What Is The US Fixed Income Index?

Many people are in the USA are living on a fixed income such as annuities, bonds, certificates of deposits, loans, savings accounts, money market funds, and pensions. Fixed income refers to any type of investment that guarantees a return or payment on a regular schedule.


Several people are also investing in exchange-traded funds, fixed income securities with bond mutual funds, and other types of fixed income derivatives. Smart investors always look for a well-researched and market-tested fixed income index in USA to assess and gauge the performance of debt markets.


Why Fixed Income Index in USA is Very Important?


Several people simply check to find whether their accounts are positive or negative on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. A CD at a local bank or beating the return in their savings accounts makes them satisfied. The hurdle for managing your financial future must not set up at a very low level. If you do so, you are not going in the right direction and causing some damage to your financial stability in the future.



Permitted in down markets, you can feel satisfied with a positive return. However, you should not undermine the importance of risk/return proposition.


Minimal risk can always be associated with a bank CD, but the comparatively riskier capital markets are going to provide better returns over time.


You need to understand that some types of fees are charged by all funds and advisers. When you hire someone for managing your investments, you should have some kind of yardsticks or benchmarks to assess their performance.


A fixed income index in USA is the most suitable option that can be used as a benchmark to analyze the performance of a fund.


Most Popular Fixed Income Index in USA Based on Morningstar Research Study


Various studies show that there are around 900 unique open-ended fixed income mutual funds in the USA. This number does not include various share classes that you can use to buy funds. High yield bond funds and global bonds are also excluded from this list.


Morningstar-fund-flows-chartThe Morningstar search study picks the top 10 indexes from these funds that can be utilized as benchmarks. The BBGBARC US Aggregate Bond tops the list. It is clearly the most extensively employed benchmark by fund managers.


Earlier known as the Barclays US Aggregate, the BBGBARC US Aggregate Bond has been used more than the other nine benchmarks combined.


Other nine indexes picked by the Morningstar are BBGBARC US Govt/Credit 1-3 Years, BBGBARC US Govt/Credit Interim, BBGBARC US MBS, S&P/LSTA Leveraged Loan, Credit Suisse Leveraged Loan, BBGBARC US Credit, BofAML US Treasuries 1-3 Years, BBGBARC c GNMA, and BofAML US Corp &Govt; 1-3 Years.


S&P and Dow Jones Fixed Income Index


The S&P DJI fixed income index covers more than 20,000 individual securities in detail. The final objective is to introduce thousands of maturity and sector-oriented indices. More than 500 fixed income indices have been published by S&P DJI. This list covers CDS, senior loans, municipals, corporates, and preferreds.


S&P Dow Jones is counted as the third-largest fixed income index provider for the global Exchange S-&-P-index-graph-red-blueTraded Fund (ETF) market. The S&P US Aggregate Bond Index can be termed as a comprehensive, extensive, and market value-weighted index.


The performance of the US fixed income market (investment-grade) like home mortgage pass-throughs, taxable municipal bonds, covered bonds, corporates, quasi-governments, and US treasuries is measured effectively by the S&P Dow Jones fixed income index in USA.


Compared to other benchmarks, this index offers more comprehensive allocation, transparency, and diversification options for fixed income investors when it comes to tracking bonds one month and longer.


The best three bonds picked by The S&P DJI fixed income index are Broad Market Bloomberg Barclays, U.S. Aggregate Broad Market Bloomberg Barclays, and U.S. Corporate Bloomberg Barclays.


It is a fact that the Fixed Income world is more diverse and bigger compared to the stock market. Since one main index is utilized as a benchmark, investors have to face some real issues while making efforts to compare returns.


As an investor, you need to deal with problems when focusing on the performance fluctuations of the portfolio and index.


Important Things to Consider While Comparing the Performance Differences of Investments


Recognizing it as a major issue, you must be aware of a few aspects while conducting a comparative study on the performance variations or differences of your fixed-income investments.


Find What the Used Index and Investment Fund Contain


Bloomberg-barclays-pie-chart-aggregrate-bond-indexOne perfect example is the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate index and the absence of High Yield or Foreign Fixed Income in the index.


Following this fixed income index in USA, many funds add High Yield and Foreign in their listing. These types of funds are known as Plus or Total Return funds.


The holdings difference between the index and fund may result in considerable under performance or out performance. As an investor, you get the impression that you are receiving excellent returns due to the upward trends in the bond market.


In reality, you might find that you are down when checking your account due to certain overseas developments. It can be a really alarming situation.


You need to be cautious and alert to prevent you from getting into such a situation. The vital aspect here is to look into the investment fund you hold, as well as the index the fund is measured against. This approach makes the comparison relevant and valid.


Difference between the Named Prospectus Benchmark and the One Used by the Manager


This is a very important aspect. You must realize that the named prospectus benchmark may not the benchmark employed by the fund manager to compare the performance. Many people use a blended benchmark to make a comparison while naming the BBGBARC US Aggregate as the fundamental benchmark.


Many slices of various indexes are used to make a blended benchmark. You can include conservative asset allocation under the category of the blended benchmark.


There are fund managers who use a combination of 30% Barclays US 3 Month Treasury Bellwether Index, 6% MSCI ACWI Index ex USA, 50% BBGBARC US Aggregate, and 14% Dow Jones US Total Stock Market Index. However, the BBGBARC US Aggregate is always listed as the primary benchmark.


What should you learn from this? You have to make efforts to learn what exactly the fund is actually comparing it to. It requires a more detailed search than just a casual look at the prospectus or the financial website you rely on.


Understand That Beating Indexes Are a Tough Task


You may easily get tempted to take some extra risk and beat the index to generate an additional return. Many investors commit this mistake quite often. There will be an under performance and out performance period for a fund vs. an index.


It is fascinating and interesting to see a fund outperforming the fixed income index in USA. In such a situation, higher risk is taken by the fund compared to the index by making investment outside of the index. You will tend to believe that the fund outperformed the index. This assumption doesn’t make any sense.


You can hear financial professionals talking about how effectively a fund outperformed a fixed income index in USA. Some caution needs to be exercised in such a situation. If your financial consultant says that a particular fund has been beating its index 3 out of the last 4 years, you should not blindly follow his/her advice.


Further scrutiny needs to be done to learn things clearly when you hear news about funds beating indexes. A deeper examination may reveal that the fund is taking a risk that the benchmark is not following.


It doesn’t suggest that the fund is a bad choice, but it may not be the right option for you. You have to look for funds that work well with your style of investing. The risk you are prepared to take must also be taken into consideration while choosing a fund.


You have to look under the hood when it comes to assessing funds and indexes. It is always advisable to know what makes up the fund as well as the index.


This method of approach assists you in creating a clear idea about the risk and returns you need to expect by making an investment in the fund. You will also get to know how it measures up to a suitable index.


These aspects are critically important when you are living on a fixed income. You must understand that holdings difference between a fund and the benchmark index can go to any extent. These differences can be compared to day and night.




Several people are living on a fixed income in USA nowadays. A fixed income index in USA is the best benchmark option to measure the performance of a fund. Many reliable agencies offer these types of indexes to help investors.


Reliable financial advisers guide you to make the right investment decisions based on accurate analysis of various indices.


If you are an investor, you should also be careful about a few important aspects like identifying what the used index and investment fund contain and learning the difference between the Named Prospectus Benchmark and the One Used by the Manager.


It is also necessary to realize that indexes are the most reliable choice available and beating them is a tough task.



I would like to hear from you about this important topic and how it effects you. Please leave your comments below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


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