My Home Profit System Review 2021

Making money online is often portrayed to be extremely easy, but it takes a lot of hard work. Just because it is online, it does not mean it is any easier.


And in this post, I will write a Home Profit System review.


The chances are you have heard of Home Profit System while you were looking for ways to make money online.


But is Home Profit System legit, should you spend your money on it, and most importantly – can it teach you anything at all?


These are just some of the questions I will answer in this article, so keep on reading!


About Home Profit System


Home Profit System is a company that advertises itself as an opportunity that allows you to work from home, make money online, yes, of course – it claims you can make as much money as you wish without getting out of your pajamas from your couch.




Even though this immediately triggered a couple of red flags, I was down to give them a try because I learned that Home Profit System is based on affiliate marketing.


With a bit of hope that this is an actual affiliate marketing training that can be compared to Wealthy Affiliate – I was soon disappointed.




Home Profit System does not focus on training, yet it focuses on a “system” that allows you to make money.


I have been an affiliate marketer myself for a couple of years so far and I know for sure that there are no shortcuts in affiliate marketing.


You need to have an audience you can promote to the products you believe in. It is simple as that.


In return, you earn a commission (depends on the affiliate program), and the more conversions you have – the more money you can make.


Therefore, I was at first confused about what the Home Profit System is upon learning that they focus on affiliate marketing.


However, I still gave it a try so keep on reading to learn more about this system below.


Review Details


Name: Home Profit System
Website: HomeProfitSystem.org
Owners: Multiple owners, research provided the following identities: Mary Steadman, Kelly Nelson, Kelly Richardson, Mary Stevens
Price: $97

Overall Rank: 1.0 out of 5.0

Legit/Scam:  SCAM!

Home Profit System Review


So, let us get down to the most important thing here which is the system advertised by Home Profit System.


What is it and how does it work?


Home Profit System claims that they allow you to create a special Home Profit System login, then you are on the quest of finding a company to create a link for, and then you add details to create your specialized link.




That is everything you will learn from the official landing page of Home Profit System, and even though they believe that they have covered everything – they did not.


In fact, they confused an experienced affiliate marketer so I am not sure how would this affect beginners.


I had to do deeper research and I found out that Home Profit System has been associated with scam reviews and has re-designed its approach and platform since then.


One thing remains the same though. Once you want to purchase the Home Profit System, you are taken through this funnel of offers that do not have anything to do with the Home Profit System.


Therefore, you are not even going to end up purchasing the system in question.


This made me even more suspicious as all sites (including the official landing page) were unsecured, were really slow, and were outdated.


Good thing is that hardly anyone will be able to give this company their information since the navigation is that bad.


On the downside, you still probably have no idea what you are dealing with here. Many will quit at this point and look for an alternative.


If I were in your position – I would do the same thing. However, keep on reading as I will show you an alternative at the end of this article!


Tools and Training


So, what can you expect to receive from Home Profit System once you make the payment and purchase the membership/program?


It looks like Home Profit System will help you set up your own landing page with a login form that is incorporated into the Home Profit System.


I am not sure how this would work since they cannot run their own website properly.


They would also help you find companies you can use to create a link for – as this is what they have explained.


I am guessing that they are talking about companies that offer affiliate programs anyone can join.


From there, Home Profit System would help you add details to create a special (unique) link for these offers before you start the promotion.


This is something known as link masking and you have to be aware of doing this as some affiliate programs forbid this.


On top of that, I hope that Home Profit System provides you with training that follows these steps.


As I was not able to purchase and test out the product, I am not sure how elaborate the training is.


It does not look like Home Profit System will provide you with anything else for the price you pay.


I believe that this leaves a lot of room where you will have to learn and figure things out on your own as you progress.


Even if you were still interested in Home Profit System so far reading this Home Profit System review, I would not recommend it to beginners at all.


But what about the support? Is there any hope? Keep on reading!


Home Profit System Support


There is no way of contacting the Home Profit System.


Even though they have a privacy policy that takes ages to load, there is absolutely no information on the company that can help you get in touch with them.


There is no “about us” page, the official website has no footer with additional information, and of course, there is no contact form at all.


I hope that this changes for members, but I doubt it as they are not even trying to help out potential customers so that raises the question of how good of a job are they doing to support their current members?




I also was not able to find information on the returns and refunds even though I have read their complete terms of use and service agreement.


To me, Home Profit System looks like an outdated “company” (it is just an outdated website) that no one is running or taking care of.


Therefore, this means that training in there will not be of any value as it is probably going to be outdated too.


As you can see, this is definitely not worth your time, let alone your hard-earned money.


Keep on reading to find out the price of this program, but also a great alternative that will cost nothing at all!


Home Profit System Price


Home Profit System costs $97! But that is not everything. There are endless upsells that will drive you crazy and even disturb your experience trying to find your way through their website.


If you are really trying to learn more about affiliate marketing, there are many more affordable yet more valuable deals.


There is nothing wrong with the price tag itself since it is a one-off payment. However, I do not believe Home Profit System provides any value, let alone a decent user experience.


Therefore, you should be really cautious when you come across such “opportunities” as they are either outdated, not worth the price, or are a total scam.


I am not saying Home Profit System is a scam, but it is awfully close to crossing the border with the information I have found so far.


Also, if we consider the reviews of customers who had the chance to actually become members – the story does not look good.


Final Thoughts


I hope that this Home Profit System review opens your eyes and helps you learn whether any program/training out there is good for you or not.


It would be quite simple to read their landing page and decide to go for it as they are making big claims and promises.


However, if it is too good to be true, it is probably not a good offer for you, and you would actually save yourself time and money by avoiding it.


When it comes down to affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you learn more about it as it is one of the oldest yet most efficient ways to build an online business.


I have started with affiliate marketing and I think it can also be one of the easiest ways to create your own online business (but keep in mind that it takes time, hard work, and a lot of patience).


Now, here is the alternative I have promised you.


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides affiliate marketing training, but also provides tools such as a website builder, hosting, domain names, and keyword research tools that you will need on your journey.


The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is free (it is not a trial, you can be a free member for as long as you wish), and you get two free websites, limited keyword research tool use, and limited training – but it is still a great deal for being free.


What I really like about Wealthy Affiliate, what made me stay a member for so long, and even pay it back into the community (becoming one of only 50 ambassadors on the platform) is its transparency that is combined with training where you can learn and work on your pace, but also immediate implementation of everything you have learned without having to look for third-party tools.


I would like to hear your thoughts about Home Profit System. Have you ever tried this system? You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?



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