Hiyrr vs Jobrely: Comparison Review

If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.


If you’ve ever heard that it’s not the effort and the idea that counts, but it’s the sales that prove whether or not a business is sustainable – you’d know that it’s time to step up the game and work on your sales.


Whether you own an online business, offline business, or you do both, you’ll always need more visitors, more subscribers, followers, or even more customers.


But how do you get the leads that would love your content, service, or product, and in return help you make money?


It’s all about improving your marketing. We all know that cold calling or telemarketing has been one of the most efficient marketing strategies that are still in use today.


But is there a better way? Keep on reading to find out as in this review, I’ll compare two services that are similar and yet can help automate your tasks that will bring leads to your business!


What is a Lead Automation Tool?


I’ve briefly mentioned that these services/tools can help you automate some of your marketing tasks that consume too much time, right?


Marketing is important, but the success rate isn’t always the greatest. Some industries are harder than others, but I believe that no one should spend more time marketing than they spend focusing on their products.


A lead automation tool is a type of tool that can serve you as your virtual assistant and get the simplest tasks that consume the most time done for you.


Of course, not everything can be automated, but once you have a marketing process (the funnel) and you have potential leads that need to be addressed – you can let the tool help you do that.



How? Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits before we dive straight into the comparison of these two tools!


Benefits of Automating Lead Generation


Of course, when you think of lead generation automation, you don’t expect the whole process to be automated. However, the most time-consuming tasks can be automated.


Reaching out to people, answering simple questions, making promo calls, searching for potential leads, sifting through leads in your funnel, and much more can be automated.


The idea of automating lead generation is to let the tool help target and find the most suitable people, get them into a funnel, have an automated reach-out sent, and then you can spend time with the leads that are interested in the offer.


If the potential leads aren’t interested, you won’t have to spend any time, and once they reject your offer, they’ll be out of your funnel.


But the leads that are interested in your offer will be shortlisted and you’ll be able to focus on them and spend more time 1-on-1 with them to close the deal.


Hiyrr vs JobRely


Hiyrr and JobRely are two similar, but a bit different companies. The most important thing is that both of the companies can help you automate a certain marketing process – but which one would benefit you more in the long run?


Read on to find out both the good and the bad of both tools!




Hiyrr is a simple tool that will help you sift through potential leads in your marketing funnel without having to spend any time doing it yourself.


What Hiyrr does is that it turns leads into calls by using the autopilot system that’s integrated into the software.


For example, you run an ad campaign and everyone who visited your ad and has filled out a form (an interested lead) is then listed in the Hiyrr tool.


From there, Hiyrr will reach out to the prospects with more information or an offer which is the automated part.


You get to set the message, or even have the ability to create an automated that’s sent out to the potential prospects that are currently in your marketing funnel.


Then, it’s all up to the prospects. If they respond positively to the automated outreach, an automated scheduling system is available for them to book a 1-on-1 call with you.


If you feel that your prospects are stuck anywhere in your funnel, you can reach out to them at any point.


However, the Hiyrr tool is really good at sifting through the leads and finding out who are the most interesting leads that are ready to learn more about your offer or service.


Upon the booked appointment, it’s all on you to close the deal. If the deal happens – perfect!


If not, you will only spend time on the meeting, instead of spending time on doing all the marketing and sifting through the leads by yourself.


Therefore, Hiyrr helps you to sift through leads quickly, equally provide as much information as possible to potential prospects, and it even sets everything ready so you get the chance to close the deal without doing any previous work.




If you’re a start-up and you’re looking to scale, you might already know how hard scaling might be.


Scaling is the process where you either burn yourself out or you decide it’s time to spend a lot of money on hiring new people who might not be the most ideal choice for your business.


JobRely is a tool that automates finding employees, investors, or clients by spending a lot of time on marketing your business by yourself.


Instead of hiring an in-house marketing team that can cost your business thousands a month, JobRely provides an affordable solution.


You can think of JobRely as a middle-man that connects you and whoever you want to be connected with. In most situations, that’s potential employees, investors, or clients.


JobRely is pretty versatile and all you need to do is give it a task and focus on the main core of your business while JobRely finds prospects you need to scale your business.


If you’re struggling with a workload, JobRely can help you find clients. If you’re struggling with fulfilling all the orders, JobRely can help you find employees to help you out.


When you give a JobRely a task, they will suggest the most suitable candidates and it is up to you to choose the one you are interested in.


JobRely will even set up the meeting or an interview and all you have to do is show up and be brilliant.


It’s definitely a modern way to scale at a fraction of a cost and it can even be a solution to many start-up problems.






Hiyrr is a really transparent lead automation tool that allows you to fully test it out for the first 14 days. If you happen to find success with Hiyrr, you can upgrade to any of the 3 pricing plans:


  • 1-5 users – $197/month
  • 6-10 users – $297/month
  • 11+ users – $497/month


We’ve all heard the saying, time is money, right?


I believe that Hiyrr is a very affordable solution that won’t only improve your marketing process but it will automate it so it saves you time and allows you to focus on more important aspects of your business.




On the other hand, we have JobRely which also comes with a free demo version, and yet it allows you to choose one of 3 intents of use:


  • Find employees – $2,164 per position
  • Find new clients – $1,082 per month
  • Find investors – Custom pricing

Which Tool is Better?


Hiyrr is a very specific tool that is made to simplify the marketing funnel and the way you interact with your prospects.


It is a great fit for everyone who’s looking for more clients. However, it can be used with any type of prospect, as long as you input them into the tool.


The pricing plans are super affordable and they’re ideal for businesses of all sizes.


On the other hand, JobRely seems to accommodate a bit more, but it’s all in the advertising and I believe that they’re doing the same thing as Hiyrr, just in a different way.


Since you won’t have an insight on the task after you give it to JobRely, I believe Hiyrr is a bit better solution as you’ll have a hands-on approach.


With that being said, Hiyrr is also simpler to use and I think is a far better solution that won’t break the budget!


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My Final Thoughts


No matter which tool you go for, I believe that automation is super important not only for steady business growth but also for achieving the ability to focus on what truly matters.


I believe Hiyrr is a better choice as it’s more straightforward, you get an insight on the whole process, and you can use it for many different needs and many different industries.


However, JobRely isn’t a bad tool either, but you might have to depend on the company to find leads for you. If you aren’t able to find them yourself, this might be a good option.


But as long as you have a list of potential clients, put them into Hiyrr and let it do everything for you!


What do you think about both tools? Which one do you prefer and why? You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?



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2 thoughts on “Hiyrr vs Jobrely: Comparison Review”

  1. Wow this is neat how everything is done for you automatically Hiyrr and Jobreply will actually find you prospects. Great website, when I am more established I may use these tools.

    1. Hi again Michael,
      Thank you for checking out my comparison article on Hiyrr vs Jobrely. Glad you found it to be interesting. If you are interested in learning more about Hiyrr, you should check out my review. My Comprehensive Hiyrr Review .

      Best regards,

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