Is Avon One of the Most Transparent MLM Programs Out There?

Avon is one of the oldest and even the most venerable MLM companies in the world. Do you remember you or your parents receiving Avon catalogs, where you could purchase anything, and it would be delivered to your door?


“Ding Dong, Avon Calling”!  Have you ever heard that before?


It was a pretty great sales model in the pre-internet era. The company has been building out rapidly, becoming one of the largest companies in the world.


If we have a look at only the companies in the beauty industry – Avon holds fifth place in its size and success.



But I know why you are here. You are here because of the Avon’s tempting MLM program that anyone can join, right?  I happened to be a part of it myself, several years ago.


Is it worth it? The company looks legit for sure, but how does it all work?


That is exactly what you will find in this article, and even more – so keep on reading. By the time you finish reading this post – you will know exactly what your next steps are going to be!


About Avon


What is the first thing you spot about Avon when you see the company stand or visit its official website?


It is one of the companies in the industry that has plenty of attractive products, that are selling at a very affordable price, in this case.


What seems so great about Avon is that they really put effort and quality into their products, and they always come first so they can offer only the best to their customers.


Such a combination with the affordable prices ended up in Avon having a strong following and a large customer base all around the world.


This only improves their MLM program and sets it apart from companies that are taking a whole different approach to multi-level marketing.


However, is that everything there is good about Avon, or is there more good stuff to follow? How about the bad stuff?


I will be honest. Avon is one of the companies in the MLM industry that is hard to get your thoughts. It definitely takes at least a couple of hours of solid research.


Luckily for you, I did all the work for you, and down below, you will be able to find results in just a couple of minutes – but let us first start with the overview of the company.


Review Details


Name: Avonavon-lipsticks

Website: Avon.com

Owners: Natura & Co

Price: It costs $19.99 to start being an Avon representative (+ additional costs along the way)

Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5.0


Company Details


To get a really good judgment on Avon, I will go way back and start at the beginning.


Avon was founded in 1886 and since today, it has grown to be one of the largest companies in the world, especially in the beauty industry.


After hundreds of years of manufacturing Avon products in the USA, Avon sold their last domestic factory to Cerberus who acquired over about 80% of New Avon.


The Avon brand is still going strong and they continue to manufacture quality products for:


  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Bath and body
  • Hair care
  • Fragrance
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion
  • Wellness


They have even spread out to make men-only products. So, if you need anything skin, hair, or cosmetics – you would probably find it at Avon.



Even though you can still see Avon stands in random places all over the world – they have digitalized their brochure and catalogs so you can check everything they have in stock online.


Luckily, it looks like that the quality of Avon products did not suffer the factory & company take-over. And what we also like is that Avon does not only sell products, but they also have a how-to section where women can learn everything there is about makeup, but also how to properly take care of their skin.


They even have a lot of specials where you can get a bunch of products that will last you for at least a couple of months, for half the price.


I think that Avon’s approach to providing quality products by having in-house manufacturing operations is definitely something that sets them apart from other companies. But it is also something that has helped them to have an advantage over other beauty companies with the MLM program.


From the surface, it looks like Avon was not started with the sole purpose of taking advantage of multi-level marketing model.


And with the solid foundation from the ground up with a very great record over the years – it is definitely one of the most attractive MLM companies in the world.


But is Avon’s MLM program as good as products are, and should you join? Keep on reading as I focus exactly on Avon’s MLM program down below.


Avon Tools & Training


Avon is not the most known MLM company, mostly because it took a different approach and it is a lot more known for the quality of their products that are selling like crazy at very reasonable prices.


And in fact, I believe that Avon introduced an MLM program only to help distribute their brand worldwide and have representatives all over the world that will help people learn about the brand, their products, and make more sales.


Therefore, Avon does not over promise their MLM program, and it even shows what you can earn in percentage and commission rather than promising a lifestyle. This is, of course, something I really like and support.


Once you visit the official page of the Avon’s MLM program – you will have plenty of information to go through. This is extremely useful as you can understand exactly what you will be doing, what tools you will have available, and what you will be able to get in return.


Hence, I have to vote for this MLM program to be one of the most transparent MLM programs in the world.


From a single landing page, you will be able to quickly navigate to other pages and learn more about:


  • Products
  • Potential earnings
  • Benefits
  • Customer perks
  • Marketing tools
  • Training
  • Giving back
  • FAQs


The potential earning structure is very well presented, and you will not have to look further if you are all about the potential money you can make while promoting the products you believe in.


I am pretty pleased how Avon combined the ability to work from anywhere, in its marketing tools. This way, you can take advantage of a virtual makeup tool to try new trends at home (no need to purchase products to try out), shade finder tool, customizable digital catalog for each customer, and tons of other features.


Along with proper marketing tools, you will also get the proper training that will not only show you what you will be doing, but you will also be able to learn how to do it efficiently.


You will have access to your own mentor that will guide you step-by-step through the process, but Avon will also have your back with their in-house Social Selling team dedicated for Avon representatives.


The free online learning center has a lot of up-to-date information that will get you started and keep you going even through the hard times.


Social media training is one of the useful types of training that will help you work remotely and take advantage of social media to help others.


Avon Support


As I have already mentioned earlier, as an Avon Representative, you will first be walked through everything by your mentor, and you will have a lot of training material to go through.


However, what is pretty unique about MLM companies is that Avon has its own dedicated in-house team that is built to help Representatives.


Whether it is only to answer a question or two, guide you in the right direction, share advice, or troubleshoot problems – you will know that you will never be stuck with an obstacle that you can’t overcome.




But I have noticed Avon’s MLM FAQ is full of questions and answers that can answer about 80% of most common questions or problems you might have.


Therefore, you will not even have to spend time contacting the support team, unless you are really facing a big problem.


And since you will be fully guided with the training material and your mentor, you will learn a lot and yet be able to immediately start working on your own promotion of Avon products.


Overall, I think that this MLM program is definitely suitable for someone with no previous experience. But if you do have previous experience – this can be an enhanced and improved program that will easily teach you more as you grasp the work plan.


Product Price


Avon has a wide range of products, and you could notice I have mentioned affordable prices and even some special deal prices.




You can find prices that range from $7 to $40+. It all depends on the products you are looking for, but you should consider that the higher range of prices is mostly jewelry products.


But what is so great about Avon is that it has even cheaper prices if you shop through Representative which even helps Representatives make more money in the long run while they deal with customers.


This is very clever to keep their MLM program relevant, still, get sales, and keep Avon Representatives incredibly happy.


But how about if you are an Avon Representative? How much money can you earn?


First, to become an Avon Representative, you would have to pay a first-time fee of about $20. In return, you will get brochures and order sheet as that is everything you will need to get started.


From there, you will be able to earn 25% off products you buy for yourself through or 25% in commission on products that are bought by other customers through you.


However, Avon has a great way to motivate Representatives and if you are able to make $3,250 in commission in your first 8 campaigns – you can get a $20 bonus for every sale in each campaign.


Or you can get an additional 10% off for every $1,000 in sales you make.


There are many perks of being an Avon Representative, and you will even be able to save some money by buying through yourself as a Representative (that is possible).


With the number of features available within the platform that helps you get started – I think that the commission rate and structure are perfectly fine as it is.


Especially if you consider the size of the company and everything it has achieved so far – it is great to see a company still holding such rewarding commission rates.


There are sometimes opportunities to join Avon and become their Representative for free as well. I highly recommend checking out for this offer as it happens occasionally.


If you manage to take this offer, if you are really a big fan of Avon products, just purchasing through yourself will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Summary and Final Opinion


Knowing the extent to which MLM programs can go and some of them even spiral way out of control, Avon looks like a very solid company that is still holding things well even after the ownership change.


Their products are very decent and yet they are totally worth the value since Avon has very affordable prices.


Avon’s MLM program is also solid, and the Representatives have a lot of perks which shows how Avon cares about people who help them build out their company further.


I have also heard a lot of pleasant things from the customers who are not Avon Representatives themselves. Some major benefits are a no-hard-sell approach to introduction to Avon products and the trust in the brand & products they own.


MLM has disappointed many people, however, I still believe that an MLM program can be honest and trustworthy – as long as the company produces quality products and keeps their representatives in mind.


This is exactly what Avon does and if you still are not convinced – I highly recommend you to at least read the official Avon MLM landing page as you will be able to find a lot more information over there.


Lastly, it is all about trying new things out and I believe that it is rather better to get started with a well-established company rather than a brand-new company.




What are your thoughts on Avon? Did you ever use any of their products? I would like to hear what you think about Avon and it’s products.  You may leave your thoughts and or questions in the comments section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living on Lean Means?



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