The Secret Of Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve started your affiliate marketing journey and you’re wondering if there’s a secret or a tip you’ve been missing that puts you apart from the successful marketers – you’re in the right place.

At times, affiliate marketing can seem to be one of the easiest online business models, yet also the hardest online business models.

Even though it’s very easy to get started with affiliate marketing, making the first dollar can be a long journey.

After that, there’s a thin line where the results can snowball one after another and make your hard work and efforts pay off.

There are no secrets that set successful and unsuccessful affiliate marketers apart, but there are things that you should know when you’re starting as they can help you make progress much faster and avoid beginner mistakes.

Wisely Choosing Affiliate Programs

Even though it’s fairly easy to apply for an affiliate program and even easier to get accepted, you should carefully choose your affiliate programs.

There are thousands of affiliate programs available on the internet and even though they’re free to join and you can join as many as you wish, every affiliate program is slightly different.

From the commission structure, commission rate you get, and type of commission you receive (recurring or one-time type), combined with the terms of agreement and rules you should follow – these are all of the things that can make a huge difference to your marketing experience.

Of course, they can also affect the income you can make with the help of these affiliate programs, and most importantly, they can even determine the reliability of the affiliate program.


I highly recommend you think of your audience, their needs, and interest before joining affiliate programs. You want to match the affiliate programs and products that would benefit your audience the most.

Therefore, you should create a list of companies that fit your niche and go from there to see if they offer an affiliate program.

This will help you narrow down the affiliate programs, yet still, have plenty of choices when you check out each affiliate program closely to ensure that it benefits you too.

Testing and Optimizing Your Content for Affiliate Links

When you choose an affiliate program and you join it, you’re left off with affiliate links, maybe a bit of training and a dashboard where you can keep an eye on your performance.

Placing links throughout your content is a good first step. However, once you place your links, you shouldn’t forget about them.

After a while, you should come back to your affiliate links and try and see which links get clicked the most. Link placement can be crucial, but also the way you place links can make a difference too.

These are some of the things that you should test and optimize to ensure you get the most out of your affiliate links.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to strictly focus on affiliate links only. You can use promotional material quality affiliate programs offer, or even create your own banners and images.

Except using affiliate links in your content, you can spread the links throughout your website or your platform of choice to ensure that your links are visible yet aren’t too distracting.

Creating Content for Affiliate Promotions

Most of your content will be the informational type of content created to help educate your audience, solve issues, or provide more information than any other source of information on the internet currently provides.

However, you will also be able to create reviews of products you’re using or you’re a big fan of. These products will most likely fit your niche which means that your audience will be highly interested.

These products can be anything from simple products that are a great upgrade or products that are a solution to a problem.

Therefore, you can intentionally write these reviews to help your audience and yet also include affiliate promotions.

Of course, you shouldn’t overly promote the products or strictly focus on writing only the good things about the product. Every product, no matter how good it is, has both advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, don’t overly promote products just because you want to earn commission on every sale you can make.

Instead, be unbiased, trustworthy, and put yourself in the reader’s shoes to ensure you help answer all potential questions they might need answers to.

People see through overly promotional content. Keep in mind that in this situation, less is more!

Put Relationships and Trust Before Money

Way too often do I see Instagram pages with large audiences promoting anything that comes their way. Even if you run a general page or a website, you should still tailor your promotions to your audience.

Instead, you will lose followers, get actual pushback because people talk when they’re unhappy, and you won’t get nearly as many conversions as you’ve expected.


Therefore, it’s important to build trust and build relationships instead of thinking of your audience as a number.

It’s a small yet important mind shift you have to make to ensure you actually serve your audience well.

As a result, your audience will rapidly grow but most importantly, will have a lot more trust in you and your brand.

From there, all you have to do is carefully choose affiliate programs and promotions before you start sharing your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and if you’re actually interested in building a sustainable online business, you will have to ensure your visitors/audience is happy.

If not, they’ll quickly see through your offers, and you won’t get as many sales as you expect.

Be Genuine and Don’t Fake Things

There are many “gurus” and “mentors” who are trying to push their way with fake testimonials and a “rich lifestyle” that’s actually only on the paper for the internet posts.

While many people are attracted to the shiny object syndrome, if it’s too good to be true, it’s most likely too good to be true.

Being genuine is easy if you’re not trying to fake something or scam someone.

Even though you might not realize it, people will spot your honesty, and this will lead to more trust between you and your audience.


When there’s trust, your audience will more likely be happy to listen to your advice or recommendation.

This won’t only apply to affiliate promotions, but it will be very convenient since as a result, you’ll benefit from more sales.

If you try to force something to look good or to seem incredible to your audience, this might do more damage than good in the long run.

And since affiliate marketing isn’t an overnight business or monetization method, you might not only get rejected by your audience, but you might also violate some of the program’s rules and conditions which is never a good idea to do.

Therefore, keep things simple, less is more, and always be genuine and try to do good for your audience.

And always remember, if you don’t have an audience/followers, no one will read your content and no one will be able to click your affiliate links and make purchases to help you earn your commission.

Track Your Performance and Make Improvements

Joining an affiliate program and adding affiliate offers and promotions is always an exciting time.

If you already have a business or audience who follows you, you will be able to gain traction much faster than if you had to start an online business from scratch to make money with affiliate marketing.

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Therefore, it’s important to track your performance as this will tell you what is working and what is not working.

With so many different elements in online businesses and affiliate marketing in general, it’s often the smallest changes that make the biggest difference.

I highly recommend you track your performance and always look for ways to improve your affiliate marketing efforts. Feel free to test and optimize things.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy so you will have to find out what works the best for your online business on your own.

However, if you are only building an online business, make sure that you don’t overly focus on tracking the performance and reading the statistics.

When you’re only starting, you might not get much information to work with and this might often get to you or make you feel impatient or feel unsuccessful.

It’s important to focus on the things that matter at the right time to ensure the best process that will lead to success.


Even though there are no secrets that will help you become a successful affiliate marketer overnight, there are definitely things and aspects of affiliate marketing that you should pay attention to.

These things will help you improve your marketing experience, learn something new, and do things in a better way to get better results.

If you’re only starting, these things can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes instead of learning from your mistakes and wasting time making these mistakes.

As you can see, no same strategy works for everyone and yet it’s all about providing top-quality content for your audience so every party involved can benefit.

What do you like the most about affiliate marketing? Did anyone make you think that there are secrets that could make you a successful affiliate marketer?


All the best,


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