Who Am I? You May Be Wondering

new-profile-photoHi  Everyone! Barbara here. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me at Living On Lean Means. I’d like to welcome everyone to my website.


Let me ask you? Do you hate living from paycheck to paycheck? A drag, right? Are you disabled, retired or otherwise living on a fixed income, for whatever reason?


Yeah, me too (all of the above)!


If so, than what this website will provide, may interest you a great deal.


Let’s be real! Everyone would more than love to find a way to create a supplemental income stream.


Let’s face it, living on a fixed income isn’t fun.


There’s no room for enjoying life; traveling whenever you wish, buying that new car you’ve always wanted or even spending an occasional night out with friends, when your budget is tight.


I know. I’ve lived this way for over four years now and I certainly don’t enjoy it.  But what I found just a little over a year ago will amaze you.  Would you like to see what I found?  Here’s what I did and you can too!


The pages that follow, will educate you in finding alternate means of additional income and steer you clear of the online scams that are out there.


I would like to invite you to experience what I have in the past nineteen months.


I would like to hear what you think about this article and others in this website.  You may share your questions, thoughts and comments in the section below any of the articles.


I will be more than happy to respond.


Also feel free to share my website or a specific article (s) with your friends who may be experiencing the same situation.


A Little About My Story


Author and poet, my name is Barbara and I live in the US on the east coast. I am a college graduate with a degree in Business Administration/Management.


I served in the United States Air Force for six years. Additionally, I worked for the federal government for over twenty years as a logistician and procurement coordinator.


My Passions – Dogs and Poetry


All through my formidable years, there were dogs in my family. They all grew to become the most loving creatures of my childhood.  As an adult, I have had three dogs off my own.


Oh, and did I mention my son has two of his own! My current dog, Chance has been with me since November 2017. He is four years old now.




I rescued him from a local shelter.  He has become my blog writing assistant because he has been by my side every step of the way on this journey.  We have even made a few videos together too.


As an adult dog owner, I’m truly passionate about the plight of homeless, malnourished, mistreated, neglected, under appreciated and abused dogs in this world.


Shelters are understaffed and overcrowded, so if a dog doesn’t find a home (get adopted) within twenty-five days of entering the shelter, they are actually placed on death row and euthanized. This is such a horrible thing to imagine! So, if you are able, and have a big heart, PLEASE DON’T SHOP, ADOPT!


Now my other passion is writing poetry.  My poetry has been included in several Poetry Anthologies since the 1980s.


In 2014, I decided to create my own poetry manuscript using Shutterfly.


In this particular book, I included photos into the design to reflect the theme of each poem I wrote over the past forty years.


The book is entitled “When Hearts Collide & Etcetera”.  This and other books I create in the future will be part of the legacy I leave to my children.


I went on to write more poems and in early 2020, decided to incorporate what I had written to date into one book.


Finally, in February of 2021 my book of poems was completed, published and is now live on Amazon Kindle and in paperback format as well.


I kept the same title, but the book design is quite different, as you can tell by the image below.




If you would like to experience poertry from the heart, click on the title below or on the book image itself.


??When Hearts Collide, Etcetera??

The Why Behind My Purpose


I am retired and have been for nearly five years, and as I mentioned above, I live on a fixed income.


Feeling quite bored and underproductive, I decide to search for legitimate ways to supplement my income working from home, when I came across Wealthy Affiliate.


Since being at Wealthy Affiliate, I have created 2 fully functional Affiliate Marketing websites and have written 124 articles for those websites.


I have written 378 blogs within the platform, was an Ambassador for 120 days, and still ranking in the top 50 in the community.


Also, I was able to create a SEO tutorial, complete Online Entrepreneur Certification Training, Affiliate BootCamp Training, establish a YouTube Channel, and create two Facebook Groups based on each of my websites.


I have had a LinkedIn account for 12 years now and use it to promote my websites and articles as well.  I also use Instagram, but mostly on a personal basis.


Recently I created an ebook: “Blogging Your Way To A New Career “.




This is a step by step guide that teaches you just how to create and run your own blog, to start an online business, or just supplement your current income.


Click on the title below or the image above to find out how you get started today.


??Blogging Your Way To A New Career??


I am proud of everything I have accomplished to date through Wealthy Affiliate.  I totally enjoy the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and the community because I learn so much each day from both.


I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to start an online affiliate marketing business or just create additional streams of income.


To Help Others Is My Purpose


In my 60+ years of being on this earth, I was never really a person of well means. Life threw me some curve balls and I threw some at myself as well.


I had to learn to pull myself up and start all over several times before I could get it right.


My passion for helping people has led me to create this website.


Through it, I’m hoping I can share with you a few lessons I have learned in becoming the best version of myself as well as instill in you, that no matter what your situation, you can achieve your dreams, you can earn legitimate income online and become very successful at it.


You just need to take that first Right step!  Join me by registering here and find out how I got started.


All the research I had done, led me to Wealthy Affiliate and on October 1st, 2019 I published my very first website.


After being here since October 2019, I have learned many things and I would like to share them with everyone who is in the same situation as me (and even if you are not).


You too can create an online income stream, if you are not afraid of a little hard work. So, won’t you join me! You won’t be disappointed!


By the way, the feature image is of  Salzburg, Austria.  I had the pleasure of visiting there with my father, twelve years ago.


This is where scenes from the movie “The Sound of Music”, were filmed.  This was truly a magical place and a magical time for my father and me.


This is where he was stationed in the US Army during the Korean War.


I am mentioning this, because it is my dream to one day return for a second visit.  With Wealthy Affiliate, I plan to make that dream a reality.



As I mentioned above, if you would like to know more about me and the goal of this website, do not hesitate to leave questions, thoughts and comments in the section below. I will be happy to respond.


All the best!


Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means ?


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2 thoughts on “Who Am I? You May Be Wondering”

  1. Hi Barbara.
    Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

    I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate since May 2016.


    To decrease your bounce rate, you may want to open certain options in ‘a new window.’

    Are you into ‘linking and backlinking?’

    Here is my introduction to wealthy affiliate:

    Have a look at the site. It is a work in progress.

    Let me know if I can help.
    Your avatar is awesome and will go very far away.

    Kindest regards.

    Paul Mindra.

    1. Hello Paul,
      Thank you so much for stopping by Living On Lean Means and offering your advice on my About Me page regarding linking and backlinking and having my links open in another window.
      The links in this article already get directed to another page and/or open in another window. I do use backlinking where appropriate (when content calls for it). And I want to sincerely thank you for your comments regarding my avatar. I have decided to only use it when I am blogging on the platform. For my website posts, I would rather allow my audience to see the real person behind the words.


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