SEMrush Review With Ahrefs Comparison

SEMrush is online software that offers solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research. This SEMrush review explores all aspects of this product with an unbiased approach and even provides a comparison with Ahrefs.  So, have a look inside SEMrush and decide for yourself which to use.


SEMrush At A GlanceSemrush-logo

Name: SEMrush


Owners: Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov

Industry: SaaS

Price: See Price Plans Below

Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5


SEMrush – An Overview


It contains more than 20 tools and reports to help you optimize your website and generate optimal search engine traffic.


This SEMrush review explores all aspects of this product with an unbiased approach. SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool for internet marketing professionals and website owners.




As an SEO professional or internet marketer, you will have access to the largest keyword database available on the market with 18 billion keywords in 128 countries.


At present, more than 4 million marketing professionals are using this digital marketing research tool worldwide.


SEMrush can be used to identify the best opportunities that assist you in achieving the results that matter.


Keyword research becomes a breeze with this tool. You can easily find what keyword your site or your competitor sites are ranking for.




Having performed the keyword research, keywords can be added in and tracked their positions in all leading search engines depending on geographical location.


According to the current users, SEMrush is an essential search engine marketing tool that all professional internet marketers, as well as bloggers, must have in their SEO tool armory.


SEMrush – Tools & Training


Keyword Research

According to this SEMrush review, keyword research tools are the most important feature of this digital marketing product.


You can use these tools to identify and target new keywords you are planning to rank for. The keyword research tools also help you find the keywords your competitor sites are already ranking for.


For researching blog article topics and keywords, SEMrush offers tools such as Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Analyzer Tool, Position Tracking Tool, Domain Overview Tool, Organic Research Tool, and Keyword Gap Tool.


You can use these tools to detect a pool of high-quality keywords that help you create content around for a long period.


Keyword Magic Tool

In the SEMrush suite, this one is the most special keyword research tool for many digital marketers.


Since the database contains more than two million keywords, you can easily identify tons of keywords to promote your business digitally. This tool allows you to create up to 50 target keyword lists.


Adding a check into the box next to the keywords you identify as relevant, you can transport them to the keyword analyzer tool for future use.


Keyword Analyzer Tool

You can explore further up to 1000 chosen keywords of your preference with the help of this tool.


The keywords can be segmented for detailed analysis. You can export these keywords to a spreadsheet. It also allows you to send these keywords to other tools like the position tracking tool.


Position Tracking Tool

After discovering the most suitable keywords that you want to track, you need to add them to the position tracking tool.




This tool lets you know how you and your competitors are performing in terms of the chosen keywords with the help of weekly updates.


You can create a solid understanding of the ranking, and Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) features for the selected keywords.


On the basis of the keywords you are ranking for, the particular pages can be reviewed to find out whether they need any enhancement.


The landing pages of your competitors can be explored to get some fresh ideas. This tool also allows local businesses to Geotarget the chosen keywords to assess their performance at a local search level.


Domain Overview Tool

This SEMrush review finds that this digital marketing tool offers excellent opportunities to research new keywords.


With the help of the domain overview tool, you can gather loads of information about your domain. You just need to enter your root domain into this tool to get the details.


The information you can generate using domain review tool includes the volume of traffic that keywords known to SEMrush are bringing, traffic generated through paid search, backlinks received from referring domains, top 5 organic keywords that generate maximum traffic to your site, PPC ad-related insightful information, and more.


Organic Research Tool

The overview tab of the organic research tool offers a nice graph that displays your keyword growth overtime.


The positions tab of this tool provides a complete table of all the keywords that your website ongoing rank for in the top 100 results.


You will receive many insightful data points to sort the keywords perfectly.


Keyword Gap Tool

Another fantastic tool that you can find is the keyword gap tool. You can compare the performance of your site with that of competitors who target some of the same keywords.


This SEMrush review also finds that this tool fetches you information on volume, ranking difficulty, Adwords competition, CPC, and more.


Website Review Tools

The keyword research tools allow you to check your keywords, keywords of your competitors, and various aspects of the volume of traffic you are generating.


My SEMrush review finds that this product does not stop with these benefits alone.


Do you want to know how effectively your site and web copy is performing? SEMrush website review tools offer you the best solutions. Here are the website review tools incorporated with this product:


  • Site Audit Tool


The site audit tool can be used for running a site audit in SEMrush to find whether there are any issues taking place within your website that interfere with its performance.


It displays a total score with the number of errors, warnings, and notices. You can review these facts and figures to enhance the performance of your site.


  • Backlinks Analytics Tool


Search engines depend a lot on backlinks while determining the quality of web pages. Certainly, the copy is the most prominent metric for search engines.


However, they search to find out what other people and sites think about the content quality of your site.





The backlink analytics tool reviews the backlinks comprehensively to generate detailed reports.


You can find information on backlinks to your site and competitors’ websites, linked pages, sources of links, and the growth of your backlinks.


  • Backlink Audit Tool


Providing enough information on the volume of backlinks and domains, backlinks analytics tool makes you well-informed. Now, it is time to decide on the trustworthiness of the links.


The backlink audit tool helps you determine whether the sources are reputed or not. You can use this tool to review your backlinks to get rid of the toxic ones.


Four Different Ways of Training


The company provides training to customers in four different ways including in person, live online, webinars, and documentation.


SEMrush Support


My SEMrush review finds that the manufacturer offers the best support for its customers. The blog category offers the industry’s latest thoughts on digital marketing. You can also find a range of downloadable eBooks that broaden your knowledge and improve your skills.


The Academy teaches you how to use your tool kits effectively. You will receive official certificates of your proficiency in SEO and SEMrush from this resource.


The Help Center helps you learn how to make use of SEMrush with user manuals, how-to guides, videos, and more.


You can register for the webinars conducted by the company in association with renowned digital marketing experts in the world.


The Podcast works as your weekly source of case-oriented stories on how to grow from a local company to a global brand.


The customer support team can be contacted through telephone, email or web chat. You can expect a fast response from the customer support team.


SEMrush – Price


This SEMrush review finds that SEMrush offers different types of plans to suit the varying needs of different people.




The Pro Plan charges $99.95 per month. This one is for startups, freelancers and in-house marketers with a restricted budget. You can start with a free trial to assess the quality of the Pro Plan.


If you choose the Guru Plan, you need to pay $199.95 per month. It also comes with a free trial option. This one is meant to serve the needs of SMBs and growing marketing agencies.


The Business Plan charges $399.95 per month. There is no free trial option available with this plan. It is a very good choice for agencies, eCommerce projects, and businesses with a large online presence.


Each plan comes with an annual payment option. If you choose this option, you can save 16%.


SEMrush allows you to upgrade or downgrade the plan at any time you prefer. You can also cancel your subscription if you don’t find the program interesting.


The company offers a 7-day money-back guarantee to safeguard the interests of each buyer.


SEMrush Academy


Interested in The SEMrush Academy? Here is some information. The SEMrush Academy is a free online digital marketing course platform that allows users to learn more about digital marketing, SEO, and other related topics.




Ahrefs Comparison


SEMrush VS Ahrefs has always been one of the biggest debates among digital marketers – but which one is truly better?


The first thing you should know is that both tools are a bit different, however, they have some things in common which is why they’re often compared to each other.


Therefore, these differences mentioned below aren’t a bad thing, but they will determine how well will you be able to meet your SEO demands.


Even though SEMrush has a larger link index, Ahrefs is the winner when it comes down to the ease of use of link data. If you’re all about backlinks and domain analysis – Ahrefs is the perfect tool for this.


Even though backlinks are one of the weaker sides of SEMrush, we find SEMrush to perform better at keyword research, technical SEO evaluation, and content marketing.


The biggest strength of SEMrush is that you can learn almost everything there is important to SEO about a website, by just pasting the domain name in the search bar.


Yet many people consider backlinks as an important SEO factor and prioritize it over other technicalities.


Therefore, you should determine what’s more important to you. Even though both tools are the top tools in the industry – they have differences which make them suitable for different types of digital marketers.


Ahrefs Pricing


Ahrefs has 4 different pricing plans:


  • $99/month
  • $179/month
  • $399/month
  • $999/month


While SEMrush has a free part along with the paid version which offers 3 different pricing plans:


  • $99/month
  • $199/month
  • $399/month


Therefore, pricing is pretty much similar – however, I believe that your choice should be based on your SEO needs.


My Final Opinion of SEMrush


According to this SEMrush review, this all-in-one digital marketing tool is a highly effective choice available for internet marketers.


If you are searching for a reliable keyword tool available that helps you optimize your website using authentic data, look no farther than SEMrush.


Based on the latest statistics available, 4 million online marketing professionals are making use of this product.


It offers the most advanced tools and training for the customers. The customer support is highly appreciable. The pricing is also done in a reasonable way to ensure supreme customer satisfaction.


Is SEMrush Legit?


It is undoubtedly a legit product that makes the lives of digital marketers a lot easier.


I recommend this product for freelancers, startups, in-house marketers, SMBs, marketing agencies, eCommerce projects, and large businesses.




This amazing marketing tool offers loads of information for anyone who wants to optimize his/her website and identify the most suitable keyword to target based on what competitors are doing.




I welcome your opinions on this review of SEMrush and comparison to Ahrefs. You may feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I will be happy to respond.



All the best!


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