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Pinterest is a discovery engine and a visual social platform to find different ideas from home to recipes to crafts and other inspiration.


Today Pinterest is used by billions of users to spark motivation on different interests.


You can organize your pins on various boards and keep them organized for you to see. It’s a visual scrapbook of pins.


It is evaluated that its value is over 12.3 billion dollars and over 175 million users each month. Here in this article, you will get a Pinterest review, which will give you an insight into its popularity.


With a simple design, an elaborate interface, you can engage and influence the users to buy and sell.


Some Factual Numbers About Pinterest


  • Females make 81 percent of its users.
  • Pinterest has more than 75 billion ideas and more than 5 million users.
  • Over 50 percent of pinners have 50k dollars each year, and top pinners-10 percent make an income over 125k dollars yearly.


Review Details


Name– Pinterestred-cube-white-P


Founders/Owners:  Ben Silbermann-CEO, Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp-Chief Product Officer

Established- December 2009, last updated on November 2020

Type of Industry- Social Networking Paltform

Price: Free to join

Company Rating- 4.0/5.0


Pinterest Overview


What is it?


Pinterest provides its users with a visual platform and social networking for information, influence, and promotion. It offers its users art, fashion, car, style, crafts, cooking, and many other topics for browsing.


You can tap on the categories and search the keyword and add a personalized bulletin board. You can post comments and see conversations by users.


People use this digital platform to showcase their stuff and for creative inspiration. Users come here looking for new hobbies, looks, and activities.


Good and Bad


This is a website and a mobile app that permits browsing and pinning very easily- Good.


You, however, cannot change photos to cover photos for your boards. Zooming by pinching the photos would have been a nice add up feature- Bad.


Its Compelling Vision


Pinterest is an exceptionally good digital platform that cannot be labeled as a social media platform. Its vision is to entertain, provide, and direct people to discover, inspire, and learn along with marketing and business.


This platform offered good ad pricing, but advertisers do not fall back on using this marketing-business platform.


Its ARPU- Average revenue per user is dependent on a blend of new brands with the old in a natural flow.


Pinterest also makes its share from its mature brands into its wallet. This itself is a drawing point for both users and pinners.


It is Consistently Diversifying


Big brands have been adding to the platform. There are new opportunities for everyone.


Some big brands include Toyota, and other auto brands, have been added in the recent quarter. Pinterest has introduced video formats, too, along with images.


Videos top the platform with users looking for exercise, recipes, general research and learning, and DIYs. They have also added an improved tool for analytics for advertisers to track their performance.


Compelling Value


Pinterest has a compelling value and strength in its proportion. It gets its revenue because of its advertising.


It is quickly growing and enjoyed through a website or a mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices with a specifically designed platform.


The company has been rated for:


  • Setup-4/5
  • Features-4/5
  • Interface-3/5
  • Performance-4/5
  • Overall-4.2/5


Training and Tools


Set up- Create Your Profile


Your profile is your resume. It is a description of you and your profession/interest/platform. This description should not exceed 160 characters.


Use potential keywords to emphasize. Use the keywords at least four times. Upload a wow-picture of your business that speaks to the market/business you associate with.


Steps Involved


  • Create a Pinterest account through the mobile app-Android/iOS


  • Once you are done with the preliminary set up after clicking a couple of run through and selecting some users to follow, you are ready to start.


  • You can now begin browsing through repining others pins and pinning your articles/products or posts.


  • The app opens to the main dashboard of your account. It displays people’s feed and recommended boards to follow.


  • Here on you swipe down your feed, create a new search, using an image present in your device, or take a new picture.


  • You will find categories such as Men’s fashion, everything, humor, popular, weddings, animals, and more.


  • Search is possible for boards, pins, or people.


  • Your profile will show the followers and the following, likes, boards, pins and re-pinned pins, and liked items.


  • Your mobile app also allows editing profile info such as website, location, and profile picture.


  • A send feature in the app allows pins to be shared via email or Pinterest.


Create Pins

Android OS




  • Android OS shows a categories grid with a right swipe of the main screen.


  • You can create a pin through a built-in menu for sharing. You can select the photo, a pinboard, include a description, and more.


  • You can also use the Pinterest app for creating pins directly using a website address or a picture.




  • iOS shows a menu listing of categories.


  • Direct pins cannot be created with safari, but you can do website navigation to create a pin from the app.


  • To pin directly, you can use Pinterest bookmarklet via safari browser.


Boards- Creation and Editing


Once you are done creating pins, you can create boards for specific categories. A board helps you to organize your pins.




  • Create a minimum of 5 boards. Each of these boards can have at least 10 pins. Your pins should not include pins that “call to action” for marketing or buying a product. Include visuals and information related to pins that are related to the customer.


  • When pinning is getting difficult or having no more ideas for creating boards, re-pinning is advisable. Creating different boards will provide a different theme that focuses on your business for different people: teens, moms, seniors, etc. So, include pins related to these categories.


  • You can edit descriptions, board names, categories, and pins on a board. The cover photo cannot be changed for a board using a mobile app. You can do that through their website. You can share pins with your friends.


  • Secret boards are visible to you and the people you invite.


  • Group boards are boards where you invite other pinners to collaborate.


Sustenance and Growth


When you are just starting, your account on Pinterest has to generate followers. This can be done easily by enhancing your following.


Steps to be Followed


  • Enhance your following by following pinners who have an identical target market. Do not follow any and everybody. It is important to ensure the pinners you follow have a minimum of 200 to 300 pins in their account. This way, you do not become associated with a non-active pinner.


  • You should maintain a list of the following to check if there’s equal reciprocation. If not, you can unfollow them.


  • Your credibility or popularity is dependent on the ratio of followers to following. Your brand becomes popular with them.


  • About 10k followers can create an influx to your account.


  • Ensure you post on your boards constantly. Create new boards to draw more followers.


  • The peak time for social media is on Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends. So, use this time effectively to post and engage your followers.




Home feed- It has a collection of different pins from boards, users, followed topics, Pinterest picked pins, and promoted pins.


The primary page of Pinterest has a pin feed that has Pinterest boards in chronological order.


Promoted pins-Promoted pins are dependent on a specific user’s interests or due to visiting a promoted app or site.




Search– Include keywords in the profile description to get found in the search. You can use images too instead of the description on Pinterest.


Today tab- This tab showcases trending pins.


Visual search- This function permits users to do elemental search via images like existing photos, pins, or new photos. It guides new and current users to recommend identical Pinterest content in their database.


Other tools-Shop the look, Pinterest lens, Instant ideas.


Rich Pins- These pins increase the customer experience through company made pins. These include business pages of different topics, data, and info on product prices, recipe ingredients, and movie ratings.


Buyable/Product pins-These pins permit users to buy things directly.


Pinterest Analytics- Similar to Google Analytics, it is a creative, comprehensive statistics on site traffic. The analytics makes use of user data pins, re-pins, re-pinners, and pinners.


It accumulated data on popular products in a week and which one became unpopular. It aids in improving marketing strategies to profit.


“Most Clicked” tab- Displays more likely selling products. Companies receive the result through API.


Customer Support


Pinterest can contact customer support by tapping at the bottom of the mobile app. Tap a new message from the inbox. Write your message and tap send.






Free of charge


Final Evaluation


Pinterest is a near to perfect mobile app and website that is right for all your browsing, pinning, and business needs.


With so much variance in features, top brands have started using this platform for their business needs.




Pinterest is a digital platform that you are sure to fall in love with. It is simple, convenient to use, and provides a wide variety of categories to explore, discover, inspire, and make money.


It’s a highly versatile social media but a visual platform that is ideal for entertainment, learning, and business marketing. Its huge success says it all.


Users are impressed with its design and popularity. Business makers find it an ideal money-making and promoting platform.


I would really like to hear your thoughts on Pinterest.  Do you use it as a hobby or to promote your business? You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?

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