How is Coronavirus Affecting Your Life – Is it Inhibiting You From Earning An Income?

How is Coronavirus affecting your life? This question throws up many questions that critically affect the survival of human beings. The number of deaths due to this pandemic is going up every day. There is panic everywhere. Income generation has become a difficult task for many people.


Far-reaching Consequences of Coronavirus

The economic consequences of this outbreak are far-reaching. Many people have lost their jobs. Is it inhibiting you from earning income? It is quite obvious that this pandemic inhibits several people from earning income.



Due to the long term disruption in economic activity, businesses are finding it hard to achieve the expected goals. If the situation doesn’t improve in the immediate future, several Subject Matter Experts and even some big businesses may consider shutdown.


In fact; many of them have stopped their activities temporarily or permanently.


Affected people have to fight the COVID-19 19 virus with all might to survive. Unfortunately, there are no pharmaceutical products that have been proven to be effective and safe for the treatment of COVID 19.


Millions of people are taking refuge from the virus outbreak with home quarantine. That is to say that they are staying at home to prevent physical contact with the affected people and the spread of the virus.


So, the economic activities are at low ebb nowadays. Survival is getting increasingly difficult. Many people have lost their jobs. You can easily be one of them? Although the government tried hard to make life less miserable for people with a two trillion stimulus package, things were not improving as expected.


COVID-19 Pandemic Might Push Half a Billion People Into Poverty


How is coronavirus affecting your life? You might have your own biter experiences and sufferings to convey. Someone else might have their own issues. The bottom line is that the quality of life has come down considerably.


The economic slowdown due to coronavirus pandemic might push half a billion people into poverty. people-in-povertyVarious studies show that the recession causes a 20% income drop all around the world.


The socioeconomic consequences of lock downs and restricted services need to be studied very closely in the coming days to understand the real impact. One thing is certain; these quarantines and lock downs are suffocating or freezing the economy with unprecedented speed and power.


Permanent retail closures are going to make people jobless. According to the Economy Policy Institute, COVID 19 outbreak could wipe out three million jobs from the US economy. How long can the government keep providing financial aid to jobless people? It is only a temporary solution.


People are highly concerned about their finances and jobs. The best way out is to accept this new normal. That is to say, you have to make efforts to live with the coronavirus by using the necessary safety equipment like masks, gloves, and shields to prevent the virus spread. All activities must be restored to improve the financial condition of the people and revive the economy.




The Federal Government decided to spend $2.5.5 million in late February. Later, the administration realized that this figure is not sufficient to deal with the fast-increasing COVID 19 virus spread. This amount was revised to $2.35 trillion after 45 days. Do you know that the contribution of the Federal Reserve is not included in this amount?


Although it is hard to measure the exact contribution of the Federal Reserve, the financial experts say that this figure easily goes past 4 trillion. When you take all these aspects into consideration, you can find that the US Government has been spending more than $6 trillion to inhibit the economic crisis due to this pandemic.


Let’s Check Some Facts

How is coronavirus affecting your life? If you want to understand the gravity of the issue, you need to check some important facts. Consumption constitutes 70% of the GDP. Business closures and reduced household purchases have resulted in a serious fall in consumption. Since people don’t have the money and opportunities to spend, the market has come to a standstill.




In the USA, investments account for 20% of GDP. However, the businesses are reluctant to make investments due to the uncertainty. Entertainment and recreation industry including restaurants and arts make up 4.2% of GDP. As theaters and restaurants remain closed, their contribution has come down almost to zero.


The manufacturing sector contributes 11% of US GDP. You can expect complete disruption as far as this figure is concerned. Reduced demand and factory closures have been creating many interruptions in the global supply chains. Revenue slumps in all areas have shaken the economy badly. All of these aspects create a negative impact on individual income.


Pay Cuts and Loss of Jobs Are No Longer a Rare Occurrence

How is coronavirus affecting your life? Most people would say that this pandemic inhibits them from Pay-cutsearning income. Needless to say, it has hampered economic activity at an unprecedented scale internationally. Job losses and salary cuts are a common occurrence during this pandemic phase.


It can be said that people are losing jobs fast. During this pandemic, more than 3.5 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits. It is the highest number ever recorded in the USA. What does it suggest? Job loss has become an alarming source of concern.


When you lose your job, how can you survive? It becomes almost impossible without a loan or other types of financial aids. Many people are also struggling to make both ends with due to salary cuts. This is a new situation and a circumstance to deal with.


The Deadly Combination of Health and Financial Crisis

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is likely to be more damaging than the 2008 subprime crisis in the USA. More than 490,000 people have lost their lives due to virus infection. In the USA, the number of deaths has crossed 127, 500.


word-crisis-type-on-sheet-of-paperThis is a highly alarming health crisis to deal with. If you look at the number of affected people, you can find the USA standing taller. There are more than 4, 816, 000 COVID 19 confirmed people in this part of the world.


The worrying fact is that the health crisis is followed by the financial crisis. In fact; most countries including the USA have started experiencing serious repercussions of both the crises simultaneously. The exact length of time that the coronavirus crisis looms over the economy will be decided by its financial implications.


The Relevance of the Fiscal Package

It is not a lack of liquidity that the economy has to primarily deal with. The fundamental issue is a temporary halt of activity because of health restrictions. There is a need for our economy to address the basic question of solvency for several companies and individuals. Therefore, the steps taken by the Federal Reserve are extremely vital.


However, they are certainly not adequate.




To cushion the downward shock efficiently, fiscal policy has been designed by the government. It has put forward the conditions for the economy to come back after the restrictions on economic activities are lifted. Spending on the crisis is very important, but the fiscal policy has to address many more issues.


The stimulus package certainly helps people withstand the suffering to a great extent. Importantly, well-thought-out federal fiscal policy focuses on strengthening the safety net so that the jobless or individuals with restricted resources can survive during the next few months.


The paid sick leave benefits can be expanded and made available to a broader set of the population. This approach works as a useful economic cushion to reduce the burden of the economic slowdown.


Moreover, the US government has been distributing funds directly to households. This method of approach is also part of the fiscal policy that makes sure that the households have the necessary purchasing power in the economy until the restrictions are lifted.


The fiscal policy is utilized to provide direct support to businesses and guarantee loans as well. These types of steps help companies or businesses to prevent systemic issues and maintain their payrolls.


Last but not least, the fiscal policy of the US federal government offers financial assistance to states. With a restricted capacity for borrowing, many states in the USA are experiencing serious financial problems. This pandemic has been forcing the state governments to spend more on health and public safety measures.


Naturally, the cost would go up.


On the contrary, the economic downturn and lower tax return lower the revenues substantially. In such a situation, many of the states are forced to cut spending. This situation can adversely affect the treatment offered to COVID 19 patients. That is where the importance of financial assistance to states as a part of fiscal management policy comes in.


To address the coronavirus pandemic, the US government has announced a fiscal policy package that is adequately large enough to solve the immediate requirements. This policy can meet the long term needs to a great extent using the economic condition and public health-oriented triggers.


How to Deal with the Financial Crisis

No matter whether you are employed, unemployed or a person living on a fixed income; you have to find ways to deal with this new situation. Many people have lost their jobs. Some people are forced to work with reduced salaries.




You should not sit idle and curse your fate if you are experiencing financial difficulty. Financial experts put forward highly useful advice for you to overcome this situation. Sit down and analyze your expenses before making a hasty decision.


First of all, you have to be aware of the possibility of a pay cut if you are an individual living on a fixed income. If there is a chance of a salary cut, the earlier you are aware of it the better you will be able to plan.


If you think you are going to find it difficult to pay for expenses and equated monthly installments due to salary cut or job loss, you must definitely consider opting for a moratorium being offered on your loans. It is also necessary to stop investments unless your financial condition gets better.


The first priority should always be given to get on with your life. Another tip that financial experts offer is to prioritize short-term goals. If you follow this method of approach, you can overcome this situation effectively.


Look for Work-From-Home Online Jobs That Suit Your Qualifications and Experience

Jobless people have to find new jobs. If you are one of them, you can certainly consider looking for online jobs that allow you to work from home. What you need to realize is that every crisis is an opportunity. You can find a work from home job that suits your qualification and experience if you do proper research online.




Are you a person with a fixed income? Did the company cut your salary by 50% or more due to the coronavirus pandemic? You don’t need to panic. There are many types of online jobs available that provide the much-needed extra income to make up the salary cut.


Learn to Live with the Coronavirus and Find Ways to Earn Extra Income Online

How is coronavirus affecting your life? Is it inhibiting you from earning income? It is a fact that coronavirus is making life miserable for most people. The far-reaching consequences of this pandemic will be reflected in the economy for a long time. You need to stay guarded against this virus using the protective equipment and social distancing to a certain extent.




This disease outbreak inhibits several people from earning income. Many people have become jobless. The experts suggest that the COVID 19 pandemic might push half a billion people into poverty. The economic activities are at low ebb nowadays. Many small businesses are considering permanent shutdowns.


You don’t need to panic at this critical juncture. It is time to plan properly. Be prepared to face this crisisdon't-panic-button boldly. Cut down your expenses and look for a moratorium being offered on your loans by financial institutions. You should also stop your investments temporarily.


This is the time when you need to explore ways to generate more income using online jobs. Offering amazing convenience, online job ideas are getting incredibly popular these days. There are numerous work-from-home job opportunities available that can be used to earn extra income and withstand this economic crisis.



I would like to know your thoughts on the topic?  Are you still employed, working from home for your company, been laid off, or trying to build an online business to earn money?  You may leave your comments in section below and I will be more than happy to respond.


All the best,


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8 thoughts on “How is Coronavirus Affecting Your Life – Is it Inhibiting You From Earning An Income?”

  1. This virus has done so much to affect the world’s economy and the way people are living. So many job losses and cuts. People are now looking for ways to continue the way that they live and even improve it. It is good to know that with the internet and the many opportunities you can get involved and create a business of your own while at home. This kind of business is very rewarding but you must put in the work to see results. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Norman,
      Thank you for stopping by and providing your comments on my Coronavirus article through the Phase 5 lesson 1 discussion thread.
      Your comments are greatly appreciated. There are so many things that people can do to earn back the income they are losing due to this pandemic. The first is to tightened their budget and not spend without making clear cut decisions. Then there is finding online opportunities, such as Wealthy Affiliate. If you only wish to create multiple income streams and not build your own business leave your current job, you can do that as well. I discuss these and some much more in other articles in my Living on Lean Means website.

      All the best to you!

  2. Thanks for this information. My work both online and offline has not been affected at all for which I am grateful. It is always good to have alternative means of income regardless of what the economy is doing. Many fortunes have been made during depressions and recessions given the proper mindset. There are always alternatives and solutions to be discovered. All the Best.

    1. Hi Joseph!
      Thank you for checking in through the Phase 5 Lesson 1 discussion thread and commenting on my Coronavirus article.
      I totally agree with you that fortunes have been made during depressions and recessions with the proper mindset. The keywords here are proper mindset. This pandemic has the world in a panic and there are many individuals all over the world acting pretty crazy due to fear. At this point in time, I believe most people are just thinking about how they are going to survive the health issues. This was the reasoning for my article…to make people aware that things can be done to make money during health and financial crisis.

      Wishing you a great week!

  3. Already I have been laid off due to the covid-19 and that is why I can really resonate with the content in here and thank you for sharing this post here. Personally, I will say that a lot more has gone into the discussion here and to be very honest, they are quite great. Thank you so much for sharing this post here

    1. Hello Abel,
      Thank you for stopping by my website and ready my article about the virus and how it is inhibiting us from earning income. These are very troubled times we live in now and it doesn’t appear that it will get any better soon. We all need to do what we can, wherever we can, to earn income. I appreciate that you found the article informative and helpful to you.

      I wish you success in your business ventures.

  4. Md. Asraful Islam

    Thank you so much for sharing with us a wonderful and informative article. The main theme of this article is how is coronavirus affecting our life and earning an income. It is truly incredible that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about the consequences of Coronavirus. You’ve shared a timely article with everyone. Due to this virus, almost everyone has some problems with earning money, of which I am no exception. I work in an online marketplace due to which my buyers are located in different countries but due to Corona the workplace of the marketplace is reduced a lot and my buyers could not pay me properly.

    Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I want to share the subject of your article in my Facebook group so that everyone can talk and understand their own problems.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for stopping by my website and commenting on my Coronavirus article. I am glad that you found it very informative and helpful to you. I appreciate the fact that you want to share the article with your Facebook community, as long as you give it the proper citation.

      Wishing you all the best with your business ventures,

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