Dynadot Domain and Web Hosting Review

No matter the online business you’re starting, a domain name and web hosting is something you will need from the start.


While there are many different platforms where you can create a free website using their hosting and dedicated domain name is not a bad idea, having your own domain name and hosting is like owning your own internet “real estate”.


SiteRubix is the only such platform I’ve come across that’s quality – but you’d still want to invest in a brandable domain name.


If you’re looking to start on your own hosting and domain name, you’ve probably come across hundreds of hosting companies.


Dynadot really stands out in my mind and they provide everything you’ll need, which of course, includes hosting and domain names. But are Dynadot domains and web hosting worth the cost and how do they perform?


You’re in the right place as this review article is where you’ll find all the answers to your questions – so keep on reading!


What is Dynadot and Who is it for?



Dynadot is one of the popular hosting and domain name providers on the market. The reason Dynadot is really famous is for having one of the cheapest domain names on the market.


However, their hosting is also great and pretty affordable if you’re just starting out and the shared hosting solution is a great fit for your needs.




Other than the hosting, Dynadot also provides VPN services, website templates, email hosting, and SSL certificates (which are a must-have nowadays).


One thing that Dynadot provides and other hosting providers don’t have is the aftermarket. This is a place where you can directly trade domain names.


We all know the importance of a brandable and quality domain name and believe it or not, some businesses, brands, or service agencies are really interested in paying the premium price for a brandable domain name.


Therefore, Dynadot is for everyone whether you’re a solopreneur who’s starting the first website (or an online business), but it’s also for everyone else who is established and might need additional products such as an official email for the website, or SSL certificate at a very decent price.


We also believe that Dynadot is also suitable for everyone who’s trading domain names. In case you didn’t know – this is the business model that many find success in.


Dynadot Domains and Web Hosting Features


One of the greatest things about Dynadot is their domain registration process. We believe that they’ve perfected the domain registration process.


Not only they have the cheapest domain names on the market, but their process will help you acquire a domain name in only minutes.


Domain registration, hosting purchase, and website building is one of the processes you will only do once a year or maybe twice a year.


Therefore, even the advanced marketers will forget a couple of steps after not going through the process in a long time.



Dynadot offers a great process that will remove all the frustration or pain points that can stop any newbie marketer in its tracks.


When it comes down to domain names, Dynadot offers top-level domain names (.com and others), but what’s interesting is that they also offer unique domain names such as:


  • .cloud
  • .shop
  • .live
  • .click
  • .tel
  • .blog


Most importantly, these domain names are also a lot cheaper than the top-level domain names so for a domain name such as .live, you might end up paying only $2.85 the first year.


Domain names also come with the privacy and security features that will keep your information private from whoever looks up your domain name using the WHOIS lookup.


When it comes down to hosting, Dynadot only provides VPS hosting and while some people consider it as a downside – others really like the quality of the VPS hosting at such an affordable price.


VPN hosting is a virtual private server which functions in a very similar way to dedicated server because it allows users like me and you take control of a certain portion of the whole server.


Therefore, you won’t have to end up paying for the whole server (since most of us won’t even need the whole server) and yet you’d get the expected performance of a server.


Here are some of the greatest features of Dynadot’s hosting:


  • Full root access
  • 9% uptime
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Raid protection
  • Simple control panels
  • Free dedicated IPV6


Benefits of Dynadot Domains and Web Hosting


Dynadot is hands-down one of rare hosting companies that makes things effortless for beginners.


If you’re just learning the ropes and you’re afraid of the technicalities that are involved into the process of starting your own website (or an online business), Dynadot is perfect for you.


Not only it has a quick and effortless process which will help you acquire the domain name and hosting in only 10 minutes or less – but it also comes with all extras that you might not be aware of.


Yet these add-ons are well-recommended by Dynadot so you’ll get everything you need without having to think twice if you really need all the features that are recommended.


And of course, considering the price, you’re getting more than a great deal.


But if you’re only getting started and you think of hosting platforms such as Wix – Dynadot can actually save you from making rookie mistakes you would usually make using “made-for-you” hosting companies.


But what is the price, you might wonder? Keep on reading to find out!


Dynadot Domains and Web Hosting Pricing


Remember how we mentioned that Dynadot domain names are one of the cheapest domain names on the market? That’s absolutely true!


Top-level domain names will cost you $8/year and unique domain names will cost you from a couple of dollars upwards to the $10 for the first year.


When it comes down to the hosting, we really like easy it is to understand everything related to Dynadot.


All you need is to glance through their hosting landing page and you’d quickly learn that Dynadot VPS hosting will cost you only $10/month.


However, keep in mind that additional services that are pretty necessary will cost you in addition to the hosting and domain name price.


But you shouldn’t overly worry about the cost as the cost of these privacy & security addons will cost you the standard price.


Is there any cheaper hosting or domain name company on the market? We highly doubt it. While Namecheap is pretty close – Dynadot is still holding the first place.


And if you ever come across a company that’s cheaper than Dynadot, there are two things you should consider before making the switch:


  1. Is the company’s quality up to the standard?
  2. Is there a catch that might end up costing you more down the road?


Is Dynadot Worth the Price?


Dynadot is more than worth the price, and we’re not saying this because they’re one of the cheapest hosting companies on the market – but because they were able to offer such a competitive price while keeping the quality of their service relatively high.


Even considering that their support team is pretty responsive and easy to reach – you will never find yourself having to figure out everything on your own.


Of course, there will always be companies that are going to try and beat the price, but most of them are cutting corners and reducing the quality of the service in order to attract new customers – which always ends badly.


If you’re still doubting whether Dynadot might be the next best choice for your needs – try checking out Siterubix as they offer 2 free websites.


However, their domain names will cost you about $13/year – but you can always purchase a domain name from Dynadot and transfer it to other hosting company such as Siterubix.


If you’re a marketer (or are just trying to learn everything there is about affiliate marketing), Wealthy Affiliate might be a great choice.


Wealthy Affiliate is the the company that also owns Siterubix and the web hosting, web builder, and domain names are built-into the learning platform.


Therefore, as you learn and progress, you will have all the tools that will help you:


  1. Find a brandable domain name
  2. Create a great looking (and responsive) website
  3. Learn how to write quality content that ranks in search engines
  4. Acquire organic traffic (and exposure)
  5. Learn how to join affiliate programs and monetize your website
  6. Monetize your website in different ways (earn passive income and diversify the income your website earns)


So if you’re looking a bit more from the hosting company – Wealthy Affiliate educational platform in combination with the dedicated SiteRubix hosting & builder will definitely make a difference.




Are Dynadot domains and web hosting worth your time? They’re more than worth your time – they’re worth your business and hard-earned cash.


We really like to spread the good word about companies that are taking things to improve and grow in a way where both the company but also their customers benefit.


Whether you need one or two domain names, or if you need a quality web hosting that will not let you down – Dynadot has it all!


I would like to hear your thought about Dynadot domain and web hosting. Have I covered everything you need to know in this review, in order to try out their services? If so, use any of the blue links throughout this review to reach Dynadot.  You may also leave your comments and/or questions in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?



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