Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Social media is not only made to be fun, but it is also made for businesses and the ability to gain exposure and even make money.


If you have been looking into making money via social media, you have most likely come across Paid Social Media Jobs.


But what is Paid Social Media Jobs and how can it help you start making money by using social media platforms?


In this Paid Social Media Jobs review, I will show you everything you need to know about this platform, what to expect, how much will this cost you, and most importantly, whether or not it is worth the purchase.


I will also share my opinion on an even slightly better option that might be a better choice for many of you. Therefore, read the article until the end so you do not miss my offer!


About Paid Social Media Jobs


So, what is Paid Social Media Jobs? It is a platform that claims to help you make money by managing social media accounts & profiles for businesses.


This is something we all know as social media managers. They are the people behind the smallest but also the biggest companies and brands on social media.




Therefore, this is not anything new.


However, what is new is that Paid Social Media Jobs claims that they can give you access to these jobs, so you will not have to spend any time searching for clients or jobs yet all you have to do is focus on the jobs and earn money.


To be honest, there are too many promises and claims going on in regard to the Paid Social Media Jobs, but I had to give it a try to see if this is a shortcut you can get.


Paying for jobs and leads is definitely a great shortcut if it works.


It definitely seems like you can just put your money into this platform/program and get access to jobs that will start making you money today.


However, if you ever tried freelancing your skills, you would know that marketing and finding clients is often harder than actually completing the orders as a freelancer.


Therefore, I was pretty skeptical from the first time I heard about Paid Social Media Jobs, and down below, you will find everything you need to know about this offer before you even think about putting your money into it.


Review Details


Name: Paid Social Media Jobspaid-social-media-jobs-founder
Website: PaidSocialMediaJobs
Owners: Annie Jones
Price: $27

Overall Rank: 1.2 out of 5.0


Paid Social Media Jobs Review


From the looks of it, Paid Social Media Jobs acts as a platform that connects social media managers with clients who are offering social media jobs.


Therefore, it is remarkably similar to UpWork, Fiverr, or any freelancing platform that can help connect you with potential clients.


However, the difference here is that you will have to pay access to the platform and once you gain the access, you will not have to pitch clients, yet you will just have to “grab” jobs.


This definitely sounds too good to be true, so I did my own research.


The owner Annie Jones, who claims all these promises, is fake. Yes, you have read it right. I was not able to find anything credible about the owner or her history.


What I found instead was that her “photo” is actually a stock photo used in various commercials.


It is hard to say who is actually hiding behind the Paid Social Media Jobs and what is the reason for hiding and lying to potential customers.


The platform works similarly to the iWriter platform where you can apply as a writer and then “grab” jobs as they come. However, that is a legit platform that is a tiny bit shady but still runs properly.


However, Paid Social Media Jobs does not only provide jobs, but they also provide training. What an incredible offer, right?




Paid Social Media Jobs seems like a great offer and the marketing behind it to sell is incredible.


Therefore, it looks like they are only trying to get your hard-earned money and once you get inside, you will get basic training and access to jobs.


However, from my experience, such jobs are often “fake”, and you might see all these jobs & think if you join, you will be able to get them.


Unfortunately, be aware that anything on their website can be edited to portray like they have tons of high-paying jobs when they actually do not.


Tools & Training


If you ever decide to join Paid Social Media Jobs, one thing you will get in return for sure is the training.


You will get basic training that will teach you how social media platforms work, what social media managers do, and how they do it.


However, I do not think that this training is in-depth enough, so you are ready to start doing these “high-paying” jobs right off the bat.


Instead, this is the most basic information you could find out by doing a couple of searches in Google and watching a couple of YouTube videos.


In fact, that would be up-to-date information which is a lot better and yet it is free.


With the basic training inside the platform, you will be able to get started. However, this will be doing smaller and simpler tasks that do not pay well with the goal to build up your portfolio.


When it comes down to tools, I consider the “job marketplace” within the program as a tool.


However, instead of finding and grabbing jobs, training will teach you to post a job ad and wait for a client to get back to you.


Therefore, the “marketplace” is full of people like you looking for jobs instead of clients who are offering these jobs and that is where this platform becomes suspicious.


I doubt that they are putting a lot of effort into bringing clients to the platform, yet they are focused on the promotion of their “product” so they can immediately earn some money.


With that being said, you will not get any value for the price you pay.


Even if the training were good, I would not mind paying the price since it is not expensive, but why would you pay for something that will not provide true value to you?


Paid Social Media Jobs Support


I was not able to find direct Paid Social Media Jobs support, but there is one great thing about this program.


Paid Social Media Jobs is offered through ClickBank so if you end up purchasing it through ClickBank, you will be covered by ClickBank.


If you require any support and you cannot solve an issue, ClickBank will help you get in touch with the product owner.


However, if you require a refund, you will be able to get your money back with ClickBank’s help.


I should mention that the best thing about the program is that it is offered through ClickBank so anyone who purchases it has the ability to get a full refund within 60 days of purchase.


Therefore, even if you are very eager to jump into this and perhaps disappoint yourself, you will be able to get your money back.


Paid Social Media Jobs Price


I previously mentioned that Paid Social Media Jobs are not expensive, but how much does it cost?


The price for this “program” is only $27. However, if you try to close the landing page, a discount will pop up and offer you to pay only $17 for Paid Social Media Jobs (sorry everyone who paid the full price).




However, once you purchase the product, you will immediately get an upsell for another $37 which would be alright if they did not mention that there are no hidden costs or offers inside the training.


It looks like Paid Social Media Jobs are trying really hard to get your trust and money, and once they get it – they are onto the next potential customer.


I am not sure how is this even profitable for the owner who is hiding behind a fake identity since they decided to offer it through ClickBank, and they are probably getting a high % of returns.


Summary and Final Opinion


If there is one thing you can get from this Paid Social Media Jobs review, I hope that it is that Paid Social Media Jobs is a borderline scam that is not worth your money or your time.


Everyone who is trying to learn more about social media management should look into legit courses/training with a great record.


Once you learn the basics and get a hang of it, I highly recommend carefully choosing a freelancing platform. But an even better recommendation would be to go independent and find your clients on your own.


Social media clients are out there and all you have to do is find them through job boards, cold emails, any outreach, or connections.


However, if you are interested in learning to build an online business that could potentially create more than one income (passive) stream – I recommend learning more about affiliate marketing.


Wealthy Affiliate is the most transparent educational platform that teaches affiliate marketing, but also the ways of building your own website, doing market & keyword research, writing quality content, and getting organic exposure and traffic to your website before you monetize it.


It is free to join the platform and along with training, you will get tools you will need such as the website builder, hosting, domain names, and keyword research tool.


I have been a member for a long time now and I am even an Ambassador of the platform as I believe in paying it back to the community that helped me when I needed it the most!


I would be interested in hearing what you think of Paid Social Media Jobs. Have yourun across them or tried signing up for the platform?


Have I done my due diligence with this review?  You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means?

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2 thoughts on “Paid Social Media Jobs Review”

  1. Barbara; Thanks for this important information. I appreciate your in depth look at Paid Social Media Jobs. From reading this article I now know that it is a borderline scam, and it would be better to research those terms in Google and YouTube. A better use of my money and my time! There are so many scams out there, we can never be too careful. Also good to know that if you do purchase it through ClickBank that you can get a refund if you are dissatisfied.

    1. Hello again, Barbara.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article. I really wanted to delve into the fact that it is platforms like Paid Social Media Jobs, that can really take people for a great deal of money and sour them on legitimate ways to make money online.

      I’m glad I was able to help you weed this out.

      Best regards,

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