Successful Online Business Examples

It is no secret that you can make money online using the internet connection and a laptop from the comfort of your home.


However, starting an online business makes people think as something that is a lot more complicated than just make a couple of hundred dollars online.


With the technology advancements over the past two decades, there have been hundreds of successful online business examples and models.


If you are not sure how to start your own online business, which model to choose, and how to start creating something of your own – this is the right post for you.


In this post, I will talk more about the online business models, list the most popular ones nowadays, and let you know how each one can be monetized and turned into a successful business on the internet.


Why are Online Businesses Very Popular Nowadays?


The main reason why online businesses are extremely popular nowadays is the access to the internet. It is simple as that.




Internet has billions of daily users and once you create an online business, you don’t have to keep it a local business and yet you can provide a service to anyone around the world, help anyone around the world, or even sell physical products to anyone around the world.


As the technology keeps up and continues to improve – we do not only have one online business model, but you have a variety of business models to choose from.


All of the business models I will mention down below are 100% legit and have been tested & proven by thousands of people at this point.


Internet does not seem to be going anywhere – so it is better to adapt and see how it can benefit you and your new online business in the long run!


Successful Online Business Examples


The good thing about different online business models is that you get to choose the one that will fit your interest the most. However, having the ability to choose can definitely overwhelm most people.


I highly recommend choosing one and sticking to only one business model as you do not want to spread yourself too thin.


Here is a list of the most popular (and successful) online business examples:


  • Service-based business
  • Info products/coaching
  • Blogs
  • eCommerce stores
  • Print on demand
  • YouTube channel



Service-Based Business


The great thing about a service-based business is that you can choose any of many digital skills you can provide. You get to work with individuals, companies, or brands of all types and sizes.


You can start out as a freelancer and do all the work yourself, or you can get some help and outsource some of the work to keep the focus at growing your service-based business.




It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to create an online business, but it definitely takes a lot of time and effort.


Info Products / Coaching


If you have a lot of knowledge on a certain topic or a subject, you can always use it to help others who are looking to learn something you already know.


You can either start coaching people and do one-or-one (or even group) sessions, or you can create informational products and sell copies to everyone who is interested.


Blogs / Niche Sites


The great thing about blogs or niche sites is that they are extremely easy to start, they require very minimal up-front investment, and you can choose the topic of interest.


From there, you get to share your thoughts, opinions, experience, and knowledge. The goal is to help others through your content, gain organic (or even paid) traffic, and monetize your website (passive income possibility).


eCommerce Stores


Whether you are creative, and you make your own physical products or have a great connection and could partner up with a manufacturer to help them sell their products to others – you can open your own online shop.


It is quite simple to do with the help of a platform such as Shopify, and yet it can turn into an extremely successful online business since you have the ability to reach out billions of people.


This type of an online business requires a bit of up-front investment, but if you have a unique idea or a product, or you are really good at branding & marketing – you can definitely run a successful online store.


Print on Demand


If you are a great designer and you have always wanted to launch your own clothing line – you can do that easily with the help of the internet.


And believe it or not – you will not need a single machine to produce your clothes. How come?


There are print on demand (POD) companies where you can upload your own designs. From there, you have to deal with the marketing while the store will do the production and shipping for you.


Even though you will have to cover the fee required by the POD company – you can still turn some great profit considering that you can market your designs all over the internet.


YouTube Channel


Who would have thought that you could have your own YouTube channel, produce quality videos, and make a living off of it, right?


Well, in the modern age we live in – having a YouTube channel is definitely a great business you can start online.




It requires a lot of work, time, and getting a lot of subscribers will not be easy in the beginning – but if you stick to it, there’s always room for one more person.




Even though all of these business examples do not seem to have anything in common, other than being done on the internet – there are definitely a couple of things they have in common.


Can you guess what it is?

It is the need to put a lot of time, work, and consistency into producing quality content or marketing yourself out there.


Of course, it is a lot easier to run an online business – but it still takes a lot of time, dedication, and effort to make something great out of it.


The beginning is always the hardest – but it gets easier as you progress.


What is your favorite online business model?

I would like to hear your thoughts on successful business examples. You may leave your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All  the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?

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2 thoughts on “Successful Online Business Examples”

  1. Hi Barbara, first I’ll tell you I do like very much the title of your website 😉
    I like also all the possibilities you listed here, but what I really like is that you emphasized the importance of putting the adequate quality and quantity of work into the online business.
    What often pop into people’s mind is either that you need only to click a few buttons and the income will pour, or the opposite-that they would never be capable of doing it, as it is only for tech geniuses. Neither of these is correct, of course.
    Online business is a business as any other. You equally need to build it from scratch, as the offline business, as well. It ditto requires your work, your time, your devotion. However, with the right mindset and the right approach anything can be learnt and done.
    I write a blog, about all the issues elderly might have, aiming to help them and their families to deal with the, mostly unexpected, turn of event at an older age.
    Although my work is closely related, I still need to apply a lot of effort into proper research, writing, marketing, etc if I want to reach out and help as many people as I can and expect it to turn into a profitable enterprise. So yes, consistent work is required in the online business, as well.

    1. Kerryanne,
      First I want to apologize that it has taken me a few days to get back to you on your comments. I have been under the weather with a stomach virus and have not had the energy to do much of anything, so I have been resting.
      Next I want to express my appreciation for your coming by and commenting on my article.
      I have based the website title on my own personal experiences. Prior to 2016, I was working at a 9 hour/day job and was making very good money. But then cancer struck, I underwent treatment and afterwards could no longer work. So, I currently live on a fixed income and struggle to make ends meet. Think website was intended to help other people in my situation, find ways to create additional income streams or create an online business.
      With this article, I try to show some of the most relevant examples of successful businesses. One has to understand though, that the work that needs to be put forth to be successful is not easy and success does not happen over night. It takes persistence, consistency, discipline and motivation. Sometimes, it may be easier for seniors in this situation to learn how to create multiple income streams to relieve the burden of living on a fixed income.


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