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Jaaxy – The Power Behind Keyword Research


What is the effortless way to get people to read your posts? If your goal is for your blog or website to appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing searches, then the keyword will be the determining factor. Is there a way to always know what people are searching for in Bing or Google? Yes, Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool!


Are you familiar with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool? Maybe, maybe not! If you are here, it means you have heard about it, and you are looking for more information and answers to your questions. Knowledge is power! My goal is to empower you with everything Jaaxy and answer all your questions.


If you are looking to learn more Jaaxy keyword research tool, then you are at the right place. I have prepared an unbiased, open and honest article to show you all you will need to know.


As a warning, this article is loaded with tons of keyword searches that will explode your keyword research skills and teach you how to rank your site and get free traffic to your website. I am sure you will love that!


Are you ready for an in-depth and detailed view? You better grab some coffee, a notebook and a pen because this is the day you take your affiliate marketing to a new level. I have some keyword research tips picking to do, so what are we waiting for?


What is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?


With online marketing getting popular by the hour, there is a keyword rush! Like you and I, there are thousands of other marketers seeking the best high traffic, low competition words fiercely.


When we talk of the best keywords, we mean free organic traffic. So, what is a keyword? A keyword is a word or phrase that allows people to find your website when undertaking online searches. The key to finding keywords using a keyword search tool is two-fold:


1.  Try to match words people would search for in their daily lives.


2.  Try to match words which have the highest number of searches and low competition.


As an affiliate marketer, you know that where there is traffic, there is money! Eventually, there is happiness. To set yourself apart, you need the smartest keyword finder. That is where Jaaxy comes in!


Jaaxy is an online word finder tool or a niche keyword tool. It is an advanced keyword tool with a collection of features which enables you to take your keyword finding experience to an unmatched level.




Jaaxy gives you an upper hand in your online business whether affiliate marketing, content marketing, freelancing, YouTube or e-commerce. What are we saying? In simple terms, Jaaxy allows you to improve SEO with a keyword research tool to enable you to select the most appropriate keywords to put on your post.


These Keywords Selected By Jaaxy Are Based On:


•   Competition- this refers to the number of other sites that use the same keywords


•   The traffic you expect once your page ranks on the first page


•   The chances of landing on the first page with your chosen keywords


•   The searches undertaken using those keywords, weekly, monthly or even in longer terms


What do I mean by ranking? Ranking means that the search engine is always aware of your posts and ranked them on the search engine results pages based on some factors we will discuss later in this article.

How Do You Use the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?


Here’ some background information.


When Kyle and Carson started their online business more than a decade ago, it was frustrating to find most of the keywords to get traffic to their site. Most keyword search tools did not provide viable information for users to promote their web business.


Upon seeing the gap, the Wealthy Affiliate creators started engineering for better and advanced ways to gather data. In 2010 Jaaxy keyword research tool was launched, and since then, users have enjoyed straight forward and accurate keyword searches!


What’s Included?


Jaaxy keyword research tool has a number of surprising functions which play a big part in improving your business.


Keyword Research and Management


Jaaxy keyword research tool is popular for keyword research. It is always recommended that you search for ideas before taking a step into the research process to avoid wasting time if the project is not feasible. One of the best research tools of Jaaxy is the Alphabet Soup Technique (AST).


AST works in all search engines, but you will have to open different tabs to do your research. However, with Jaaxy, you can do an Alphabet Search Technique by compiling results from the preceding and proceeding in keyword research lists for reference.


How do you know which keyword to consider? A viable keyword is one which reveals a low competition, therefore, putting it at a higher rank in search engine results page. Jaaxy is suitable for long-tail keywords.





Jaaxy Menu is in the above illustration for your reference.


Let’s take a closer look at the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, shall we?


Once inside Jaaxy keyword research tool, you will notice some strange terms. Inside the pink box, there will be essential data concerning your word search. The data includes AVG, Traffic, SEO and QSR.





What is AVG?


AVG is an acronym, for average, perhaps because it’s too long to write in the small pink box. Average represents the number of searches that a keyword receives per month; the number displayed beside the word AVG is the average number of searches for that month.


What is Traffic?


Traffic represents the number of people who click on the link generated by the search engine after typing the keyword. The higher the number, the better.


The word traffic can give you is a rough idea of what it means. Traffic tells you the number of visitors or how much ‘traffic’ your website will generate if you post it to the front page of one search engine.


Traffic represents the number of people who click on the link generated by the search engine after typing the keyword. The higher the number, the better.


It’s usually the lowest estimated traffic for a specific rank, so you will be surprised if you have more visits coming.


What is KQI?


Keyword quality indicator is the traffic light indicator. It can either show green, yellow or red light while classifying your keyword.


Red means danger always. Therefore, when it lights red, it means poor. Yellow is good while green is excellent.


What is SEO?


Search engine optimization shows you the chances of your keyword being ranked on the first page of the search engine. It ranges from zero to 100.


The SEO power is usually calculated based on all other previous scores. The higher the SEO, the better. An acceptable range would be over 80.



What is QSR?


Most of the people I have interacted with always ask this question. Since we are doing a full review of Jaaxy, we thought we should shed some light on what this column on Jaaxy research tool means.






QSR stands for Quoted Search Results which shows you the amount or number of other websites competing for a particular keyword.


Why is This Important?


In 2010, Google stopped displaying the exact number of pages competing for a keyword. Before then, it was the only way of finding out the competitiveness of a keyword.


Today, if you try to use quotation marks to find out the number of competing websites, Google will display inflated results that are inaccurate, hence not suitable to use.


Jaaxy QSR is the best alternative to find out the most competitive keywords for your site.


What is the Importance Associated With QSR, AVG, SEO and Traffic?


Now that you understand what each of the terms means, you may be wondering what the importance of these hard to read terms is. They all serve the sole purpose of determining a right keyword. The following are the fast rules for identifying a right keyword phrase.


Avg greater than thirty- for a word to meet the keyword threshold, it must have a reasonable and significant number of searches. If the number is anything less than 30, it is not worth your time.


QSR less than a hundred- the right keyword should not be too competitive. To create content, you should go for keywords which have a QSR less than 50 if you are a newbie or less than a hundred for a frequent user.


KOI should be green- this is an indication that the keyword is excellent. You should not settle for any less.


The SEO indicator should be high- if you are new to online business, you should aim for an SEO indicator which is greater than 95. If you have been in the industry for a while 90 and above is ideal.


The keyword phrase should be no less than three words long.


The keyword must be grammatically correct as language is everything. It should also make sense to the reader.


Niche Research


In the steps of creating a good website, you have come across the importance of a niche. Finding a niche is one of the most commonly experienced problems among online entrepreneurs.


Jaaxy comes in handy, whether you are looking for a niche or you are trying to de-branch from your initial one. You know that knowing the niche in demand ensures you gain profits, right?


Finding a Niche in 2 Minutes with Jaaxy 


Jaaxy allows you to find your niche by keying in a broad idea and seeing what’s trending on search engines. Once you have selected a general term, Jaaxy helps you narrow down to specific clauses within that niche.


Finally, you can identify keywords with low competition and high searches within the specific niche, and you can choose the one that will return your investment.


You don’t have to stop there! Every now and then, you should be looking for a domain that goes with the new niche. The availability of domains for your keywords will determine the success of your site.


Website Research and Search Analysis


Nobody wants to write articles that no one wants to read. The primary goal of having a website is to find out how good your content ranks in search engines.


If your content never ranks on the first pages of search engines, then you can be guaranteed that no one ever reads it. Therefore, no one is going to know about your new business and no money!


Jaaxy includes a website ranking feature which lets you analyze your site ranking in-depth. You can also analyze your competitors’ sites. It is entirely legal to do so.


You should conduct such research as often as possible to know where you stand and where you can rectify for better ranking.


Search analysis feature on Jaaxy enables you to understand and run through the contents of the top 10 results of a targeted keyword in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search analysis provides the URL, meta title and the description of the sites in the ranking.


Through such analysis, you can add to your insights from your competitor’s sites and find out why they rank higher than you. You can use this information to improve your SEO and ranking.





Is Jaaxy all good? No one and nothing is perfect. Jaaxy has its shares of goods and downsides. Let’s take a look.




  •  It’s easy to use even for beginners- there is little or no learning curve required to be able to use Jaaxy.


  •  Lightning-speed-Jaaxy works very fast but still nails it each time. It’s speedy but sure.


  •  Reliable- Jaaxy, unlike many keyword searches tools, is accurate and reliable. The keyword searches  are straight to the point; therefore, no unnecessary information is given to distract you.


  •  Compatible with your pc, mac and mobile phones- Jaaxy is an online application which works on all    your devices from Android phones to Mac products.


  •  There is no software installation or download needed- unlike most keyword finders, Jaaxy does not require software installation, meaning there are no extra costs to be incurred.


  •  No downtime- Jaaxy’s updates and upgrades are always done in the back end. You are always served with the latest version without going through update down times.


  •  Fast and reliable support- there is always someone to assist you when you are stuck. You never have    to walk alone.




  • Language barrier- Jaaxy does not give an option to choose the language for the user.


  •  Few functional features- although Jaaxy comes with a number of features, you will not use some as much.


  •  Expensive- Jaaxy is very expensive. Even the pricing option they term as the lowest pricing is overly expensive.


  •  You cannot select whether you are targeting local or international searches, although it can be necessary in some cases.



How Much is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?


There are several packages available for anyone who wants to start using Jaaxy. They include Jaaxy starter, Jaaxy lite, Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy enterprise.






Jaaxy Starter


We all believe that you shouldn’t test the depth of the river with both feet. Even with Jaaxy, you may have read all the fantastic reviews, but you still want to see it for yourself. Therefore, the Jaaxy starter free version enables you to register for a free trial.


There is a time limit for the trial period. However, Jaaxy keyword research tool free is limited to thirty searches only. The site look-ups, website analysis and affiliate program finder, are limited to only 20 searches in the Jaaxy free trial. Also, you can only save your keywords to two lists.


What will frustrate you even the most while using the free trial is the use of Alphabet Soup Technique! The facility will tend to have breaks slammed on just five results. Without AST, Jaaxy keyword research tool would be another ordinary keyword finder!


Jaaxy Lite


Since Jaaxy is created by the owners of wealthy affiliate, it is only sensible that it is included in the Wealthy Affiliate package. Once a premium member in Wealthy Affiliates, you get free access to Jaaxy.


Under the Jaaxy lite, you get to enjoy an active community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will walk with you. Also, you will get access to the premium version of wealthy affiliate is $49 per month.


Jaaxy Pro


Jaaxy premium version is very affordable. It starts a price of $49 per month.


With the pro version, there is no limit to the number of searches or site look-ups you can conduct. As a premium member, you can also look up the first 15 results displayed per keyword searches.


Also, you can store more keywords in your lists. You can choose between ascending and descending order. Finally, Jaaxy Pro allows you to manage your keywords.


Jaaxy Enterprise


Jaaxy enterprise goes for $99 per month. It is an excellent option for websites which have a turnover above 3000 per month.


An enterprise member is able to get unlimited searches. It also works faster, giving more results per keyword search.


The best thing about the enterprise is that you get unlimited keyword lists and 50 whopping results per letter in the alphabet soup feature. Do you know what that means? You can access about 1300 keywords.


That means you have unlimited access to 1300 unique, informational and buyer-intent keywords at your disposal. How does that sound?


The Jaaxy enterprise version is ideal for freelancers, content machines and SEO agencies.


What’s In A Keyword?


Online entrepreneurship is a lucrative business if you have the right tools in hand. Jaaxy keyword research tool is one of the must-haves for anyone who wants to make money online. So, what are you waiting for?


I have covered everything you need to know about Jaaxy keyword finder. I am positive that all your questions have been answered.


I love Jaaxy because there are tons of keywords at your disposal, and all of them are unique buyer intent searches, meaning there is no time wasted. The program is also easy to use with a user-friendly interface. There is also a ton of features to try out.


It is only wise to take advantage of such a promising offer as you have everything to gain. Try Jaaxy keyword research tool today before you buy it!



I would like to hear what you think about Jaaxy and how it helps your business.  You may leave your questions, thoughts and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best!


Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means 💰



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2 thoughts on “Jaaxy – The Power Behind Keyword Research”

  1. Great review.

    Jaaxy is my “go to” keyword research tool as it does a lot more than what other similar tools do. It actually helps me to find topic to write about for my blog thanks to the alphabet soup technique.

    Used properly and to it’s full potential it is even a full on SEO tool without the backlink analysis feature. (yes, you can do a little basic competitin research too!).

    1. Derek,
      Thank you very much for visiting livingonleanmeans.net and for providing your comments on my Jaaxy Smartest Research Tool Article.
      I agree with you 100% regarding using it as your “go to” keyword research tool. I do not write any article or blog now without using it.
      Do you use the basic, pro, or version? Each version expands of the other and is more powerful. I certainly recommend Jaaxy to everyone from beginners to pro’s.

      All the best to you,

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