Elite Marketing Pro Review

Elite Marketing Pro is the type of online training program that claims it can help you create your own online business in only 10 days.


But in this Elite Marketing Pro review, I will show you everything you need to know about the company and its training.


This will help you to not only rely on the information provided by the company but have an insight into the whole offer before you make up your mind.


Therefore, in this review, you will find everything about the company, about its training, tools, support, pricing, and even if it is worth the price!


I will also share my opinion and an alternative, so you always have a choice if you do not find Elite Marketing Pro a great fit for your needs.


About Elite Marketing Pro


So, what is Elite Marketing Pro?


Elite Marketing Pro is a training that is often advertised across social media platforms.


However, finding everything you want and need to know might be a bit hard to learn from the information provided on the landing page.


However, one thing is for sure. Elite Marketing Pro is a company that provides training for network marketers (often known as multi-level marketers) as they teach how to recruit others into MLM programs.


The company shares the same idea and passion for creating an online business that will help you earn unlimited income, work from anywhere in the world, build a “lifestyle” business, and most importantly – do what you love.


They feature 3 different training models, and the company claims to rely on the latest network marketing strategies & techniques that will help you recruit others and take your online business to the next level by learning the ability by becoming the “digital networker”.


But is training good and what can you expect to learn? Keep on reading to find out!


Review Details


Name: Elite Marketing Proemp-logo
Website: EliteMarketingPro.com
Owners: Tim Erway
Price: $47 and $147

Overall Rank: 3.0 out of 5.0

Elite Marketing Pro Review


When you visit the Elite Marketing Pro landing page, you will not be able to get much information.


All you will be able to find out is that you can get training that will help you recruit others and acquire leads.

You will also learn more about the lifestyle you can achieve by working on your own online business and making it a success.


Along with that, you will have the ability to learn more about the 3 different training types that Elite Marketing Pro offers.


Three training types are:



  • Attraction Marketing Formula (Bootcamp)
  • Magnetic Sponsoring
  • Social Retail & Enrollment (Blueprint)



By clicking on each training, you get redirected to a specific landing page that will teach you more about the training provided. I will elaborate on the training in the next section.


But for now, I wanted to dig deeper into the company and learn more about its history.


Unfortunately, social links provided at the end of their landing page do not work (or they do not have social media profiles at all).


What I was able to come across is, unfortunately, negative thoughts of members who said that the training teaches how to acquire leads by promising false ideas.


If that happens to be the truth, it is an awfully bad thing because no good business can be built on a lie or false promises.


Therefore, let us get down into the training and tools provided so we can know what exactly to expect.


Tools and Training


As mentioned earlier, there are 3 different training modules provided:


  • Attraction Marketing Formula (Bootcamp)
  • Magnetic Sponsoring
  • Social Retail & Enrollment (Blueprint)


Attraction Marketing Formula


Attraction Marketing Formula is based on recruitment and in only 10 days, training claims to teach you how to use the internet to generate leads, how to become the “hunted” instead of the “hunter” (whatever that means), and how to get leads and prospects to call you about the business rather than you are going out to them.




Other than that, there’s not much other information, screenshots, or snippets of the training available to check out and even try out.


Recruitment is hard and while this training module promises to make it easy and rejection-free, I have my doubts.


Magnetic Sponsoring


Magnetic Sponsoring is “the greatest recruiting shortcut in the history of network marketing”. Of course, it is not.


There is nothing such as the shortcut. Recruitment is an industry and as you become skilled, you learn what works and what does not.


Recruitment is hard, but it does not get super-easy or effortless (or rejection-free) by only using one “formula” or a “shortcut”.


This course will teach you how to attract endless prospects who are ready to join your opportunity.


The whole landing page is well done and yet if the training information does not make you interested, “$1,029” in free bonuses might help.


Social Retail & Enrollment


Social Retail & Enrollment is a blueprint aimed at everyone in retail who is struggling to acquire new customers.


Apparently, this training will teach you a 7-minute retail method that will create an “INSTANT” surge of new customers.




This is by far the worst product pitch as it makes it hard to believe straight away.


Of course, a little secret is also mentioned, as well as the massive opportunity which is all red flags for me.


This looks like training that is created only to be sold and never look back at the customers and members and unfortunately, they are trying to “teach” you how to do the same.


One good thing about this training is that it focuses on a combination of video and ads, so if you have a decent landing page, a great offer, and a decent budget – this might work. However, I still doubt all the claims.


Landing pages of the training available is definitely professionally written, but sometimes less is more and in this case, I believe that if they did not promote it so “aggressively” with all the claims – training would feel more valuable.


We are not done with the Elite Marketing Pro review just yet so keep on reading because, at the end of the post, I will share an alternative in case you are not a big fan of this training (I would not blame you).


Elite Marketing Pro Support


Elite Marketing Pro claims that it is a global community of over 100,000 active network marketing members who are striving to be better and improve the success of their online business by following the training.


However, each training is made by different creators and I believe that there is no community at all.


And if you needed any support, you would have had to contact the training creators separately rather than contacting the Elite Marketing Pro support.


Elite Marketing Pro Price


There are 3 training modules available and each one of them has a different price tag:


  • Attraction Marketing Formula – $27
  • Magnetic Sponsoring – $37
  • Social Retail & Enrollment – $147


Each one of these offers comes in a 3 or even 4-page landing page type that pitches the product further before giving you the price.


Magnetic Sponsoring even includes a free book where you only have to pay to have the book shipped (but considering the shipping price, you are also paying for the book too).


Even though all of these are one-time purchases, I do not think that there is much value in the most expensive training ($147).


However, since $27 and $37 do not cost too much, you might be tempted to give them a try and would not feel like asking for a refund if you end up disappointed.


I think that is a wise system in place that most people do not see.




But what I do not like about any of these products is that there is no transparency at all. They have 3–4-page landing pages, yet you do not see much of the product itself yet all you get is a pitch.


I started out by learning affiliate marketing. It is one of the best and longest online business models that is still going strong with some of the largest companies providing affiliate programs (such as Amazon).


The alternative I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that is free to join, and you can be a member for free as long as you wish.


As a member, you will get affiliate marketing step-by-step video training, tools such as website builder and keyword research tool, and a community full of affiliate marketers of all levels.


If you decide to upgrade to experience every single feature of the platform, that will only cost you $19 for the first month which I believe is a far better offer than learning about pitching others and recruiting people or acquiring customers without “ever hearing no”.


Final Thoughts


While Elite Marketing Pro looks like a great offer at first, as an experienced marketer, I really see many flaws in its advertising.


With only bits and pieces of transparency and yet a lot of pitches and hard-to-keep promises, I believe that you will have a hard time getting any value out of these products.


While there is definitely some value for the complete beginners, I believe that you might be really disappointed as there is no “secret shortcut” or the “latest formula” that will help you never hear another rejection, and yet your business would become an instant success.


And I hope this Elite Marketing Pro review shows you what you need to prepare yourself for if you decide to purchase any of the 3 available products.


I would love to hear your thoughts on Elite Marketing Pro and this review. You may share questions and comments you may have in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?



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