah I do!

    I’m currently working on creating supplemental income for myself while doing the best of trying to make the mest in what I have been receiving from Social Security- and I’m frankly tired of living on that kind of fixed income!

    I have started my own online business so that I can create a better life and world for myself and others, even found multiple awesome affiliate programs that I’m going to be focusing on bringing people in front of them because they will compliment all the other ones which is as to say “leaving a money trail”!

    Thanks for showing me a different way in approaching how I create my content- great post to help those tired of living on lean means!

    1. Jose,
      I want to apologize for my late response to your comment. For some reason I was having difficulties replying to comments here in WordPress.
      Let’s hope it has cleared up. I would like to thank you for you patience and for taking the time to read and comment on my article. I just wanted to let you know that you are doing the right thing to supplement your income. I am glad that you have found awesome affiliate programs as well. I am glad I helped you in some way with my article and hope that you will read some of the others, where I go into detail the different opportunities out there to add income streams.


  3. What a nice post you wrote Barbara! I really enjoyed reading it and could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post. Actually I was looking for information about the living on a fixed income and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details and it was exactly what I wanted to know.
    I’m happy that you’ve decided to write about this topic and share it with others. It’s very useful post in my opinion and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested to know about this topic.

    I will definitely come back to your site again to read more posts. Keep up quality articles! 🙂


    1. Ali, sorry it has taken me quite a while to get back to answering your comments. I deeply regret my inability to give you a timely response. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and provide such wonderful comments on my article. I am so glad that it helped you very much. I hope you will read all the articles and reviews in this particular site because I know you will get great use from them..

      Thank you once again,

  4. *** This is a personal message for the website owner ***

    Hello Barbara, I’m sorry that I had to contact you personally here. Actually I’ve tried to send you a message through Wealthy Affiliate but it seems that there’s some technical issue with WA private messaging system; I don’t know if the issue comes from my side or it’s for the WA platform, anyway, I’ve contacted WA support and hope it’ll be solved soon.

    My name is Ali and I’m a member of WA for 3 years now. Here is my profile: (
    I saw your comment request and visited your website; it’s very good (nice design, well organized, good theme, etc.) and I could not be silent about it so I wanted you know that you’re on the right direction and you just need to you keep up quality work to get success. )

    Upon your request, I left a comment for your post and I would appreciate it if you could do the same for me. I Just have a request before leaving your comment; since I’ve received some very short and useless comments in the past, I appreciate it if you read my post first then write the comment in your own words in at least 5 lines and not similar to other comments please.

    Here’s my post:

    Thank you very much in advance and wish you best success in your online business. )

    *P.S. Feel free to delete this message (comment) after reading it so it won’t be shown on your site as publicly. 😉

  5. Barb,
    I’m a huge believer in creating multiple streams of income and I love the image you posted of “Don’t say I can’t afford…Say How CAN I afford it!”

    Your post really opened my eyes because, as a dog owner, I wasn’t aware that I could potentially build an additional income stream by partnering with companies like Hungry Bark.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Neil,
      Once again, I want to thank you for reading another on of my articles within my Living on Lean Means website. Glad to know you appreciated the image “don’t say you can’t afford…say how Can I afford it”. I am always looking for ways to create income streams myself. That is why I decided on this particular niche, even though this is my WA MMO site. I wanted you be able to educate people like myself (who live on fixed incomes) on ways create supplemental income, so they wouldn’t have to live feeling so strapped for cash all the time.

      Since you are a dog owner you might want to check out my NuLeaf Review. You can become an affiliate of Nuleaf which is a company that sells CBD products for humans and pet. Also, on my other website My Everything For Your Dog, I have a combined Review of Nuleaf and another company called Honest Paws. They also deal with CBD products for dogs.

      I am extremely happy to provide you with this pertinent information.

      All the best,

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