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Arguably, Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Does this platform make a positive impact on people?


Are there any negative impacts? What does an honest Facebook review say? Let us explore the features, benefits, and disadvantages of this social networking site with an unbiased approach.


Review Details


Name: FacebookBlue-tile-white-f


Founder/Owner: Mark Zuckerberg

Established: 2004

Type of industry: Social media network

Price:  Free/Pay for Ads

Rating: 4.0/5.0


Facebook- An Overview


With 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the undisputed market leader in the social media industry.


The mission of the company is to make the world more open and help people stay connected. It has been estimated that around 1.73 billion people are making use of this social media platform daily.


Earlier, people used Facebook to stay connected with family and friends and also to know what is happening in the world.


This online platform also helps people share and express their opinions and viewpoints. Today, businesses, as well as individuals, are using Facebook for a wide range of marketing purposes.




This social media network lets you explore unlimited possibilities in communication, business, and many other aspects of life.


It teaches you many things in life. However, Facebook is a double-edged sword. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use it for good or bad.


Training and Tools


A Facebook account is your online email address.


If you have a Facebook account, you don’t really work hard to make a strong online presence. It is like having your own email address.


Due to the amazing popularity of this social media platform, several websites work to integrate Facebook. So, you can utilize a single Facebook account to sign into various websites across the web.


Creating a Facebook Account is Simple


To open an account and get started, all you need is an email address. If you are willing to spend a few minutes, you can join this platform easily.


After visiting, you have to submit your personal information under the tab Sign Up. Within a few seconds, the site asks you to confirm your email address. Once you confirm, your account is activated.




When you sign into Facebook using your username and password, you are directed to the homepage. On this page, you can find your News Feed that displays the things your friends have shared on the site.


It also lets you navigate to other pages of Facebook, including messenger, notifications, account settings, groups, gaming, and many more.





The Timeline or profile page is the one where you can share all details about yourself. Your Timeline displays the posts you publish on Facebook.


All your friends are allowed to share posts on your Timeline.


Send Messages, Post Status Updates, and Share Content Effortlessly


Facebook lets you send messages and post status updates effortlessly. You can keep in touch with your friends and family using this social media platform.


Further, it allows you to post or share various types of content, including links and images.


Privacy Tools


Compared to traditional communication channels, Facebook is designed to be more open and social. The content you post on Facebook is visible to many other people.


However, you can make use of privacy tools to control the visibility of your post. Using Privacy Settings, you can decide who can see your posts.


Facebook APP is Compatible with Computers and Mobile Devices


You can use a Facebook app on your computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Offering an official mobile app, Facebook makes access a lot easier for users all around the world.


There are also Facebook for Android and Facebook for iPhone.


Hassle-Free Photo Loading and Management


You can upload photos and maintain photo albums with effortless ease on Facebook. These photos and images can be shared with your friends.


You can also create profile pictures, cover photos, and status photos. Using the Facebook Photo Tag feature, you can tag yourself and other users in the uploaded photos.


This social networking platform also allows you to delete any photo or image permanently.


Facebook Messenger


The Facebook Messenger feature supports interactive online chat with other members of the community. It offers you much-needed privacy while talking to other members.



A Good Vehicle for Social Media Marketing


Providing support to business pages, fan pages, and group pages, Facebook allows businesses to use the platform as a vehicle for social media marketing.


Using Facebook, businesses can connect and interact with customers and prospects on a much more dynamic and personalized level compared to conventional marketing methods.


Business pages can be created on this platform to catch the attention of the maximum number of people affordably.


This Facebook review find that many companies are making use of paid and nonpaid Facebook advertising methods to stand taller among the competitors.


There are different types of Facebook ad formats available, including Link Click Ads, Video Ads, Boosted Page Posts, Carousel Ads, Dynamic Product Ads, Lead Ads, Canvas Ads, Collection Ads, and more.


Developer Network


The developer network of Facebook offers top-of-the-line functionality and monetization options for businesses. With the help of smart business tools, you can build and scale your business across the Facebook family of apps.


Developers and businesses can benefit a lot from the information and tools available on the Facebook Developer network.


Facebook Live


It is another popular feature that is extensively used by a large number of people to stay connected with their fans, followers, and customers.


You can stream video live on Facebook effortlessly. This tool lets you broadcast a performance, conversation, Q&A, or any other virtual event.


The Facebook Live tool allows your community to join the conversation. People can ask questions, react, clarify doubts, or comment in real-time.


Several individuals and businesses are utilizing this tool to create shared experiences and make personal connections.


Safety Tools


Billions of people around the world share things on Facebook every day. This continuous activity results in endless fresh ideas, friendships, collaborations, and opportunities.


However, you need to be aware of your privacy and safety while sharing information and ideas with others.


Facebook puts forward policies that prohibit violent, sexually explicit, and hateful content. You need to follow their guidelines when using this social media networking site.


The most popular safety-related tools or features available on Facebook are Friending, Unfriending, Following, Unfollowing, Unfriending, Blocking, and Reporting.


Tools for Securing Your Facebook Account


Internet users have to deal with scams and hackers carefully and responsibly. Social medial sites are not an exception.


There are many people out there who want to steal your sensitive information. Scammers also look for opportunities to bully, insult, or defame you.


You have to make use of a strong password to stay protected to a great extent. If you have multiple Facebook accounts, you should use a different password for each account.


It is also critical not to share your password with strangers. Alerts about unrecognized logins are one of the features that you can utilize to deny unauthorized logins.


Two-factor authentication is another tool that helps you secure your account. It asks you to enter a special security code whenever you make a login attempt.


It is always advisable to log out from your Facebook account after each session. This method also helps you deny unauthorized access to your account.


Other important features or tools that help you protect your information on Facebook include Audience Selector, Tag review, and Timeline review.


Customer Support


It is not possible to contact the company directly using a phone call. You can visit Facebook Help Centre to find a solution to your problem.


It is the most reliable way to connect with the customer support team of Facebook.




Under the Help and Support section, you can find subcategories like Help Community, Support Inbox, and Report A Problem.


You can choose the right one based on your requirements. There is also a link known as Give Feedback’, where you can post your feedback and opinions.




You don’t need to make any payment to become a member of the Facebook community. However, it charges advertisers to display ads on the apps belonging to the Facebook family.


This social media networking site allows you to add your payment information.


Once you add this information to Facebook, you can purchase ads, support creators, send money to other members, and make purchases from businesses.




Whenever you make a purchase, Facebook earns a transaction fee or commission based on that particular activity. Purchased can be made through this site for apps, games, apps, and many other items.


Final Evaluation


According to this Facebook review, Facebook is a highly flexible and responsive social networking site that offers endless possibilities for individuals and businesses.


With 2.6 billion monthly active users and 1.73 billion daily visitors, Facebook enjoys unrivaled supremacy over other social media sites.


It doesn’t charge any fee for opening an account. There are enough privacy tools available to protect the interests and rights of users.


The customer support team responds reasonably fast to address the complaints of the members.




Offering excellent features and tools, Facebook fulfills the evolving needs of a large number of users efficiently.


Smart business owners are making use of this online platform to improve their online presence and generate business consistently.


According to this Facebook review, if you want to communicate with friends or promote products/services affordably and efficiently, you can choose Facebook.


I would love to hear what your thoughts are regarding Facebook? Do you feel it is the leader in the Social Media Industry? You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means ?



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