How to Make Your Website Look Professional

As technology developed, websites started taking all kinds of different shapes and forms. Not only there are many different types, but there are many more customization capabilities.


The chances are that you have come across a very good-looking website and started wondering how to make your website look professional, right?


We have all felt this at one point and no matter how customized your website is – you probably feel that there is always room for more improvements.


And if that is how you feel – do not you worry about anything as you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you how to make your website look professional without hiring a professional!


I know all too well that if someone living on a fixed income, wants to start an online business to earn additional income, they, as I would, want to attract a large audience.


Let’s face it, a professional looking website does attract attention, so building one that is professional looking, is key to getting your online business off to a good start.


Everyone Starts with a Blank Website (Your Personal Canvas)


No matter how good looking a website is, how established it is, or how many people it has got working on the website – the truth is that every website there it was once a blank website.


It is all about learning more about the customization, putting in the hours, putting in the effort, and using your website as your personal canvas.




Once you start acting, your creativity will flow and you will be able to make incredible things on your website that will represent well your thoughts, your ideas, and even your personality.


The thing right here is not to copy others (it is okay to get ideas!). Over time, I have also learned that it is important that you do not compare your website to other websites.


This will not help you in any way and yet you will only start overthinking or doubting your website.


How to Make Your Website Look Professional?


Even though you might not know it yet – there are many ways you can improve your website and make it look professional.


Most of these do not cost anything and yet come with a slight learning curve. However, if you have a small budget to invest in your website – that is even better!


Invest in a Premium Theme


There are thousands of themes out there and even though there are hundreds of good & quality free themes – investing in a premium theme is a great step if you are not on a tight budget.


Why is it a good step?


Premium themes offer a lot more customization options, come with dedicated widgets that will help you add anything to your website that comes to your mind yet also have incredible support and frequent updates.


All of that comes for a one-time price and you get to use the theme on your website forever. This is a pretty great deal and one of the best investments you can make for your website (online business).


Work on the Framework and the Navigational Menu


The framework is an important part of your website and you can consider it a skeleton of your website.




It is important to think of everything you want to have on your website and where you want to have it.


You can even sketch out how you would like your homepage to look like and then work to achieve it with the use of widgets, plugins, and page builders (more on this later on).


The navigational menu is as important as the framework of your website as that is the main way visitors will find out everything your website offers and make their way through your website.


A website that is extremely easy to navigate and offers everything in one place is very much likely going to bring the visitors back because of the good user experience.


Use Gadgets (Get Your Ideas Seen)


We all get the ideas of our website by browsing other websites – but it is hard to say how did they achieve exactly what we want to achieve on our website.


A great place to start is the widgets. WordPress has some standard widgets, yet depending on the theme you use, you might have dozens of other widgets that will help you give a brand new look to your website and make it stand out from the crowd.


By now, you probably have a couple of ideas you would like to display across your website. Whether it is a text, image, a banner, or a pop-up banner with a link – this can be done with the help of gadgets.




If you cannot find any gadget to help you out with the implementation of your idea, make sure to browse for a plugin that could help you do exactly what you are looking to do.


All plugins within WordPress are free to use, and yet most of the quality plugins come with a Pro or Premium version that unlocks all the features.


Take Advantage of a Page Builder


Page builders are a type of plugin that has the ability to help you create a completely new page from scratch using different elements.


Some of the most known page builders are Thrive Architect or Elementor and they are really useful if you want to create an incredibly attractive homepage, a landing page, an info page, or even a funnel page.


Page builders are free to use and yet they always have paid versions of the plugin which gives more capabilities.


Get Help from a Professional


If you are not very handy with technical stuff or you just do not seem to be able to get your idea across your website – it is always a good idea to hire a professional.


You don’t need to find a programmer or a website coder, but a graphics designer or a web designer will be able to help work with you and along with you, create a plan that will include everything you want.


It might be a slightly pricier investment, but you will do it once and then you will have a great looking website forever.




Are you trying to create your website from scratch? It is definitely intimidating to see a blank website, but you should look at it as an opportunity.


You get to create something of your own and there are many different ways you can get help to make your website both attractive and useful for the readers.


What is causing you the most problem when customizing your website? Is this the first time you are working on your own website?


Feel free to leave a comment below, but also if you need help or have questions – leave them down below and I will do my best to help you out!


All the best,


Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means ?

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Website Look Professional”

  1. Well done Barbara! As a blogger myself, it’s always to insightful to read articles such as this to different insights and, as you said, ideas. I’ve been thinking about getting some outside help myself and your link to fiverr is one I will check out. Thanks again.

    1. Hello Greg,
      It is great to talk with you again. Thank you for coming by today and sharing your thoughts on blogging and looking into out sourcing some of your projects. I have a series of Fiverr articles within this website, that I know will find very interesting and helpful. I also have my owner personal freelancer (not in Fiverr) that I can put you on to, if you would like.

      I hope you were able to find my ebook and poetry book with the corrected links that I sent this morning. May plan a trip to Vegas in the spring to visit friends. We will definitely have that coffee then.

      Take care and be well,

      1. Barbara,

        Very helpful information. I’ve been looking into Fiverr as well and have been amazed by what some of their professionals offer.

        I will also dig deeper into the various widgets that WordPress comes with.

        You definitely hit the nail on the head (at least for me!) with the different challenges, and potential solutions, that a lot of us face.



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