Jaaxy – Called Smartest Keyword Research Tool – (Review)

With so many choices out there, finding the most suitable keyword research tool can be a difficult task. Even if you test all of the most known keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Jaaxy, and others – it can still be a difficult task to do.




If you have ever tried plugging in the same keyword into different keyword tools – you’d know that the results differ a lot.


But that’s where Jaaxy comes in place as the smartest keyword research tool out there. Why is it the smartest?


Keep on reading to find out, but believe me, you will also be stunned with the Jaaxy’s simplicity!


What is Jaaxy?


Jaaxy is known as the smartest keyword research tool out there, and even Backlinko listed it as the #2 in their best keyword research tool article.


Even though it’s not the most known keyword research out there, it’s definitely a tool that combines simple yet very efficient features that help people get results.


It’s a perfect keyword research tool for finding low-competitive keywords that have a decent search volume.




And the best thing about Jaaxy is that it’s a part of the educational platform called Wealthy Affiliate, so all members get a Lite access to the keyword research tool for being a member of the platform.


Jaaxy Menu is in the above illustration for your reference.  We are going to take a closer look down below, so keep reading!


What Can You Do with Jaaxy?


You’ve probably researched Jaaxy so far and you know a thing or two – but the real question is what can you do with Jaaxy?


Or even better yet – what can Jaaxy do for you and your online business?


Whether you run a blog, a YouTube channel, or a simple niche website – Jaaxy can help you:


  • Search & find quality keywords with simple yet efficient indicators
  • Get ideas for keywords (and post topics) when you lack inspiration
  • Research keywords in bulk and save them to a list for future use
  • Check how your website ranks among the most popular search engines
  • Find and join affiliate programs right within the Jaaxy


Of course, every keyword research tool allows you to find keywords, but it all comes down to how efficient and accurate the tool is. I’ll cover this in the latter part of the article as I show you how I use Jaaxy and how you could benefit from using it in the same way.


However, before I do that – I should tell you about the Alphabet Soup technique. It’s a feature inside the Jaaxy tool that allows you to find ideas for topics or keywords for your upcoming posts.


It utilizes the most popular search engines such as Google and it combines it with the frequently looked up terms (keywords). You might have an idea for the topic or a keyword in mind which can be one or two words – but with the help of the Alphabet Soup technique, you can easily discover more than a couple of long-tail keywords.


And why is this useful? This is especially useful new websites that are looking to gain rankings and yet aren’t very ready to tackle on most of its competitors.


You’ll never have a problem when you discover more keywords than you need for you next post as you can save all of them within your Jaaxy account for later use. This is something I really find useful. I highly recommend you spend a couple of hours within a month to research keywords. Save them to the list and you’ll never lack keywords in the future.


Once your website gains some traction, you can easily check how your website ranks in search engines or find affiliate programs you can apply to in order to monetize your website.


How do You Know Which Keywords are Good Keywords?


Some keyword research tools are very difficult to understand and they actually come with a learning curve. However, I really like the Jaaxy’s simplicity and I believe that this tool is ideal for everyone from beginners to advanced marketers.


When you look up for any keywords, here’s what you’ll find out:


  • The average number of searches per month
  • The traffic you could possibly acquire if you rank well for this keyword
  • Competition (QSR)
  • Keyword quality (KQI)
  • SEO indicator


Other keyword research tools often give out a bit more information, I still find that Jaaxy offers everything you need to discover the quality and decent long-tail keywords, rank your website, and acquire more traffic to your website.


After all, when you’re trying to gain exposure and increase your organic exposure, the main factors you need to think about are provided within the Jaaxy.


This way, you know exactly what the competition is for each keyword, how many people search for the keyword on a monthly basis, but also how much traffic you would be able to acquire by ranking for the keyword.


I want to delve a bit future into this area, and the best way to do that is to physically show you.  So please click on the tutorial below then the play button and get started, shall we?


??Jaaxy Tutorial??


What’s the Best Thing About Jaaxy?


Jaaxy is a very comprehensive keyword research tool with the right amount of features (the most important) you would need to successfully rank your website on the internet.


But what is the best thing about it?


It’s the price. When you consider the quality and value you can get out of this tool and compare it to the price it costs – the cost is very well justified.




And when you take things further and compare Jaaxy to other keyword research tools – not only you’ll discover that Jaaxy has a free membership, which is a bit limited, but it’s still free and yet it’s a lot cheaper than its competitors.




Jaaxy is everything a marketer could dream of. It’s very simple to understand tool that features the most important factors, and yet it is full of additional features that can help you track your website’s growth.


Compared to other keyword research tools, Jaaxy offers a lot of value for the price it costs. If you decide to join the educational platform Wealthy Affiliate, the Jaaxy access becomes included and you won’t even have to pay for the access.


What keyword research tool did you previously use? What attracted you to the smartest keyword research tool – Jaaxy?


I would like to hear your thoughts on Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.  You may leave your comments and questions in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means?



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2 thoughts on “Jaaxy – Called Smartest Keyword Research Tool – (Review)”

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for writing this review on Jaaxy. I found it very helpful.

    I read online that the average number of words for a keyword search on Google is 3 words.

    I understand that long-tail keywords will have less competition, and make more sense grammatically, but in the really real world, does anybody really care?

    Can a title for an article be a proper sentence or question, but the underlying keyword be a nonsensical phrase? Or do you have to use the full version all the time?

    Just wondering…

    1. Hi Michael,
      I would like to first thank you for stopping by the site comment thread and reading my Jaaxy article. The average number of words in a keyword is at least 3. Your keyword needs to make sense and should be relevant to the topic you are writing about, if you wish to get indexed and ranked in Google. The title of your article can be a proper sentence or question as long as it include is the keyword or keyword phrase. You will also want to use the keyword in the first few sentences in the article. This allow Google to find the use of the keyword quicker.
      As you can see in my article how I used my keyword in the title and also throughout the introductory paragraphs with the article.

      I hope this answers your question and I wish you luck in utilizing Jaaxy to find excellent keywords for your articles.

      Best regards,

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