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What are your thoughts when you think of Partnerize? If you’ve been browsing for a way to easily keep track of all your affiliate programs in a simpler way – you might have come across the Partnerize.




But what is Partnerize? Partnerize stands for Performance Horizon Group Limited which is a software company – but what does this software company do?


These are just some of the questions you might be asking yourself for the last hour or so – but you’re in the right place.


In this article, you’ll find an answer to everything that’s related to Partnerize, and you’ll even find benefits that will help you track your affiliate programs more efficiently.


What is Partnerize?


If you Google Partnerize, you might not learn much. It’s a software company, but what it is actually doing is it is empowering the partnership. Therefore, Partnerize is a partner management platform that helps you maximize your profitable growth, automate manual work, and partnerships a primary business channel for acquiring new leads.




You can think of it as a scalable, pay-per-performance management platform that helps you increase your leads at a very affordable rate.


Review Details


  • Name: Partnerize
  • Website name: Partnerizepartnerize-logo
  • Website:
  • Owners: Mal Cowley
  • Price: Upon request
  • Overall rank: 4.7 out of 5.0


More About Partnerize


Figuring out what Partnerize is all about as someone who is just starting to learn about digital marketing can be a bit overwhelming.


By now, I hope that you grasp the idea of what Partnerize is and how Partnerize works. But there’s one more thing that you are still wondering about.


Who is Partnerize for?


Simply put, Partnerize is a platform ideal for:


  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Partners


Don’t get me wrong – Partnerize isn’t only for experts or established companies that need help. It’s also suitable for start-ups and beginners who have a business plan and yet are struggling with a lead organization or lead acquisition.


If you’re a marketer like me, Partnerize could help you grow and diversify your partnership programs in just a couple of hours upon joining.


What is great about Partnerize is that it can automate error-prone tasks that involve anything from recruitment to tracking commissions, validations, and much more.




Even though Partnerize has been around for quite some time now – they’re still developing. In fact, the company is working with AI (artificial intelligence) in order to deliver even better results and provide help to business owners in many more ways.


If you’re all about privacy and security, you can rest assured knowing that Partnerize is working hard on optimization and fraud protection.


But if you’re an agency or even a partner – you could benefit from Partnerize in many different ways such as team organization and streamline execution which is ideal for people who are overseeing teams within the company.


Partners have the ability to build stronger relationships within various industries and as a result, provide better results and stronger client relationships.


If you’re still in the beginning phases of work – you shouldn’t give up on Partnerize. What I really like about Partnerize is that it has a learning section where you can find learning resources.


You can either use a search bar, or you can browse from available categories. Partnerize added about 8 topics in the learning section and here are some you can choose from:


  • Partner management
  • Affiliate marketing solutions
  • Affiliate partnerships
  • Working with partners
  • Brand partnerships
  • Influencer partnerships


Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, Instagram influencer, or a mid-sized company, Partnerize can definitely find at least one topic it can help you with.


Also, I’m a big fan of their video section which features helpful case-study materials, webinars, and tutorials.


But that’s not all. Partnerize even has a learning catalog you can browse to find more information, no matter how complex it is.




Partnerize has been around for a decade and in order to get access, you have to apply for a demo.


This is a simple process where Partnerize tries to learn as much information as possible about you so they can see where you would fit and how they could help you the most.


Right from the initial start, I like how Partnerize really does a great job at providing useful and specific information to every one of the potential users who requests a demo.


Once you get approved and you receive a demo – the learning curve is very smooth and you will be able to find everything inside the software, such as:


  • Discovering and recruiting partners
  • Managing your streamline of partners
  • Tracking conversion on every device
  • Optimizing and scaling up for maximum profitability
  • Protect your brand from fraudulent activities
  • Pay-out affiliate and partner payments without hassle (as an agency)


Even though it might seem like a lot of things at first – the introductory video to Partnerize is very helpful and it will quickly ease the overwhelming feeling you might be experiencing right now.


Partnerize Support


The moment you open the Partnerize website, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into – and that’s something I really like.


The support is pretty great. I’ve felt like I’ve been given all support I’ve needed – even without having to contact support yet.


The website is well structured and you can navigate, find your way, and learn things easily as you go.


However, if you ever feel like you need support – all you have to do is scroll at the bottom of the website and click contact.


Partnerize has a dedicated support team and you can get in touch with them via phone, email, or in-person (they have offices all around the world).




There’s even a contact form you can fill out directly from the website. The response time is as fast as if you emailed them directly.


And when it comes down to the software or learning obstacle you might come across – there’s plenty of educational material I’ve mentioned earlier.


If that doesn’t help though, you can always rely on the quality support that’s always there for the customers.


I am a big fan of case studies that are done by some well-known companies such as HP, FarFetch, or Lyst. They’re always a great way to see the software in action, how the company utilizes it, and all the available features used in real-time.


Partnerize Price


As I’ve mentioned earlier, Partnerize doesn’t have a pricing system. Instead, you have to contact them and apply for a demo.


This is normal practice with software companies because they either have packages that fit different types of customers, or they create a custom package for each one of the customers.


Partnerize applies the latter and even before you get annoyed because there are no clear prices you can expect – keep in mind that you’ll get a custom-tailored package that will fit your needs.


Of course, if you’re just an affiliate marketer that’s starting out – you won’t end up paying as much as some of the biggest brands that use Partnerize such as Adidas and Chewy.




Therefore, if you really think that Partnerize can help you grow your business, manage, track, and find partnerships, and do much more – you shouldn’t hesitate to contact their support team.



All it takes is just one email, and you never know in how many ways Partnerize could help you out in your current business situation.


Summary and Final Opinion


Partnerize can seem a bit scary at first, especially if you’re not a large company and yet you’re an affiliate marketer, influencer, or maybe even a blogger.


However, their software is aimed at everyone, from the smallest to the largest individuals and companies out there.


Even all of the features are adjusted to work well when managing both small and large numbers of leads.


The custom-tailored pricing plan is also a great thing that shows signs of really good support and a system in place that works well with all types of customers.


If you’re still doubting the power of Partnerize or you are still unsure what Partnerize is all about or how does it work – I recommend you check out any case study that’s available on the Partnerize website.


This will give you a real insight into the software, its capabilities, but it will also give you ideas on how you can utilize this software for your business.


There are many tricks and techniques hidden into the software that will help you discover new things, or do existing tasks in a bit more efficient way – so you know you will always be on the right track even if it’s something as simple as paying out the affiliate commissions as a company that’s offering an affiliate program.


I’ve noticed that everyone, from individuals, start-ups, to the largest companies is looking for ways to grow, expand, and improve their business. However, not many of them are paying attention to the Return on Investment (ROI).




Acquiring a maximum return of investment is one of the first and the greatest steps to optimize your existing business and bring in more revenue – and that’s exactly what Partnerize can help you out with.


Did you ever come across Partnerize before? What were your first thoughts?


Let’s have a conversation about Partnerize.  You may leave your comments and questions in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best!


Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means ?

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6 thoughts on “Partnerize – Home of”

    1. Norman,
      One of the reasons for doing my reviews on affiliate marketing programs was to share with everyone just a few of the many programs that anyone can partner with no matter what their niche happens to be. If being an affiliate partner is free or fairly reasonably priced, I say, why not check them out to see if you can grow your business.

      Thank you again for your comments. Have a great weekend!

  1. I appreciate this information as it seems to be a viable platform to increase one’s brand and presence in any given niche. I gave their website a cursory view but I will spend more time obtaining a better understanding of exactly what they offer. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Hi Joseph, I certainly appreciate all the comments you have offered on the review and others. Thank you for considering Partnerize to be a viable platform. I am glad that what I have presented in this review, has made you think about taking a deeper look into what they can offer for you and your niche business.

      All the best!

  2. Barbara,

    This is the first time that I have ever run across Partnerize! Thank you, first for bringing it to my attention, and second for thoroughly outlining this unique organization! This might become real useful to me in the future!


    1. Hi Jeff,
      Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you coming by and commenting on my Partnerize Review. This could really be a good affiliate fit for you, with whatever you do with the Blog Dogs, especially because Chewy is a partner in this network. Adidas is another great affiliate partner of Partnerize, in case you want to build a niche around sneakers and socks.

      Thank you for your support

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