My Ariix Review 2021

Trying to make money online will have you come across many different offers and online business models. Ariix is something most people come across as it claims to be the “opportunity” company.


In this Ariix review, you will learn more about this “opportunity”, what to expect, how to join, and whether or not this will be worth your time and money.


These types of opportunities are associated with multi-level marketing which I am not a big fan of. Why?


Affiliate marketing is a far better way to build a successful online business and it is an opportunity that did not fail anyone.


Keep on reading to find out more about Ariix, but also more about the way I started and what I recommend instead of being dragged into an MLM.


About Ariix


Ariix is marketed as an opportunity company and if you Googled Arix, the chances are you saw their ad to become a representative rather than their main landing page that will actually tell you more about the company.


However, if you came across their landing page, you still might not have any idea what it is they do or offer.


Upon scrolling down, it is only then when you find out that Ariix provides premium supplements such as:


  • Nutrifii
  • Slenderiiz
  • Puritii
  • Lucim
  • Reviive
  • Priime
  • Limu


What surprised me the most is that there is truly little about these products on the main page. Instead, there is more information that only confused me further such as:


  • Bill of rightsariix bill of rightd
  • Partners council
  • The Ariix Founders Club
  • Join the family


It is pretty clear that Ariix is not only a company that produces products they believe in – but they are multi-level marketing.


I believe that their main focus is their MLM program as they put a lot of effort into creating a global company by educating people on network marketing and giving them a chance to be a part of the company.


With that being said, it is time to dig further into this opportunity. I will break down everything I came across, so you know exactly what to expect if you join!


Review Details


Name: Ariixariix-gold-double-infinity-symbol-logo

Website USA:
Owners: Fred Cooper
Price: From $294.95

Overall Rank: 1.8 out of 5.0


Ariix Review


So, what does it feel like to be an Ariix representative? I will admit that the feeling of being a part of their company, sense of the community, and the ability to visit their events in person makes you feel wonderful.


However, the real question right here is – what is the program like, and can you make any money doing it? Most importantly, can you build your own online business along with Ariix?


Well, first of all, it is awfully expensive to become an Ariix Representative. Yes, you will get the training and multiple ways to earn money within one MLM program.


However, my biggest issue is that the products are too expensive. Like every MLM company, products are manufactured and advertised as “premium” products.


The good thing is that they are FDA-approved, but in general, they are a bit too expensive.




With the access to the internet, the ability to do your own research, and so many different options to choose from – it is no wonder why Ariix Representatives are struggling to sell Ariix products.


90% of recruits make less than $15K a year, which definitely says one thing. It is really hard (if not impossible) to build a sustainable business along with Ariix.


Making some money is definitely possible, but it will require a lot of effort and hard work.


If you went and put that work and effort into your own independent online business, you will be able to truly learn new skills and build an online business that will be sustainable.


Even though there are positive product reviews across the internet, it will be really hard to build a base of customers who will be re-ordering your products.


On the other hand, not only is it expensive to become an Ariix Representative, but it is also expensive to stay an active representative as you will have to make re-orders of the products.


To me, it just looks like a clear-cut MLM program where the company and the ones at the top benefit and profit while everyone below them struggles.


Props to Ariix for not making any ridiculous claims or promises, but still, it might be just another MLM program that will not benefit the users.


But what can you expect from the training and support? Keep on reading this ultimate Ariix review as there is still plenty to learn!


Tools and Training


I have to admit that Ariix is good at providing training to its MLM members. It is something not all MLM companies do efficiently.


They actually put time into creating their own training module which consists of 9 online lessons that will help answer all questions you have and put you on the path to promotion.


The training includes:


  1. Connecting to the Ariix module of operation
  2. Knowing the company module
  3. Understanding the products
  4. Learning the vision
  5. Understanding your industry module
  6. Learning how to invite others
  7. Communication skills
  8. Lead generation
  9. Campaigns


Considering this is training offered by an MLM program, it is definitely not bad.


However, considering other cons such as higher-priced products – you might still have a hard time  selling no matter how good your communication skills are or how good your lead generation is.


Money talks and people follow the money, no matter the product.


One thing that I learned and that is a big red flag for me is the recruitment part. Ariix encourages you to recruit others into the MLM program in order to make more money.


This helps Ariix earn more as every MLM member has to pay the entry and active fee. However, this will have everyone recruit rather than sell the products since it is a more profitable way.


And this is exactly how an MLM company turns into a pyramid scheme that gets shut down or gets hit by a big lawsuit.


When it comes down to tools, there is not much you will get. You will get access to the products, commission structure, and probably graphics and banners you can use to promote the products.


Ariix Support


Along with great training, Ariix has decent support that is always there for customers, but also for the representatives.


Even Ariix products claim to support the brain, metabolism and even offer homeopathic support.


When it comes down to the commission structure, it gets difficult to understand.


In fact, Ariix provides one of the most difficult compensation plans to understand among many other MLM companies.


I have seen this happen before and I believe that some MLM companies make their compensation plans so confusing only to take advantage of people and have people become their Representatives without fully understanding what they are getting themselves into.


You can get paid in 4 different ways which are mainly for selling the product, recruiting people into the program, or two different bonuses.


Ariix’s first “multiline” compensation plans seem to be generous, but hard to understand. They even include auto-balancing, and cost of living increase into the structure so you seem to be covered.



Ariix claims that you can start making $10,000 in your 3rd month by hiring only 84 people into the company.


This can definitely sound attractive to some, but to me, it sounds like a pyramid scheme.


Ariix Price


Ariix is definitely doing a good job at marketing their program, offering good training, claiming to be the “opportunity” company, and providing an incredibly unique but generous compensation plan.


However, this reflects the price you have to pay.


Not only you will have to pay close to $300 to become a Representative, but you will also have an ongoing cost of monthly auto-ship products in order to stay an “active” Representative which leads to about another $200 per month.


They also slap you with a $25 annual renewal fee.


But keep in mind that you can spend all the way up to $2,000 by joining the Ariix as they have a lot of upsells you might feel like you really need to succeed. Most of it will be product related.


Summary and Final Opinion


I do not love MLM programs for a couple of reasons. They tend to provide an opportunity that will not get you anywhere and yet will benefit the company the most.


It is a double-sided sword where you will not end up profitable and it is a program only made to help the company get free marketing and recurring commission from its members.


Ariix does a great job at training its members (which is a must-have considering the entry price), but their prices are just too expensive and do not have anything unique to offer which makes it hard to make sales.


And if there is one thing, I would like you to learn from this Ariix review, it is the following.


I am a big fan of affiliate marketing which is completely the opposite of MLM programs.


You will not have to pay any fees, you will be able to associate with more than one company, and most importantly – you will be able to build your own independent online business without relying on only one company or stream of income.


Wealthy Affiliate is a great educational platform that helped me get started.


They have training on affiliate marketing that will teach you how to build a website from scratch, do market & keyword research, write unique and valuable content, get your website ranked in search engines, acquire free organic exposure, and traffic, and monetize the website in different ways.


With training, you will get all tools you will require as you follow the training. But you did not hear the best thing yet.


Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and if you decide to join, you will find me inside the platform as I am an Ambassador (I believe in paying it back to the community).


It is a no-brainer decision that will save you money and help you actually create the opportunity for yourself!


I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about Ariix, their program and this review.  You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?

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