Six Figure Mentors Review

Having a mentor or someone you can work with that has done exactly what you’re trying to do can help you learn faster, grow faster, and experience results quicker.


In this Six Figure Mentors review, I’ll be showing you everything you should know about this program before joining.


On top of that, I’ll also show you how to know if a program/training is good for you, what to look out for in a program, what to avoid, and how to get a great deal even before you start learning.


The truth is that many mediocre offers sell for a lot of money on the internet. Then there are absolute scams that don’t provide even mediocre value.


It’s hard to tell which one is which so you’re in the right place. Not only you’re going to learn more about Six Figure Mentors, but I’ll also tell you how I got started and what sources I used!


About Six Figure Mentors


Six Figure Mentors is a company that claims that you can take your passion and achieve freedom with their proven “digital business system”.


The company also claims that they will help you design the life you love.


Six Figure Mentors is also known as SFM and it’s a training platform with a community that teaches people how to achieve online marketing success.


But not only that. They also encourage people to take the step and to grow their business to a point where they’re confident leaving their regular job.




This leads to their second promise from the landing page, the creation of a life you love.


What seems to be great about Six Figure Mentors is that they don’t only provide training on online marketing, but they also touch on tech, creative skills, and everything you’ll need to succeed in the modern age we live in.


On top of that, they advertise their learning program lead by expert teachers that you can use to learn from anywhere around the world and have unlimited access to the platform from almost any device.


But can Six Figure Mentors really be the only mentor you’ll need to succeed in an online business? Keep on reading to find out!


Review Details


Name: Six Figure Mentorssfm-logo-black-yellow
Owners: Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross
Price: Entry fee is $297 + $97/month

Overall Rank: 2.9 out of 5.0


Six Figure Mentors Review


Six Figure Mentors are based on affiliate marketing which I am a big fan of. On the other hand, it is using a very different approach from what I’ve seen so far.


It’s a very different approach that almost puts the Six Figure Mentors in the multi-level marketing category.


The main thing I’ve noticed is that Six Figure Mentors aren’t focusing on teaching you how to find and join other affiliate programs and yet it’s training you to promote their own program, the program you’ve purchased yourself.


With that being said, you purchase the membership and then you sell the membership to others to make up your costs and earn more money which is in the grey area of being a pyramid scheme (since no product is ever exchanged).


On the other hand, their membership servers access to the digital training which is a product so that’s where I am in a dilemma.


I’ve also noticed that there’s a decent amount of information on the training, but there are really no actual photos of inside the training except for a few snapshots.


After going through the information and reaching the testimonials, I thought at one point that not all testimonials are quite believable.


I am not sure if that’s because they’re set up to be recorded in these amazing locations and are fully scripted.


Upon joining, the first thing you see is a guy driving a Ferrari while giving you the introduction to the platform which can definitely increase your motivation.


However, I’m always aware of a shiny-object approach since it has always been the number one tactic of the biggest program scams in the industry – so that’s something I recommend paying attention to!


Therefore, Six Figure Mentors seem to be really well advertised by themselves and the existing members, but I believe you should approach it carefully as it might be a bit harder to understand if this is exactly the type of training you’d want.


Tools and Training


Six Figure Mentors training is aimed at both beginners and existing online business owners as it provides step-by-step training.


On top of the training, you’ll also get access to the private community and even a personal system consultant.


Along with the training, Six Figure Mentors provide weekly training webinars and live events, and if you ever have any issues or need any additional help – there’s always a dedicated support system in place.


When it comes down to tools, you’ll get access to Digital Business Lounge and Simple Lead Capture.


These two tools will help you build a website and have access to other marketing tools you will need along the way, but also be prepared to create lead capture pages.


This is very similar to Wealthy Affiliate which is a platform that combines affiliate marketing training & tools so you have everything right in one place.


On top of that, there’s another important aspect that’s often overlooked.


Most people focus on training and tools, but I believe that community is also an important aspect which you should look for.


On the bright side, Six Figure Mentors provide access to a community that will surround you with other members all around the world who are learning, working, and breathing the same online business model you’re doing.


Therefore, I think Six Figure Mentors have all aspects you would need to actually succeed in creating an online business.


Yet the only thing that is still in the back of my mind is that association with the MLM industry which can definitely be a deal-breaker.


But when it comes down to support, what can you expect? Keep on reading this Six Figure Mentors review to find out as there’s still more to learn!


Six Figure Mentors Support


When it comes down to support, Six Figure Mentors has everything in place.


I believe that a big advantage is the community aspect which helps you take full advantage of the training and the platform.


On top of that, the integrated system support team is always there to help you with technical issues, questions about setup, bugs, or any reports in general.


The options to reach out are also diversified which I also like and you get to choose between live chat support, phone support, FAQs, and a couple of other ways.


Six Figure Mentors Price


There are 3 different pricing plans for Six Figure Mentors and here’s what you can expect:


  • Student – free trial
  • Essential membership – $99 enrollment fee + $97/month
  • Elite membership (add-on) – $2500




When it comes down to affiliate marketing, this is the first program that requires an enrollment fee and has a monthly fee.


Considering everything that’s included in the program, the pricing might make sense.


However, when I compare Six Figure Mentors to other affiliate marketing programs and platforms in the industry, it’s easy to see that it’s on the higher end of the pricing.


I’m not saying that it’s overpriced as there’s definitely value to the training, tools, and the community – but for example, Wealthy Affiliate is only going to cost you $19 for the first month and then $49/month (or $30/month if you bill annually).


And in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is a bit better platform for a lot less money which you can also be a member of for absolutely free.


This will definitely make you think twice before you decide whether or not to purchase the Six Figure Mentors program.


Final Thoughts


I hope that this Six Figure Mentors review helps you see through the information provided on the official landing page of this program.


While it might seem like great training, what worries me the most is the aspect that you actually learn how to “recruit” others into buying the membership.


Therefore, I am not sure if I can really recommend this program.


Wealthy Affiliate is a great example because you can become their affiliate and recommend it to a friend to pocket some money, but the platform’s primary training is based on affiliate marketing where a person works on something they’re passionate about (no matter the niche).


And considering the price, it’s definitely hard to recommend Six Figure Mentors as there are way better training platforms that cost a lot cheaper.


I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for years now and even though it has its cons – it’s truly transparent, has as good training (if not better), and it’s a lot cheaper without ever being implicated in the MLM industry.


Did you ever consider joining Six Figure Mentors or do you know anyone who’s a member? I would really like to hear your thoughts about Six Figure Mentors and whether you feel I did due diligence of them in this review.  You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?


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2 thoughts on “Six Figure Mentors Review”

  1. Hi Barbara. Thank you for this article. I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate before I checked out Six Figure Mentors. I agree that WA is a better deal than SFM, and has definitely helped me to build my websites. I also agree that it appears they could be a MLM, which I try to avoid. I hope others read this article and look into Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, but I have been extremely busy writing articles such as this one, writing articles to promote a new venture and putting pieces together for a book I am also working on.

      I am glad that you discovered that Six Figure Mentors is a MLM. I try to avoid them as well because I don’t like having to recruit people in order to be successful.

      Thank you for your honest opinion of my article.

      Best regards,

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