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Website Name: WordPress  Wordpress-logo-w

Website URL:  WordPress.com

Owners:  Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg

Founded:  2004

WordPress Plan Price:  Start Free, Personal = $4/mo, Premium = $8/mo, Business = $25/mo, eCommerce = $45/mo.  All Plans are Billed on an Annual Basis.

Hosting Plan Price:  Varies Depending on Hosting Plan

Overall Rank:  8.7/10

Verdict – Legit

Is WordPress Hosting a scam? Absolutely not! Users fail to understand some crucial points which lead to misunderstandings. For instance, did you know that WordPress does not run all the providers of hosting?


WordPress hosting has been running for time immemorial. They are the most preferred hosting services, according to a recent survey. More so, if you feel scammed, WordPress Hosting returns your money in full without opposition.


You can access WordPress Hosting by visiting www.WordPress.com
to start on a subscription plan.


WordPress Hosting Pricing and Plan


Managed WordPress is more expensive compared to the Shared option. Shared WordPress Hosting offers steep discounts on your first billing because the owners understand the high costs of the initial set up of a website. You should expect to part with $3-$4 per month as your first billing cycle. The amount is very little compared to other hosts.


Once you have exhausted the benefits of your first cycle, you will be required to pay from $7-10 monthly. Bear in mind that these are just starting charges. A higher tier shared WordPress is more expensive.


There are three pricing plans with Shared WordPress hosting that are Lite, Swift, and Turbo plans. Thanks to the amazing discount, Lite has been discounted from $7.99 to $3.92 and Swift from $9.99 to $4.90. Turbo, which is the “premium” of Shared WordPress, which was $18.99, is now $9.31.


However, we have exceptions to Managed WordPress being expensive. For instance, Siteground and Flywheel are cheaper options to Managed WordPress. For an ordinary Managed WordPress, you should expect to pay $25 in a month.


Siteground Startup plan starts at around $11.95 monthly and a promo price of $3.95. The plan features one website, 10 GB Web Space, and 10,000 web visits. A Growbig plan goes for $19.95 and a promo offer price of $5.95. It features unlimited websites, 25 k web visits, and 20 GB of web space.


Finally, the GoGeek Siteground plan is sold for $7.95 per month on promo price with a price tag of $34.95 per month.


WordPress Hosting Tools and Training


Now that you have already made a choice to create your website with WordPress, let’s take a look at hosting, your next big choice. WordPress hosting is a requirement to use WordPress. The WordPress host must also have MySQL and PHP support. Therefore, it is important to be informed before making a purchase.


While doing your research, you must have come across terms like shared, dedicates, or VPN, and you just can’t seem to understand all this baggage. Don’t worry because we got you! So, what is WordPress hosting?



In the simplest words, WordPress hosting is a form of hosting that has been designed and optimized to better meet the performance and enhanced security needs of WordPress.


While a Host is not a must-have to run a website on WordPress, it is crucial for a website owner who wants to run WordPress smoothly. Although the requirements for WordPress are almost insignificant, WP Hosting is a superior host compared to the others.

What Does WordPress Hosting Do?


WordPress Hosting includes WordPress installs, which are easy to use even for a beginner. With a single click, WordPress is installed, and you can dive right into using it. It also updates your WordPress software automatically as soon as there are updates.


Types of WordPress Hosting


In your research, you must have come across different types of hosting. It can be challenging and confusing to choose, especially for a beginner. Let’s look at the three main types of WordPress Hosting.


We have Free WordPress hosting, Shared WordPress hosting, and Managed WordPress hosting. What is the difference?





1.  Free WordPress Hosting


Free WordPress hosting is a free option for hosting. The host is not suitable for anyone except for one who is not serious about their website. Free Hosting comes with uncountable limitations for use. There are tools and plugins which cannot be used by a free member.


The best thing to do with Free Hosting is to test your website. Otherwise, to enjoy Support, speed, and effectiveness, you must upgrade to a better WordPress Hosting.


 2.  Shared WordPress Hosting


Are you tight on cash? Shared WordPress hosting is a cheap alternative if you are running on empty pockets. What does it mean to have a Shared WordPress Hosting? The name is self-explanatory. With a shared WordPress Hosting, you will be sharing a server with other websites.


Does that compromise performance? The answer is no. Your WordPress performance will still be optimized. The only difference you will note is that you will not have it all to yourself.


You will also have access to a one-click WordPress installer. The feature, however, is not unique as other hosts have a similar installer. Some shared WordPress hosts will, however, give the option of pre-installing WordPress.


Some also offer an automatic installation of WordPress software and go a step further to upgrade your plugins as well as themes. Finally, some Shared WordPress hosts include features which are particular to WordPress, only that they are pretty much close to standard.


3.  Managed WordPress Hosting


Managed WordPress would best be described as the creme de la creme of all hosts. In addition to everything Shared WordPress hosting, Managed Hosting offers the following:


Faster speed – Managed WordPress comes with better and advanced hardware specifications, therefore delivering lightning speed WordPress functionality.


Staging sites – It is common knowledge that you never the waters with both feet. The same applies to your website. The good news is that Managed WordPress offers staging sites where you can test the changes you want to make to your site. If you like them, you can right away implement them, but if not, you can forego them or make a few changes and corrections.


Enhanced security – Managed WordPress hosting comes with a lot of jargon. You will experience several intrusion detection and malware scans in a bid to ensure your website is more secure.


Server-side Caching – Caches enable you to speed up your WordPress site. Caching requires for you to have a plugin. Managed WordPress hosting, however, does everything for you, giving you a faster and more reliable website with zero work on your side.





Managed WordPress Hosting works exclusively with WordPress. Therefore, you will have unlimited access to Support and maintenance. You can also access hardware and software updates at a lower price. Managed Hosting tailors its features to the better performance of your website.


There are also major setbacks with managed Hosting. One is the price, of course. For a buyer on a budget, the Managed WordPress hosting is completely out of the box, unless on sale. Why is the Managed Hosting so expensive? The machines used to manage this kind of hosting are utterly expensive, requiring extra and expert care.


Managed Hosting also limits flexibility as it is designed solely for WordPress hosting. It also limits the tools you can use due to the strict policies. Some plugins are completely off-limits.


Shared or Managed WordPress Hosting?


The answer depends on various factors. However, as a rule of thumb, beginners should go with the cheaper option for a start. However, remember that time is money!


As a beginner, you are likely to get caught up with caching and updates that you may miss out on the important stuff. Therefore, it is really a matter of personal preference and personal budget.


A high-traffic site should go with the managed WordPress even without second thoughts. There are other WordPress hosts. Let’s give them a brief mention!


  • Siteground – the WordPress host offers features of both the shared and managed WordPress. It’s a great way of having a little of everything.
  • Flywheel – this is a cheaper alternative if the managed WordPress hosting. It has its downsides, but generally, it is a great host thanks to its managed Hosting.
  • A2 Hosting – the host, is a shared WordPress host with surprisingly fast speed for its category.
  • Kinsta – if you are ready to pay the price, Kinsta is the host for you! Kinsta is a high-end, managed WordPress host.

WordPress Hosting Support


Running a website is a hard thing, and at one point, something will go wrong. Do you have someone you can turn to? Is there a community, forum, or personal Support? The most important thing to consider while deciding on your plan is the maintenance and support offered.


Signing up for a maintenance and support service is an easy way to take some of the many WordPress tasks off your plate.


These tasks can take up all your time and leave you with no time for the most important tasks. WordPress maintenance and support team take care of all the mundane tasks that have to be done for the smooth running of your website.


Maintenance consists of core WordPress updates, theme updates, backups of your website, up-time monitoring, and security for your website. Support covers website downtime, errors to do with plugin and themes, and troubleshooting problems. Support can also help you with WordPress advice.



Newbies have everything to gain from these maintenance and support services. These services take control of solving problematic websites, especially when you are just learning how to go about hosting.


When you can’t resolve an issue, Support is at your beck and call! In no time, you will be back online.


An experienced WordPress user may think they have nothing to gain from maintenance and Support, but that is where they go wrong. Although you may not see it as something groundbreaking, Support takes a lot of work off your hands, enabling you to work on building your website. These services are the reason you are always o time, and there is no down-time with the services.


WordPress Hosting customer service is available 24/7 to help and sort out issues. You can contact them via email or telephone numbers or their hotline.


You can also join meetups organized in your city for a personal connection with the WordPress community. Joining a community allows you to participate in online discussions of emerging issues and gain from your community. You can as well propose discussing to the team to get solutions for your problems.


Wordpress-dot-comWordPress hosting support is always timely. You will never wait for more than a couple of minutes before you are served.


The good news is that the answers provided to your problems are not just copy-pasted. These solutions are given by real people who know what they are doing!


You also get access to a whole community. Therefore, you will never feel lonely. You can read of people’s experiences and their lives to understand that whatever challenges you may be going through are not new. You can also get solutions to the common problems other WordPress users have faced.


WordPress hosting also exposes you to a community where you can grow. The WordPress community enables you to pursue your dreams and achieve without being judged or ridiculed by those with experience users.


WordPress Hosting at a Glance


WordPress hosting is any service whatsoever that supports the open-source WordPress content management system to provide better services to users. Having a website is not enough! WordPress hosting offers you additional disadvantages compared to only having a WordPress website.


A WordPress hosting heightens the security of your web page. Your site’s security should be your primary concern. According to research, a hacking attempt is made every 39 seconds. To avoid falling prey to such, Hosting is vital.



WordPress hosting enhanced the speed and performance of your website. It enables your website to run effortlessly thanks to its optimization capabilities, which are centered on your site’s efficiency.


Your website, like its owner, needs a good home. Choosing the best WordPress hosting is, therefore, a crucial decision altogether. However, with the right guidance, you have all the tools necessary.



If you would like to know more, have questions or comments, you may leave them in the section below. I will be happy to respond.


All the best!


Founder/Creator: Living On Lean Means ?




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