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Side Gigs for Caregivers

As a caregiver, you know all too well that your time is not always your own. But you must also balance your loved one’s needs with your own needs, and this might mean earning a little extra fun money through a side gig. Read on to learn how.

Defining a Side Gig

A side gig is basically an extra job that you add to your regular schedule in order to earn a bit of extra money and, often, to do something you really enjoy.

Side gigs run the gamut from freelancing online as a writer, proofreader, or tutor to putting your creative skills to work as a handyman or crafter to running errands. There are plenty of options available.

Discovering a Side Gig

To discover the best side gig for you, start by making a list of your talents and skills. Think broadly here. Your first inclination might be to deny that you have talents and skills, but this isn’t true.

Your service as a caregiver shows exactly how adept you are. When you’ve made your list, place a star next to the talents or skills you most enjoy using.

Now reflect on which side gigs would let you use the talents and skills that you so enjoy. If you aren’t sure, do some research online. Look at a work-from-home job site, for instance, or read a few articles about potential side gigs.

See what kinds of jobs strike you as interesting and doable. One of these may end up as your new side gig.

Marketing Your Skills

Of course, now you’ll have to secure that side gig. If you’re applying for an online job, this will likely mean an application, a skills test, a sample of your work, and your resume.

Polish up that resume, and make sure it’s fully up to date. If you’re thinking more in terms of a craft or service or DIY job, though, you’ll have to market your skills.

If you want to make use of your DIY skills to start a handyman service in Toms River, NJ, for instance, you’ll have to get the word out so that you can attract some customers.

Begin by telling friends and family members about your side gig and asking them to spread the word. You could also post a notice on your social media sites and sites for your community.

These will probably get some results, but if not, run an advertisement in your local newspaper for a week or put up some flyers around town.

Remembering the Business Aspects

Remember that your side gig is really a business and that you’ll have to treat it that way. This means keeping close track of your finances through professional accounting practices.

Invest in technology — the best accounting software can keep a record of how much you’re making and spending on your business. You might even draw up a brief business plan and budget to help you stay on track.

Don’t forget that you’re responsible for paying self-employment taxes and drawing up contracts for your clients if applicable.

Enjoying Your Side Gig

If you plan carefully and balance your caregiving with your new side gig, you might find yourself earning extra money and truly enjoying yourself. So, get started today and visit the Living on Lean Means website for more ideas.

I would like to hear from your regarding finding side gigs to balance your personal needs with your loved one’s needs. You may share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below this article.

All the best,

Mary Shannon

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