Does Impact Make an Impact?

We all know that a straightforward way to grow a business is with the help of partnerships. But did you ever feel like you are really uncomfortable with making such huge decisions?


Nevertheless, these decisions have to be made – and with such deals, a huge responsibility comes.


But what if I told you that you could have a platform that helps you find quality partnerships, track your partnerships, and even gain a competitive advantage?


Automation along with acquiring partnerships is important and these types of software (such as Impact) have a strong ability to increase the performance of a business.


Down below, I’ll guide you through some of the best features of Impact, but I’ll also show you how to take the advantage of Impact and what type of benefits you can experience in return, so stay tuned and keep on reading!


What is Impact?


Impact is a software company that helps businesses transform the way their management works. This type of software focuses on all types of partnerships, but it also touches on certain automation processes that help with the management. As an end result, Impact aims to help increase the ROI of a company in the long run.


Review Details


  • Name: Impactwhite-impact-logo
  • Website name: Impact
  • Website:
  • Owners: Bob Ruffolo
  • Price: Free to join
  • Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5.0


More About Impact


Impact is a growth technologist that combines software with business management. They believe in the power of science and technology so these are their two ways of creating transformational growth for any business, no matter the industry.


Their main business is to create impact, increase business, and improve the Return On Investment (ROI) for a business with the help of partnerships.


This all sounds great and it seems like Impact can help any business grow, right?


But how does this apply to you? What if you are not a big business?


If these are some of the questions, you are asking yourself right now – that is good!


The thing about Impact is that they have different solutions aimed at different business types and even different business sizes.


Therefore, if you have visited Impact’s website, you could notice that they have solutions for:


  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile partnerships
  • Business development
  • Fraud protection
  • Analytics and attribution


So, does this mean that Impact is even suitable for individuals and exceedingly small companies?


Yes, it is! Even though most of the solutions are aimed at companies that manage influencers, affiliate marketers, or any type of partners – Impact still has a “Partners” section which is aimed at individuals and smaller companies.




In this section, you get to experience the best of the Impact software in order to partner with brands that will fit your audience, find and discover brand partners, work with brands you know, or even get help processing the payments.


As an affiliate marketer, I find this section to be really helpful, mostly because of the opportunity to have direct access to global brands within the Impact software.


However, I also like reporting and alerts that are shown in a remarkably simple dashboard. This type of interface helps me understand the technical aspects of business in a simple and easy way.


I have also discovered many features that are helpful for individuals who are involved in digital marketing. So, if you are an influencer, affiliate marketer, or any type of a digital marketer, you could use Impact to:


  • Reach out to brands faster
  • Have more ways to monetize on your content or audience
  • Benefit from exclusive promo codes
  • Have access to a catalog of more than 9 million of products
  • Receive insights and reports directly within one interface


They say that the organization is the key and Impact definitely keeps everything tidy.

But even if you are an agency, a start-up, or a small company – you could benefit from Impact software in similar ways.


Along with partnership automation, Impact also includes:


  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and automation process for companies
  • Ad fraud protection
  • Marketing intelligence


If you are unsure how Impact might help you or your business – I highly recommend you check out the “Insights” section on their website.


In this section, you can find:


  • Customer stories
  • Impact blog
  • Impact growth
  • Events


Also, you can find more details on thought leadership, the partnership economy, and even performance fraud micro-sites.


I consider this part of the Impact website as an educational part. Case studies clearly show how the Impact software works, what are the capabilities, and what are the end results for people and companies who have already used Impact.




This is a great way to get the idea and list of all possibilities. If there is a case study done by a company in your industry – a lot of the things can be applied, so watch carefully and keep on learning!


Whether you’re looking to deliver stronger results for your clients as an individual, freelancer, or an influencer – or you’re looking for ways to grow your business and find better partnerships for your company (no matter the size) – Impact covers it all.


Impact Support


The impact has a great support system and you can easily reach it out by visiting the “contact us” page on their website.


customer-supportThey have a couple of offices around the world so you can contact your local office via the phone number, or you can give them a visit.


If there is no local office in your area or you prefer digital communication, you can simply fill out the contact form to get in touch with Impact via email.


However, if you need more information on Impact software or all the services they provide – Insights is a pretty great place on their website to get a lot of helpful information.


Even though they do not feature a regular FAQ section with answers to some of the most common questions – they have a lot of learning material that can help you get started and start acting.


If you have a general inquiry – Impact has all of their email addresses listed on the “contact us” page which is really helpful. You will not end up looking for them for hours and yet you can easily choose an email that fits your inquiry.


I really like Impact’s blog where they post really helpful and short blog posts full of insights and tips on everything from how to manage an email campaign and get in touch with potential partners on how to ensure your value is seen by potential brand partners.


Even things that software does not touch on – Impact talks about the importance of a couple of different marketing aspects in their blog posts so you can keep on learning and expanding your knowledge.


Impact Price


Impact does not have a regular pricing table or a chart you can have a look at. This might be annoyinggreen-dollar-sign to some people, but this is a standard practice in the software industry.


The reason for this is the capability of the software. The software fits so many different companies, sizes, people, and industries that only a couple of packages would not be enough.


Having too many packages would confuse people. Therefore, you can request a demo by clicking the “Request a demo” button at the top menu on the Impact’s website.


After you fill in some information, Impact will grant you a demo and they will also get back to you with a custom pricing plan that will fit your needs.


Once you are finished with the demo – you will have the chance to make the decision whether you would like to get started with their suggested plan or not.


Even though this approach might take a bit longer, it is well worth it because you get a customized pricing plan & solutions according to your needs.


Yet at the same time, there are no strings attached. But if you really think that Impact can help you or your business, you should not hesitate to at least give them a try!


Summary and Final Opinion


Impact can seem like a big and comprehensive software that might or might not help you out at first – however, it is not as complicated as it seems.


It is a really helpful software with only a couple of features and yet with a wide range of use. It also fits almost any type of business, company, or even an individual who is looking to grow or expand its business.


If you are still not sure what Impact does or how it can help you out – I highly recommend you visit the Impact website and start learning a bit more about the software.


I have mentioned some of the most important features and capabilities of the software so give them a read.


Also, requesting a demo is free and you should not hesitate to contact Impact for their opinion on how their software can help you out the best.




Whether you are an affiliate marketer, influencer, or a marketer in general – you should definitely give Impact a try. Even if none of the features seem useful for your needs – I believe that direct access to the brands and high number of products is worth it.


Did you ever hear of Impact? Do you think Impact could help you grow your business?


Do you use Impact?  I would like to hear what your think about Impacts Affiliate Marketing program. You may leave your comments and questions below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best!


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?

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4 thoughts on “Does Impact Make an Impact?”

    1. Norman,
      I think it would be a very wise choice to give Impact a try. Free to join is always a good investment in my book.
      Thank you once again for coming by and leaving some comments. I really appreciate your support.


    1. Joseph,
      Impact is definitely and interesting concept. I at least three different Impact accounts that span different niche subjects. For instance, Leadpages is part of the Impact network. It would be a good decision to check them out more thoroughly.

      Thank you once again!

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