What is Living on Lean Means?


Living on Lean Means is a website created for people such as myself, who struggle with the situation of having to live on a fixed income. A fixed income could mean anything from unemployment, underpaid, Social Security for Senior citizens, Social Security Disability, Long term disability, inadequate retirement and other types of income that does not leave an individual with enough income to make it to the next paycheck.


It provides a great deal of important information to guide us on a journey to finding alternate income sources and introduces us to the word of Affiliate Marketing where we can then learn to build successful businesses that can create multiple income streams for us all.


So when you venture into this website, please do with an open mind because there could be an article that grasps your interest and may be just the opportunity you are looking for.


Barbara McGinley, Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means; livingonleanmeans@gmail.com

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