My Comprehensive Hiyrr Review 2021

If you have been struggling to find new leads, find new customers, and all you have been getting is rejection – you might have tried to find a better way to do your outreach.


Rejection is not the worst thing that might happen. But spending time you cannot get back on doing something that will not produce any results is the biggest problem.


But what if you could automate your outreach and have the potential leads call you back? Sounds too good to be true.


Nope! It is the Hiyrr software. And in this Hiyrr review, you will find out everything about the company, its software, and even ways on how to benefit by using this software.


Therefore, keep on reading as it is about time you put an end to your unsuccessful outreach and be more efficient in less time.


About the Hiyrr Company


Hiyrr is a company that is on a mission to build a better future where technology creates good jobs for everyone.


They are aware that time is precious, and they worked hard on crafting a solution that will not only help companies, but also potential customers.


Hiyrr invented a unique way that helps companies do their outreach without disturbing or wasting the time of people.


This also helps people decide on their own without feeling the pressure of sales marketers.


Companies benefit by automating their outreach and finding only interested leads in the shortest time possible.


On the other hand, people benefit by learning more about offers that are not forced upon them like ads that you cannot skip on platforms such as YouTube.


Hiyrr believes in improving the experience for both parties while achieving great results for both sides.


From the idea to the software, Hiyrr spent a lot of time creating a tool from scratch that will serve the purpose and that is the final product you get to use today.


Down below, I will share more about the company, but also the way this tool works and the benefits of the tool, so you know exactly what to expect.


I believe that this Hiyrr review might take you only 5 minutes to read, and yet the software itself might save you hours and hours doing your outreach manually.


Review Details


Name: Hiyrrblue-orange-hiyrr-logo-arrow-pointing-up-and-to-right
Website: Hiyrr.com
Headquarters: Melbourne, FL

Industry:  Software, Software Development and Design

Employees:  19
Price: 14-day trial, $197/month, $297/month, $497/month

Overall Rank: 4.9 out of 5.0

What is Hiyrr?


As I have mentioned earlier, Hiyrr is a company that is dedicated to growth. They have introduced a tool that pairs proven strategies and automation which helps drive sales for companies all around the world.


To be precise, Hiyrr is a tool that helps companies turn leads into calls on autopilot.


If you believe that your company deserves more sales, and most importantly, more profits – Hiyrr believes in your company.


It took a long time for Hiyrr to create the tool that will help automate everything for you. After months and months of working with sales leaders, marketing teams, digital marketers, Hiyrr came up with the best possible strategy for automating the lead flow.


Along with the lead captures and flow, Hiyrr helps manage inbound marketing, offers CRM integrations, and helps prepare your company and its team to convert opportunities into profitable leads.


The tool is based on automation and funnels that convert at a high rate which will not only save you time but will also provide very decent results.


The software is based on 4 steps of follow-up automation:


  1. Lead capture
  2. Waiting time
  3. Sending SMS
  4. Sending an email


Hiyrr can help narrow down and even target a specific audience group that you think is interested in your offer/service.




From there, Hiyrr software lists these leads in a list from where they manage them by putting them through the acquisition funnel.


The funnel is brilliantly designed and either the lead is not interested in which case it gets dropped from the list, or if the lead is interested – it goes through the funnel that automatically sets up an appointment or a call based on your schedule.


This funnel is combined with a top-of-the-line one-click call booking technology and an automated appointment algorithm. As a result, 40% to 68% of cold leads book an appointment without you having to do anything at all.


Not only will the Hiyrr tool automate your lead acquisition process, but it even comes with additional features that will help you stay on top of everything that is happening in the funnel.


These features include:


  • Appointment booking
  • Pipelines
  • Round Robins
  • Reminders
  • Reports


There are more tools that help and even prevent you from wasting time and yet end up closing more deals than you would get on your own.


The greatest thing about the Hiyrr tool is that it is an automation tool which means you can let it run and occasionally check in to keep an eye on the progress.


Yes, this means that you can acquire leads even when you are sleeping thanks to the appointment booking technology that is integrated into this automated lead acquisition software.


How Hiyrr Software Works?


Your Traditional Prospect Acquisition System


Alright, you get the idea of the Hiyrr software, and even the benefits it can provide – but how does it actually work?


Let us say you are a company or an agency that is looking to get more leads and potentially turn these leads from cold leads, to warm leads, and finally – customers.


What would your regular strategy be? You would definitely need at least one person or a whole team that will be working on acquiring leads and inquiring new customers.


The strategy would either depend on one of the most common lead acquisition strategies such as:


  • Cold emails
  • Cold calls
  • Advertising
  • Even door-to-door sales


There is nothing wrong with these strategies. They all work (depending on your industry). You can test what works and what does not.


However, the biggest issue is the time you will have to spend on the acquisition which would make the results look unsuccessful (no matter how long you run the campaign for).


With the expenses of having a team to acquire potential leads, you will be hardly breaking even. But not putting any effort into acquiring leads and customers is a big no.


That is where Hiyrr comes in to save your business.


All you will need is a campaign that will help you acquire a list of leads. This might be the ad campaign you have probably been running in combination with ClickFunnels.




When you have a list of potential leads, all you have to do is input them into Hiyrr.


This will be your campaign from where Hiyrr will contact your potential prospects either via leaving a voice message, sending an SMS, or sending an email.


From there, all you will have to do is keep an eye on the response rate generated by the Hiyrr automation.


When you receive responses from potential leads, it is up to you to decide when you would like to follow up with them and schedule a meeting or a call.


The biggest benefit is the automated voice message which you can pre-record, and it can be left on the prospect’s phone number right after they finish filling out your campaign form.


In this sleek interface, you will be able to keep an eye on:


  • Leads that came in your funnel
  • Contacts you have made
  • Proposals you have made
  • Negotiations you have started


Therefore, the only thing you will need is to meet up with clients and close the deal. Everything else will be automated for you.


This eliminates a need for a sales team, and you can minimize your ad spending as you will get more value from the leads than you get through your ad campaigns.


Who is Hiyrr Software For?


Hiyrr software is for anyone who would like to get more leads, close more deals, and stay organized at all times.


Therefore, it does not matter if you are a freelancer, a small business, or a large business, if you are looking for a better way to find clients or customers, Hiyrr can help.


In the worst-case scenario, even if the Hiyrr does not help you close more deals, you will still have an automated system that will save you a lot of time.


So as long as you have a solid offer or service, you can take advantage of Hiyrr to automate the lead acquisition process, save time, and improve the acquisition rate.


Hiyrr Support


Hiyrr comes with great support that is not only reachable during business hours, but they are also dedicated to helping you get the hang of the software to maximize your results.


Even if you are only testing the software using the trial membership, you will get full assistance in setting up your first couple of campaigns.




However, if you ever need to contact Hiyrr support, you can give them a call or write them a message through their website’s contact form as shown above.


Hiyrr Price


Hiyrr is an unbelievably valuable software that will benefit you in more than one way.


You can witness the benefits first-hand by using the free 14-day trial where you can use all features without any limits.


There are 3 pricing plans in place which make it ideal for a business of any size to upgrade:


  • 1-5 users – $197/month
  • 6-10 users – $297/month
  • 11+ users – $497/month


I highly recommend reaching out and booking a meeting before upgrading. This meeting is not just to discuss the pricing further.




Instead, this meeting will be helpful to review your lead flow and acquisition and create a strategy in combination with the Hiyrr software that will provide better results and even double your conversions.


You can set the initial on boarding meeting by clicking here!


Hiyrr Is Trusted By


Not only can you test Hiyrr for free for the first 14 days or get a lot of insights from a review such as this one – but you can also check out genuine Hiyrr testimonials.


Hiyrr is used by companies such as JSU Media, The Data Directive, Faucet Marketing, Predictive Intent Marketing, Perfect Online Marketing, and others.


All testimonials are available on the Hiyrr website and they will give you more first-hand insight into not only how Hiyrr works, but also how Hiyrr helps and benefits these companies.


Therefore, you will be able to see real examples and hopefully, get to see case studies almost immediately.


Hiyrr is as transparent as it gets and that is why it is one of only a couple of tools that I am proud to use and write about.


Is There a Better Way to Acquire Leads and Customers?


There are so many industries and yet there are only a couple of most known ways of acquiring new leads and customers.


There is no doubt that every business should identify its target audience, no matter the industry. However, after that, the strategy remains on the promotional method.


Promotional methods can be easily tested and determined what works the best for the industry, business, and even customers.


Once this is determined, creating a sales funnel is the best way to go about acquiring leads. And after that, it is all about doing everything possible you can to close the deals.


No matter what your promotional method is, as long as you know your target audience and you know how to reach your audience, Hiyrr can help you from there.


From there, you input the prospects into the tool and let it help you run your leads through your sales funnel for you.


Most companies leverage email newsletters and even social media to connect and engage with their audience.


Hiyrr helps you do exactly that by adding a great way to communicate with your leads, and even negotiate and close deals.


Final Thoughts


Even though there are hundreds of different ways to manage leads, keep an insight on your sales funnel, and even negotiate & close deals – the whole process takes time.


Hiyrr does not only save you time by automating the process for you, but it also introduces technology that can help you engage with warm leads who successfully go through your sales funnel, and it even improves the percentage of deals you can close.


Therefore, Hiyrr is a virtual assistant that can handle 10 different roles at the same time and yet keep you updated with a simple & easy-to-read interface at any given time.




What is your biggest issue with acquiring new customers? What have you found to work the best for your business so far? I would like to hear your thoughts.  You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living on Lean Means ?



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