What is SEO and Why is It Important?

Hello everyone! Barbara here from Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for stopping by my website once again to learn more about creating alternate income streams.


I want to caution you all, that things don’t just happen overnight or just by snapping your fingers.  A great amount of work is necessary and many things you need to learn to be successful in your endeavors.

MeThe topic is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I will be discussing with you why this is a key ingredient for everyone to understand when looking to gain exposure to a specific audience with your website.


Without great exposure to your desired audience, you will be unable to progress or move forward in your online endeavors.  If you are not able to get people to see your website, you will be stalled in the water, just a boat without gasoline.


Today I wanted to touch on a subject that is very important, no matter if you are new to online marketing or whether you’ve been around a while.


So, I created this video tutorial on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), what it is and why it is important should help everyone understand the basics of the SEO process and what Search Engines look for when they crawl your website content.


So what do you say we click the play button and get started, shall we?


So, what did you think? What are your thoughts on the SEO process? How important it is to you and why? What are your thoughts on this brief tutorial? I would like to hear what you think. You may leave your thoughts, questions and comments in the section below and I will be more than happy to respond.


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