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What is one of the biggest issues any offline or online business can have? It is lack of sales.


By lacking sales, your business will not be able to reach its potential and this is a problem that drives many businesses into the ground.


However, spending most of your time focusing on generating new leads or running expensive campaigns that should get you leads might take your focus away from what you are doing the best – your business.


Unfortunately, with the technology we have today, everything has advanced and yet the process of client acquisition is still as hard as it used to be.


While some rely on the old proven yet slow and sometimes inefficient ways of prospect acquisition, others tend to look for solutions.


And if you are looking for solutions, this is the post for you! In this post, I will review two similar yet different tools that can help automate client acquisition and help you and your business make more sales.


Who is Lead Automation For?


Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, or enterprise – lead automation will be a great fit for you.




Lead automation does not care how big or small your business is.


Instead, it is a “vehicle” that helps businesses acquire their leads differently, keep them organized, and benefit from the technology we have in the modern age we live in.


Are you looking to improve your conversion rate, make more sales, and close deals with more clients?


Lead automation can help you achieve that by reducing the time you spend cold calling, cold emailing, running campaigns, and being in touch with potential leads.


There is nothing worse than spending your precious time on cold leads that might never become warm leads, let alone become your customer/client.


Even if you do not want more sales, clients, or customers, lead automation tools can help you reduce the time you spend on marketing your business but also the time you spend managing and dealing with the potential prospects.




Therefore, keep on reading to find out how you could benefit from a lead automation tool and even browse two great options that are available on the market.


How Can Lead Automation Tool Help You or Your Business?


Lead automation tools can help improve your process from on boarding prospects into your funnel all the way to closing your deals.


But what does this tool automate?


These tools can automate the process of getting in touch with potential prospects, setting up a call or a meeting, and they can even send automated voice messages or follow-ups with prospects in your funnel.


As long as you have prospects that can enter your sales funnel, lead automation tools can help manage them, so you do not have to spend your precious time doing the most time-consuming tasks such as getting in touch with each one of your prospects.


The truth is prospects sometimes will not even get back to you. But what if you could reach more prospects in a shorter time frame?




This is exactly what lead automation tools help you. They can sift through your prospects and find warm leads from the list full of cold prospects that just entered into your funnel.


Some lead generation tools such as Hiyrr are so efficient that they improve the conversion rate and yet can do everything for you which only leaves you to have meetings and close the deals.


Hiyrr VS Online Sales Pro


Hiyrr and Online Sales Pro are two similar tools that can help you automate your lead generation process and help you make more sales.


But which one is better, and which one would fit your needs better? Keep on reading to find more about both tools!




Hiyrr is an automated lead generation tool that can help you manage your leads and turn your leads into calls on autopilot.


This tool helps you to spend less time on leads in the cold phase and yet focus only on leads that pass from the cold to warm phase.


Hiyrr has a 4-channel automated follow-up that will get in touch with leads and follow up with them. You will not have to do anything yet only keep an eye on the whole process in the simple dashboard.


From there, Hiyrr will slowly guide the leads through your funnel with the help of pre-written templates and automated messages.


Therefore, you can get more work done without actually doing it by yourself (or hiring virtual assistants or marketing teams).


The best feature of Hiyrr is the ability to help your potential leads to book appointments so you can only focus on the end of the funnel.


This is where you will be meeting your potential customers/clients to discuss the terms of business.


With advanced reporting, you will not be missing out on anything and yet you will have a well-optimized funnel that will increase conversion rate and have you do less work to close your deals.


Online Sales Proonline-sales-pro-logo


Online Sales Pro works a bit differently and even though it focuses on closing more sales for you, it is based on training and templates that will help you improve your conversion rate.


If you are fine doing what you are already doing to close prospects and find more customers/clients, Online Sales Pro.


Online Sales Pro features pre-built landing pages that are made to convert well, a mobile app to track and close deals, step-by-step training, integration with email marketing platforms, and pre-built templates to close more deals.


So, if you are taking your retail business online or you are new to digital marketing and you want to ensure you get the best results possible from your efforts, Online Sales Pro can teach you and provide you with everything you need to start attracting leads into your funnel.


Online Sales Pro is definitely a good starting point and yet their application helps turn their system into a funnel where you will not be missing anything to get leads into your funnel to close them successfully.






Hiyrr is very well priced, and it offers 3 different pricing plans that will fit anyone’s budget. These are the following plans:


  • 1-5 users – $197/month
  • 6-10 users – $297/month
  • 11+ users – $497/month


On top of that, Hiyrr provides a free 14-day trial that gives you the ability to fully test the software and experience the results first-hand before you even think of paying for the subscription.


I wrote a full review covering every single feature of Hiyrr which can also be a helpful way to decide whether Hiyrr might fit your needs.


Online Sales Pro


Online Sales Pro is also well priced as it offers two different pricing plans you can choose from:


  • Essential – $37/month
  • Annual – $25/month


Therefore, this is basically the same plan and yet you just decide if you would like to get a monthly or yearly subscription.


The pricing seems really fair, especially if you go with the annual membership that saves you 33% on the price for all 12 months.


In comparison to paying monthly, you will get 4 months for free if you go annually.


Getting the material, a well-converting landing page, and even a mobile app that will help you run your funnel properly staying organized and getting the most out of your marketing efforts is definitely guaranteed.


Which Tool is Better?


Even though Hiyrr and Online Sales Pro are remarkably similar, they work differently.


Hiyrr is focused on the point from where you get your leads into the funnel to the point of allowing you to only spend time closing the deals.


On the other hand, Online Sales Pro is more of a tool set that will help you improve your marketing efforts from where you will still have to manually do some tasks when prospects enter your funnel.


If you are new to digital marketing or you are trying your best to put your business or idea online, Online Sales Pro will automate the things that most people spend weeks on such as crafting a letter of introduction and pitches, creating a landing page, and having a system in which you can keep track of all of your leads.


Hiyrr is ideal for businesses that have everything in place and yet they would really benefit from reducing the time they spend on marketing their services/products.


Also, Hiyrr is ideal for everyone who would like to increase the conversion rate and get more work done in less time.


Therefore, I believe Hiyrr is a better choice because it offers more automated features that reduce the time, increase the conversion rate, and get more work done for you while fully keeping you in the loop.


My Final Thoughts


Both Hiyrr and Online Sales Pro are very affordable solutions that will help you learn and improve what you are already doing to achieve better results.


Instead of hiring freelancers or marketing teams, you can invest a ridiculously small portion of your profits to get help from tools that are specifically designed to help businesses or solopreneurs.


No matter how big or small your business is, if you have an idea, a service, or a product to offer – Hiyrr and Online Sales Pro are two great ways to learn and improve.


Check out both products and go with the one that fits your needs the most!  I would really like to hear you views on both products.  Does this comparison give enough insight?  You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means ?




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