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Hey Folks, dog you own a dog? Would you like to make money by focusing on your passion? Even if you don’t own a dog you can still make money. Read on and See! If you are not familiar with Hungry Bark company – you will learn everything about them down below, but I will also focus on their affiliate program too!


This can be a great opportunity for an additional income stream for folks living on a fixed income.  If you a dog or even if you don’t.  Maybe you have purchased dozens if not hundreds of products for your dog. And the chances are that there are at least a couple of companies/brands you really liked.  Of course, your dog’s opinion is important as well!


Even if you don’t have a dog, with affiliate marketing, you get to help Hungry Bark promote their products and earn a commission for each sale you generate, right from your home using your laptop.


Hungry Bark is an extremely popular online store that offers a wide range of products for a balanced and well-supported nutrition plan for our loved dogs.


They understand that nutrition is important and yet that one size does not fit all dogs. Therefore, they work with the dog owners to create a perfect meal plan, so you are sure that the food you are purchasing is a good fit for your dog.  Hungry Bark has a wide range of products, from supplement chews to kibble and even protein mix-ins.


Hungry Bark  Review Details


Name: Hungry Bark


Owners: Nick MolinaHungry-Bark

Type of Industry: Dog Food & Supplements

Price: Ranges from $19.99 to $32.99+

Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5.0


Hungry Bark Affiliate Program Overview


Remember how I said that Hungry Bark has its own affiliate program? That is right, they have a surprisingly good affiliate program which anyone can join.


It’s recommended to definitely give Hungry Bark products a try before promoting them – but if you’re a big fan of their store and their way of helping introduce a balanced diet to dogs across the world, this might be a great opportunity.


This way, you get to help spread the word about Hungry Bark and the way they work with dog owners to change the way dog food is purchased and served – you get the opportunity to join their affiliate program and earn commission while doing something you’re proud of.  But how does it work?


Keep on reading to find out everything there is about Hungry Bark affiliate training, including tools, training, support, and pricing.


Hungry Bark Affiliate Tools & Training


Once you join the Hungry Bark affiliate program, you are not left on your own to figure things out. If you are new to affiliate marketing, I consider this affiliate program to be a great starting point for beginners. Why?


Because Hungry Bark cares about their affiliates. In fact, they treat their affiliates like their employees, or even better yet, as their own partners.


With this being said, you can expect a lot when you join the affiliate program. However, enough does not mean that you will be overwhelmed with the information and tools provided by Hungry Bark.


Hungry Bark has a great introduction training that explains both how affiliate marketing works and how their affiliate program works.


Their training includes everything from how subscription orders work, how non-subscription orders work, what is your commission, and how ways you can promote them efficiently without having to spam everyone on the internet.


They do not have a lot of tools to help you out – but all you need is your unique affiliate link and a couple of banners to get started. You get to choose which channels and the way you will use to promote their products.


Hungry Bark Affiliate Support


Hungry Bark is incredibly good at supporting their affiliates. Remember how I said that they treat their affiliates like their partners? That is actually true.


In fact, I was fascinated to learn that Hungry Bark has a dedicated team whose only job is to help their affiliates.  How cool is that?


Even though their training is very decent, if you ever have any questions related to their products, shipping times, their service, or anything in general related to their affiliate program – you know that there’s a team that you can rely on.


This even includes technical support and full marketing support as long as you are their associates. Needless to say, you will definitely feel like their partner regardless of the previous experience you have had with affiliate marketing.  And why is this important?


This does not only help affiliates do their job a lot better – but it also affects the whole image of the company. Not only the company and their affiliates will be making money, but the company will also be donating & supporting dog charities – which is just one more reason why you should partner up with Hungry Bark.


Lastly, with Hungry Bark fully supporting you, you will be able to recommend products that you can fully support and stand behind their quality.


Is there any other support that you need, other than their training, resources, and a dedicated team that helps affiliates?  I do not think so.  But how much money would you be able to make? Keep on reading to find out!


Hungry Bark Affiliate Price & Earnings


You should not mistake the Hungry Bark affiliate program for an MLM scheme. Anyone can join the Hungry Bark affiliate program for free.


So how much money would you be able to make?  I think that answering this question does not do this affiliate program justice. You can make 20% on every sale.  But it is important that you understand how the sales process of Hungry Bark works.


Once they are able to help owners find the ideal nutrition plan for their dogs, the customers have the ability to join the monthly subscription sales process. This means that they will have the food delivered on a monthly basis.


On this type of order, you can make 20% on every customer you sign up to the Hungry Bark store, plus a 5% recurring commission on every sale that the customer ever makes.


But what if the customer does not subscribe to have the food delivered monthly? Not a big deal – this does not affect your earnings. You will still make 20% on every sale.  You could have noticed that you get a recurring commission. But what does that mean?


Recurring means that once you refer a customer, and he becomes a regular at Hungry Bark – you will be earning % even long after you refer the customer. This means that you will be able to earn passive income from referrals you have already referred.  But do you want to hear about something that is even better?


Hungry Bark even included a commission for affiliates you refer. This means that you can refer other dog lovers who would love to promote Hungry Bark products and earn commission on every sale generated by the affiliate you brought to the Hungry Bark.


My Final Opinion on Hungry Bark Affiliate Program


I think that Hungry Bark is a great company and they have changed the way people shop food for their loved dogs.  And what about their affiliate program?


I also think that their affiliate program is really fair. Considering the amount of support & training they provide, all you have to do is connect their quality products with dog owners who are in a need of better nutrition for their dogs – and you’d be able to earn money along the way.


There are also a couple of things I have noticed regarding their affiliate program. This includes lifetime commissions (even if you stop referring new customers & affiliates), 60-day cookies, and the ability to introduce other affiliates to the program and earn a commission.


Not only I believe that their affiliate program is legit, but the whole company does a great job of providing better nutrition for dogs of all types and ages.


Who would not like to be a part of such a company and earn commission by doing something they love and know is right?





Whether you’re looking for a place to help you learn proper nutrition requirements your dog requires, you’d love to purchase some protein mix-ins, or you’re looking for the opportunity to make money online – Hungry Bark is a great company.


Most people are getting the help they need from Hungry Bark and are endorsing their products without even knowing that there is an opportunity like this just a couple of pages away on their store.


Did you know that Hungry Bark has an affiliate program?  If not – you might be missing out! I am really happy to review an affiliate program such as Hungry Bark one since it allows a lot of dog lovers to do something related to their passion and possibly even make a sustainable online income stream!



What do you think about such affiliate programs? Did you find this review useful?  I would love to hear your feedback so do not hesitate to leave a comment down below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living on Lean Means ?

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