Tweet, Tweet A Twitter Review

Twitter is an extremely popular social networking and microblogging online platform with 340 million monthly active users.


It allows members to communicate using tweets (280-character messages).


With 500 million tweets each day, this platform helps people keep up with the latest news, events, weather, gossip, and many more.


This Twitter review is an honest attempt to analyze the features, advantages, and disadvantages of this social media networking site.


Review Details


Name: Twitter


Founders/Owners: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams

Established: March 21, 2006

Type of Industry: Social Media

Price:  Free

Company rating: 4/5


Twitter Overview


Within a short period of 14 years, Twitter has managed to achieve monumental success as a social networking site.


100 million daily active users are making use of this site to receive news, stay in touch with friends, follow celebrities, and express their viewpoints and opinions on a wide range of incidents and developments.


Businesses are also utilizing Twitter to create followers and provide them with valuable content to create a positive impression.


Offering quality tweets consistently, smart business owners build brand awareness among potential customers. That is to say, you can use this social networking site to your advantage in many ways.




This Twitter review finds that Twitter has unlimited potential as a social media platform. You can even use it to advertise your products or services sparingly.


This site can connect you with a person from a different continent as fast as it can introduce you to a person living in your neighborhood.


No matter whether you are a politician, celebrity, business owner, or an ordinary person, you can find different ways of using Twitter.


Training and Tools


On Twitter, following someone does not signify a friendship. However, it affords conversation and interaction in short bursts.


The vernacular needs to be understood and mastered if you want to make use of Twitter efficiently. There are some words and tools native to Twitter.


You need to be familiar with these aspects to understand this social network better.


Tweet and Retweet


It is a message posted on Twitter that may contain text, videos, photos, and links. Earlier, the number of characters in a tweet was limited to 140.


Twitter doubled it to meet the newly emerging situations and needs of the users.




A Retweet refers to a re-sharing or re-posting of a Tweet. The feature lets you share your own tweets or other peoples’ tweets quickly.


You just need to click on the Retweet tab to perform this task. When you retweet, you have an option of adding your comments about the original post.


Several users type RT (short form of Retweet) at the beginning of a Tweet to suggest that they are sharing someone else’s content.




Twitter feed is the stream of tweets you find on your homepage. It is your list of updates from users whom you follow. Your tweets become visible to your followers on the feed. It is updated consciously in real-time.




What is a Twitter handle? It is the username that is visible at the end of your Twitter URL.


You can find the Twitter handle of a person after @ sign in a profile URL.


It is your unique identity on this social media platform.


Direct Message


Direct Message or DM is a private message sent between two Twitter users. You have the option of accepting or refusing a Direct Message from another user on this platform.


In the settings, you can make the necessary changes to receive DM only from users you are following.


Mention (@)


Mention (@) is a method to refer to another user by his/her username in a tweet. When you use this feature on your tweet, the people you mentioned are notified.


It is an effective method to hold discussions with other people in the public realm.


Hashtag (#)


It is a discovery tool to indicate a topic of conversation or take part in a discussion. A hashtag helps other users discover your tweets, depending on the topics.


If you click on a Hashtag, you can see all the tweets that mention it in real-time, including tweets from people you don’t follow.


Simple Signup Process


After visiting the official website of Twitter (, you have to click on the Sign-Up tab. In five steps, you can fill in all relevant details.


To create an account, you have to submit your name, phone number, email, and password. You need to optimize your new account to get started and continue smoothly.


Twitter is Mobile Compatible


blue-with-white-birdWhen you are on the go, you can keep up with Twitter due to its mobile compatible nature.


You can download the Twitter app on Android and iOS devices. If you are a beginner, it is always advisable to start with the official Twitter app.


As you get familiar and want to experiment with certain refined functionality, you can make use of some third-party apps.


Infusing Your Personality into the Profile is Vital


Trust builds up only between real human beings. Most people don’t follow accounts with default profile images.


You should use your own photo and infuse your unique personality into the profile. This approach helps you connect with people and establish healthy relationships.


Consistent Tweeting is a Good Habit


It is always advisable to tweet consistently. When you post quality content consistently, people will follow you.


If your content generates interest, other users will keep an eye on your tweets and often relate to your passions. It translates to an increased number of retweets as well.


How to Post a Tweet?


If you want to post something, you have to click the text box that shows What’s happening.’ As a user, you can add text, pictures, GIF, or even a poll with the help of the icons placed below the text box.


Perusing Popular Content and Follow People on Twitter


Clicking the Moments’ tab at the top, you can peruse popular content. This action displays all trending topics in a wide range of areas, including news, entertainment, sports, fun, business, and more.


If you want to follow particular people, you just need to type their name into the search box. Then, you should click on their name to get access to their profile.


Finally, the Follow’ button on the right must be clicked to start following them. Whenever these people tweet, their posts will be visible on your homepage.


Twitter for Marketers


Being a social media networking site, the primary purpose of Twitter is to connect people and let them share their thoughts with a large audience.


However, marketers and PR teams can use this online platform to increase brand awareness and create a positive impact on potential customers.




Businesses can use Twitter to build a following. Offering your audience fresh and useful content, you can make a positive impression.


The unique character limit of Twitter motivates you to create concise and compelling messages and advertisements.


Many businesses are using this social media platform to advertise their products/services. The important thing to notice is that you have to it sparingly.


With the help of a smart social media marketing strategy, you can use Twitter to attract an audience with valuable content and build brand awareness.


Moreover, Twitter allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level. There are many meaningful ways that you can discover when it comes to using Twitter.


If someone mentions your messages, products, or services, you have many options such as Like and Retweet, depending on your needs.


If a customer makes a complaint about your products/services on Twitter, you can contact them to solve the situation in real-time.


Customer Support


Twitter offers customer support through its Help Centre. Various categories like Help Topics and Guides answer your questions and clarify your doubts.


The Help Centre of Twitter covers everything you need to know, including managing your account, safety and security, and rules and policies to use this platform like a pro.



You can also follow @TwitterSupport to get instant information on the latest tips, tricks, and news. If you cannot find a solution from the sources listed above, you can file a report to get assistance from the experts.




You don’t have to pay any fee for opening a Twitter account. However, you need to pay fees for promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends. The exact price depends on your advertisement type.


Final Evaluation


This Twitter review finds that Twitter is an incredibly useful and user-friendly social media networking site with an impeccable reputation.


The rate of growth of Twitter during the last decade has been phenomenal.


With user-friendly features and micro-blog formatting, this versatile platform works as an excellent tool for social sharing and to build your own community.


In addition to individuals and business owners, professionals like reporters and PR teams also use Twitter to alert their audience and post important announcements.




Individuals, as well as business owners, can make use of Twitter to stay connected with their audience. According to this Twitter review, you don’t need to worry about any complex issues when you use this online social media platform.


A simple and transparent method of approach is what you can associate with Twitter.


Many online marketers are exploiting the amazing possibilities of this social media networking site to attract potential customers and build brand awareness.


I would really like to hear what you think of Twitter.  Do you use is? How do you use it? You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Living On Lean Means ?




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