Introduction to Living on Lean Means

What is Living on Lean Means?


Living on Lean Means is a website created for people such as myself, who struggle with the situation of having to live on a fixed income.


A fixed income could mean anything from unemployment, underpaid, Social Security for Senior citizens, Social Security Disability, Long term disability, inadequate retirement and other types of income that does not leave an individual with enough income to make it to the next paycheck.


Inside Living on Lean Means – What you Will Find


Inside Living on Lean Means you will find the following: Affiliate Marketing Research Tools and Tips, Fixed Income to Successful Business, Affiliate Partnerships and Making Money Online.


Each one of these categories include tons of articles that provide a great deal of important information to guide us on a journey to finding alternate income sources and introduces us to the word of Affiliate Marketing where we can then learn to build successful businesses that can create multiple income streams for us all.


But before we can do this, everyone must join me on the journey of a lifetime! I am not speaking of taking a trip somewhere, but if you are successful, you could probably travel whenever and any time the spirit moves you. I’m speaking of entering the world of Affiliate Marketing by registering here to start a free membership in the most amazing platforms I have ever become involved in — Wealthy Affiliate.


And yes, I did say free and no credit card is needed! Wealthy Affiliate is packed with state of the art training, 24/7 site support, the World’s Smartest Keyword Research Tool — Jaaxy, Weekly Webinars, the knowledge to build your own website, a commission referral program and last but not least, an amazingly helpful, intelligent and extremely supportive community.


Moving Forward


I have found that the only way to escape the living from paycheck to paycheck blues, is to take action. What do I mean by take action? I mean, create opportunities for yourself. Online businesses are all the rage today, especially because of COVID-19 and folks having to work from home.


This has forced people to think outside the box to find alternate ways to make money. Living on Lean Means, shows you just how to go about doing this. An enormous amount of research has gone into creating this website. I created it to help people just like me, learn to think outside the box and find a way to turn their dreams into reality.


Do you dream of not having to worry about all bills piling up, paying for a medical emergency or any other type of emergency that would cost you money you don’t have? Would you like to travel wherever and whenever you like? Do you dream about quitting your 9-5 job and live the Online Entrepreneurial life style? Well, I do too? You’re not alone! So take the journey along with me. You will not regret a single moment of it.


Did I mention you can start your journey completely free? Oh, yes! I did, didn’t I? Well it was worth mentioning again!


So, are you ready to venture into my Living on Lean Means website? When you do, please keep an open mind, because there could be an article that grasps your interest and it may be just the opportunity you were looking for.


All the best!

Barbara McGinley

Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means?



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