Is Internet Jetset Scam or Legit?

Learning about affiliate marketing might have led you to Internet Jetset. But is Internet Jetset a scam or is it legit?


If you have just found out about Internet Jetset, you still have a lot to learn.


And if you never heard of Internet Jetset, you might have heard of John Crestani as he is becoming an increasingly popular figure in the affiliate marketing space.


So, is Internet Jetset ideal for you to even  begin with or are there any better training options to choose from? Keep on reading as that is exactly what you will find in this article.


Not only I will share everything you need to know about Internet Jetset, but I will also show you an alternative that might be a better choice – so keep on reading until the end!


About Internet Jetset


First off, who is John Crestani? John Crestani is the founder of Internet Jetset, but he is also someone who has been featured on Business Insider, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and other portals.


As I have mentioned in the introduction, John is becoming increasingly popular in the affiliate marketing industry.


John became increasingly popular when he released an online training called Internet Jetset that outlines the steps any affiliate marketer needs to take to create a successful online business with the help of affiliate marketing.


John claims that this is the same system (or a “formula”) that helped him create a 7-figure online business and now he is paying it forward to the community.


Even though Internet Jetset started out as an educational training on affiliate marketing (similar to a course), now it is also known as a podcast where John additionally shares free gems to every affiliate marketer who is interested.


And if you are familiar with Clickbank, you might have even come across the Internet Jetset product for purchase right there.


But is Internet Jetset a scam or can it really help you create a successful online business with the help of affiliate marketing?


I am a big fan of affiliate marketing so keep on reading to find out if Internet Jetset training is something you need!


Review Details


Name: Internet Jetsetinternet-jetset-logo
WebsiteInternet Jetset Funnel
Owners: John Crestani
Price: $47.28 (with additional webinar upsell)

Overall Rank: 3.8 out of 5.0


Internet Jetset Review


The Internet Jetset landing page can tell you much about the program itself. Even though the landing page could use a facelift, it still offers pretty decent information (just like any other Clickbank landing page).


However, one thing I have noticed straight away is that this affiliate marketing training focuses on paid traffic.


John has created the training and optimized it to work with paid ads in order to get traffic and then promote affiliate links.


You can start with a small budget ($5/day) and work your way up. But is $5 enough? And how well targeted will the traffic be?


Most importantly, will the traffic have the “buyer-intent” which is one of the reasons why many people opt-in for organic traffic.


As I continued to check out the Internet Jetset, I noticed some testimonial screenshots where “students” showed their first earned commission on Amazon.


However, what surprised me was that they have had 2,525 clicks and only 6 ordered items.


Of course, the conversion rate was hidden, but upon my calculation, the conversion rate for this student was about 0.24% which is super low.


I immediately wondered, well how much money did the student put in the ads to get about 2500 clicks?


I do not know the answer to this, but I can imagine definitely a lot.


However, John claims that Internet Jetset is a risk-free training, and he offers risk-free enrolment by offering an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.


At this point, there were things that I thought were great, but there were also questions I had no answers to.


However, let us get into the training and tools as this will tell a lot more about the process itself and the expectations you can have.


Tools & Training


Internet Jetset’s training is categorized in the following categories:


  • Introduction
  • Choosing a profitable niche
  • Getting traffic from Google
  • Facebook and YouTube traffic
  • Setting up a WordPress blog
  • Creating your own product
  • Basic copywriting


Since this affiliate marketing method is solely focused on ads, I am glad to see that John teaches how ads work and the difference between the most known advertising platforms.




You will also learn how to create your own website, but also even how to create your own products. This is all great if it is in-depth training.


However, one thing that I did not really like is basic copywriting.


Since you will be relying on paid traffic right from the start, you will have a new website, and you might even create your own product right off the bat to promote it and earn great margins.


People are not naive. People are more cautious now than ever before. They can see through new websites, products, and landing pages full of promises.


But what surprised me the most is the basic copywriting that you touch on in the training. If you are trying to pull off everything that is taught in the training, your copywriting skills will have to be on point!


Otherwise, your ads will not be catchy, your clicks will not convert, and you will have a funnel that will not convert.


John and his students claim that they can teach you the step-by-step way how to create a sales letter like a professional that not only you can use to increase your conversions, but also write sales letters for others.


All of this after the basic copywriting course? I do not think that this is really possible. Copywriting is a skill that is hard to fake and yet it takes a lot of experience to learn how to do it right.


Along with the training, you will also receive resources such as:


  • Affiliate network lists
  • Affiliate ad swipes
  • Advertising network list
  • Ads compliance guidelines
  • Legal resources


Also, as a student, you will have access to a Facebook group full of other students where you can ask questions and have a chance of John answering you directly.


Internet Jetset Support


I am not sure how active the Facebook group is and how active John is in the group, but it is a great idea that offers support.


It bypasses support tickets, FAQs, and a live chat and yet it gives a modern solution to the problem. This will not only be personal support, but it will also make you feel a part of the community of affiliate marketers which is super important.


This reminds me of Wealthy Affiliate, another affiliate marketing educational platform where you get to interact with the founders, get direct help from them but also from the platform’s support system.


All of that while feeling like part of the community.


Therefore, I am a big fan of the Internet Jetset support if the Facebook group is active.


Internet Jetset Price


So, Internet Jetset might not sound so bad after all, right? What is the price, you might wonder?


Internet Jetset costs only $47 and it is a one-time payment purchase.


But isn’t the price low for such a quality product especially considering that it is a one-time purchase? Yes, it is.


However, John also has plenty of upsells in the course and after the course (even at the Internet Jetset’s landing page) so you will be able to spend a lot more money on the training material.


Therefore, it is a smart way to find potential leads and then sell some more to warm leads as they purchase the initial product.


So, is Internet Jetset a scam or it is worth the price?


Well, Internet Jetset is not a scam, but I do not think that it is really worth the price – even considering that it only costs $47.


Why? I do not believe in upsells. I believe in transparent options that will not make you feel like you need them in order to be better at something you are learning or doing.


Is Internet Jetset Scam or Legit? (Summary and Final Opinion)


Is Internet Jetset a scam? I believe it is not a scam.


It can definitely teach you the basics of affiliate marketing, getting paid traffic, running ads, creating a website, and even creating your own product.


However, I am not sure how in-depth the training goes, and I am afraid that you will find yourself looking for other sources to continue learning.


Also, what worries me is that you are going straight into the ads with a new website and possibly a new product, without any previous experience, results, and knowledge.


Even at a $5 per day budget, you can burn through it without seeing results.


When I started, I learned everything I needed to know using an educational platform called Wealthy Affiliate.


This platform can teach you how to:


  • Find something you are passionate about
  • Create a website
  • Get organic traffic for free by researching and targeting keywords
  • Write quality content


The biggest difference is that Wealthy Affiliate teaches the long game where you truly work on establishing a quality business from the ground up.


It also teaches ads and paid traffic, but at a later stage when your business is completely ready (and you might even have some earnings that you can re-invest into the business).


For those reasons, I believe that you should rather start with Wealthy Affiliate as it is free and then upgrade to Premium membership which is only $49/month or Premium Plus membership which is only $99/month, if you are looking to get a better value and yet learn everything you need to know.


I would love for you to share with me what your thoughts are about John Crestani’s Internet Jetset and of course this review.  You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?


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    1. Hi there,
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      I took a look at the website you enclosed in your comment, I am not familiar with how it works. I have never used anything that dealt with AI before. However, I have to say that I would much rather put out a product that was fully my own, that relies on my own personal experience as opposed to something that is artificially generated.

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